Over The River And Through The Woods…

Casual Thanksgiving outfit featuring travel-friendly knits. Details at une femme d'un certain age.Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. We usually host. I love the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven, and enjoying a relaxed celebration with family and friends. But some of you may be traveling for the holiday, so I’ve put together a couple of travel-friendly Thanksgiving outfit ideas featuring clothing and accessories from Halsbrook.

Many thanks to Halsbrook for sponsoring this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

A Casual Thanksgiving…

For a more relaxed gathering, the Festive-Not-Fussy look above will be comfortable from kickoff to the last helping of coffee and pie.

Necklace  | Blouse | Bracelet | Cardigan | Pants | Shoes | Lipstick | Fragrance

For this look, I went with shades of navy, blue and camel. All of the fabrics are packable and wrinkle-resistant. The pants are an easy but slim pull-on style and also available in black. If it’s too warm for the sweater, the fall floral print on the blouse provides visual interest, and you can roll up the sleeves to help with cooking and dishes if need be.

Or More Dressed-Up…

Holiday look with wine ponte knit dress, striped jacket, gold jewelry and black boots. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Perhaps your gang likes to pull out the family silver and china, and throw an elegant Thanksgiving dinner party. Or maybe they’re skipping the cooking this year, and you’re all going out to a nice restaurant.

Earrings | Bracelet | Dress | Jacket | Bag | Boots | Fragrance | Lipstick

No need to sacrifice comfort for the sake of dressing up. I just love the cut of this dress! And it’s ponte knit, so packable and machine washable too. The jacket adds additional color and some fun texture, as do the bamboo accents and weave on the bag.

I always have fun putting these looks together because Halsbrook has such a fabulous selection of clothing and accessories. In fact, the hardest part is narrowing down my choices! Halsbrook offers free shipping and returns, and they are more than happy to answer questions and help you make selections. They also carry many European brands that aren’t easy to find here. Do go have a look!

Will you be traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday this year?

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  1. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading your blog while I drink coffee
    You introduced me to French Kande jewelry which I enjoy wearing and think of you
    Based on your post a few days ago I’m considering a Jcrew sweater coat I have big boobs and broad shoulders so I’m afraid it will make me look bigger
    Plus I live in Florida and don’t really need coats but I think the “rule of 3” makes me more dressed up. Anyway I enjoy your postd

  2. For us it’s Door County, Wisconsin this year. Off-season, but that means fewer tourists! The natural beauty is not lessened with the coming of winter. Sometimes it snows. It’ll just be my husband and me for the Day Itself. After settling into our time-share we will dine out at what promises to be a rustic place. For this trip I’ll travel in Levis 501’s, a lovely Ralph Lauren shawl-collar sweater vest I knitted a few years ago, LLBean Duck boots and a camel coat thrown over….For our dinner it’s the wonderful Eileen Fisher ponte pants in black, and a pale grey cashmere cardigan, grey pearls, Dansko swede booties. As for lipstick, I love a golden, reddish brown (not too brown!) lipstick that I mix myself. Fragrance: Coco, always good in cooler climes.
    We’ll also celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. Considering the 19 year age difference, blended family, etc. we feel very accomplished and lucky, cherishing every day together.
    Thanks for your blog, it’s the first thing I read every morning.

  3. Lovely choices! We’ll be driving from upstate New York, through Canada, over to my 90 year old mother-in-law’s in the thumb of Michigan to make Thanksgiving dinner for her and some of her friends. On Friday, we’ll head down to my sister’s in southern Michigan for a couple of days of shopping, visiting, eating and celebrating. A fine Thanksgiving break, all the more stylish inspired by your post today.

  4. Love the color palette of these outfits! Style question – when a dress comes above the knee and there are booties involved, do you wear tights, hose, bare-legged? I live in MD, we have “weather”…and I’m “of a certain age”

  5. I’m opting for pajamas this year! The children (they’re grown) will be elsewhere, no other real family so we’re doing it alone this year. We’ve ordered a ham, buying croissants & gruyere cheese for a delicious sandwich. I’ll make a couple of chocolate pies or a cake & there you have it. The Mr. will be hunting in the morning & I will be watching Christmas shows. No putting up Christmas decorations since we’ll be out of out of the country, so no decorating, just a nice relaxing weekend & spending time with my Mr.

    1. I think that is yet another facet where there are “categories”. I’d never wear pyjamas or a nightdress in daytime; I change either right out of bed or when I have a shower. Not into anything formal, could be jeans or what we call “mou”; sweatpants and and old top. But as a freelancer it is a rule for me not to work in bedtime garments. Perhaps for people who have always had to wear formal business wear, it is a kind of liberation?

      Have a wonderful holiday, wherever you are going and wherever your country is.

  6. Lovely and quite different plans from everyone. I’ll be at my sister’s table 45 minutes away with her and her family and then drive home to a clean kitchen and quiet house. The best of both Thanksgiving worlds. 🙂

  7. I pull out the good china but the attire is casual. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Is this your first in your new kitchen?

  8. I know that this was a sponsored post..but a more reasonable option for the cardigan(still merino and in US)can be found at orvis…can vouch for quality as I have a few

    1. Laura, I’ve never heard of Orvis; it seems to be a firm with its roots in outdoor activities, like LLBean and Lands’ End. Thus I know nothing about the quality of their woollens. I’m in love with the woollen field coat, but it is … an investment.

      1. Several Montréal-area stores carry some Orvis
        and there is a Toronto store. But if there is an article of clothing that you want, best to mail order as many stores have very, very few clothing items. Orvis are also outfitters for hunting and fishing.

  9. We have already celebrated Thanksgiving (comes for Canadians early in October) with a wonderful weekend in Whistler – and a lovely Thanksgiving dinner out at one of the resort’s oldest/rustic/locivore restaurants (Rim Rock Cafe & Oyster Bar). My husband is a dual citizen, but since the Thursday/Friday are not holidays in Canada, I will bake a ham with the “fixings” for him and American friends on Saturday – Canadians tend to be more flexible about when we have our Thanksgiving meal (can be Sat, Sun or Mon of our Tksgiving weekend) so although it was a little hard for him to adjust initially, now he is just fine with it.

  10. I love the v-neck striped jacket; what an interesting piece. The ‘long over lean’ look so popular now just doesn’t work for me — makes me look oddly proportioned — and I’ve had a hard time finding interesting cardigans or jackets that are my preferred length this season — even EF has failed me! Maybe Santa will remember me at Christmas with this piece…. 🙂

  11. I’m hosting 24 for Thanksgiving, my first time ever a crowd that big – my sister and most of her children and grandchildren, plus a few assorted shirttail relatives and their friends. Two turkeys and using all of our miscellaneous tables and chairs, including desk chairs. Will definitely be a challenge, and I’m hoping a joyous one.

  12. If Thanksgiving is “low-key” in English-speaking Canada, it is pretty much only a day off in Québec, because it was seen as a “Protestant” holiday in a mostly Catholic province. People here are generally not very religious nowadays, but it remains more a day off than anything else. That said, people here love to cook and entertain – the men too, so with a long weekend, friends and family are likely to be invited, but it could be for many different menus. By the way, we also love a duck. And in rural areas, there are many hunters.

    Nowadays, it is far easier than before to find turkey parts. I don’t have the room to either cook or freeze and store a whole turkey. The thighs are especially nice, in particular as a braise with wine or citrus juice. For people in North America from Canada to Mexico, and Central America, the turkey is native fowl.