The Flap Continues…

I’m liking this one…. kate spade, $395. Clean, simple, nice color.

Metscan (whose lovely blog is a treat…do go check it out!) mentioned on the original look-for-less post comments that I’m “beating around the bush” in looking for cheaper bags to scratch the classic Chanel itch. And that’s true to some degree. But I’m also not ready to drop that kind of money on a bag at the moment, and want to leave myself open to something more affordable. Though perhaps only the Chanel will ultimately do, the hunt is half the fun and I always enjoy sharing the pretty things I find with all of you.

More thoughts on style, satisfaction vs. substitutes, and shall ever the twain meet coming up next week…

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  1. I understand the angst about spending a lot of money on something. I’m a Louis Vuitton fan. For a long time I’ve wanted the Speedy 30 in the Damier Azur pattern. Kept buying bags in similar colors thinking I was “satisfying my itch” but I still wanted that bag. So my husband was the one who convinced me to get it so I did. Granted the price of that bag is not as much as the Chanel but I can relate to the emotion. it is nice though when you find one you love at a fraction of the cost.

  2. I say keep flapping and looking when the right bag comes along you will know. Chanel is the penultimate bag in my humble opinion but it does come at a very high price.
    You could take a trip to Paris for about tha same price for example, and you’d have memories and photos OR you could carry the Chanel everywhere you go, touch the supple leather, enjoy it when you open it up and peek inside, smile when onlookers notice…and yes I would be one who would be awestruck!

  3. I accept the idea of buying quality once rather than settling for average too many times, but $3000 for a purse would be tough for me. And really, if one looks around, $400 is considerably above the average, at least in my everyday environment, and that Kate Spade bag transcends average in style and quality. If, though, like Lulu suggests, you’ll always be pining for the real thing, then I’d agree it might be worth saving for . . .

  4. I would agree that it would be better to save for the real thing if I weren’t so sure that it’s always best to save every spare cent for jewelry 😉

  5. metscan – I’m still committed to not settling for average. But I’m also convinced that exceptional doesn’t always have to be the most expensive option. The search continues…

    Lulu – the LV Damier Speedy is a fabulous classic bag. Great choice, and doesn’t it feel great to have exactly the one you want?

    Hostess – yes, I’ve been loath to spend that much thinking about all of the other things I’d love to do with the money. I haven’t reached any conclusions.

  6. materfamilias – it’s tough for me too, especially when I know there are so many great, well-made bags out there for a fraction of the cost. The trick is finding the ones that speak to us. I really don’t think this will be a “pining forever” item, and it’s not something I *need* urgently, so I can bide my time and keep looking.

    Miss Janey – ooh, lucky Miss J! It’s a great special occasion bag, never goes out of style.

    WendyB – what a coincidence! 😉 My spending priority this year has been jewelry (and exquisite jewelry at that).

  7. I’m with Materfamilias and Lisa. Surely you can find a cheaper-but-not-cheap bag you want…but alas, only you can figure out if that will satisfy the desire for a Chanel.

    Maybe you should rent a Chanel to see how you feel!

    A quick look shows Bag Borrow or Steal has several Chanels, including a quilted Chanel flap bag in white and a perfect for summer/Pantone hot color bag in a quilted metallic turquoise.

    Personally, if I were contemplating spending big bucks on a purse, I would be tempted to fly to Italy and get the most buttery soft Chanel-esque bag made to my specifications. Hey, maybe the Belen Echandia team you posted about would let you do something right there where they make ’em!

    And you know I love your juicy posts, so am looking forward to:

    >More thoughts on style, satisfaction vs. substitutes, and shall ever the twain meet coming up next week…

  8. Dear Deja: Thank you for the nice words concerning my blog ( sorry for a spelling mistake on it today, now corrected ). Yesterday Duchesse wrote about not wanting to settle for an average, on which we all agreed. I sincerely encourage you to buy the not average Chanel bag :)/m

  9. I think you must ask yourself why you want the Chanel bag. If much of of the reason is b/c it’s a Chanel (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then you won’t be happy with a substitute no matter how closely it replicates the real thing.

    On the other hand, if the price of the Chanel is prohibitive, then purchasing it when you know you shouldn’t isn’t stylish, it’s slavish and that will spoil the fun of buying it.

  10. 1. I love the title of this post!

    2. The hunt is absolutely half the fun!

    3. I get way too bored with things to sink that much money into one item!

    4. I can’t thank you enough for your sweet comment on my last post!

  11. Lisa – I’ve always loved iconic styles. But right now I’m feeling like the cost for this iconic items is just too high.

    tiffany – I’m not sure whether I love the idea or it or the bag itself.

    Vix – I like your Italy idea! Part of me loves classic, iconic bags, but part of me wants something that is more “under the radar” (and certainly less expensive!)

    Style Artisan – Thanks! And you absolutely ROCK that leopard dress!

  12. Oh yes, I do like that. I don’t know if I could ever come at the expense of a Chanel bag myself – maybe bags aren’t high enough on my wishlist – but I see no reason you shouldn’t save for one if it’s one of those things that would make you happy every time you look at it!

  13. Love the title of your post too!! Oh, and the bag – adore Kate Spade and was so happy to visit her shops when I went to California last year – they were lovely…

  14. That beige colour is very attractive. Deja I’m confused-do you live in Paris or America??????
    Meanwhile I’m trying to get my mitts on some discounted Pucci. Scoring cheap Pucci is getting harder…

  15. Love this style of bag. My thoughts on bags are that you must buy the one you love even if you have to wait longer. Buy it once, buy it well…Have a wonderful weekend, xv.