The Last Time I Saw Paris…

Paris, St. Germain, Paris metro music, Paris street musicians
Music by the Metro, St. Germain

It was for the briefest of interludes…a leisurely lunch with the fabulous Tish of A Femme d’un Certain Âge, and then back on the late afternoon Eurostar to London. Like a few drops of water when one is parched, those few hours only left me wanting more. Next year, we’ll have a few days in Paris, but until then I’ll have to make do with a mental visit….

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, Louvre

Tour Eiffel from Trocadero, Paris Eiffel Tower

Paris bridges, Seine

Paris wine shop sign

Paris, wine shop sign

Parisienne, well-dressed Parisians

This picture above recalls one of my very favorite Paris moments: while walking through the 7th on a drizzly afternoon we stopped at an unassuming café and enjoyed un verre de vin and a sandwich outside under a canopy while a light rain fell. It was so relaxing and felt so quintessentially Parisian. This was a family that seemed to be out for a casual stroll. Regardez: casually yet thoughtfully dressed, especially maman et papa.

Paris Patisserie Jean-Paul Hevin, Paris chocolate shop

Rainy Paris street scene

Paris eyewear, eyeglasses frames in Paris

River Seine Paris, Paris between rainstorms

Ladurée Paris, macarons, Ladurée Opéra

Sunday in the Marais, Paris Marais

Notre Dame, Paris

Paris is for lovers, Paris parks

Paris Seine, Eiffel Tower

Do you have any travel plans?  Any place you’ve always dreamed of visiting or long to return to?

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  1. We are going to London in September to visit our younger son and his wife to be. While I am looking forward to seeing both of them, I’m not looking forward to the travel itself. My travel longings are more domestic these days. I love the central coast of California–specifically Big Sur and Pacific Grove. I’ve become an ocean addict! I also love Santa Fe–always. While it has changed over the years and can be a bit touristy, I still love the ambience–the smell of pinon pine, the adobe structures, the food, the art, the mountains, and the history. A visit to nearby Chimayo is always on our list with a visit to the Sanctuario there.

  2. I needed this on a hot, sultry Texas morning. Thank you for taking me away for a few moments. I hope you can stop by and meet the fabulous designer I am featuring today! Her clothes also take me away!!

  3. Would just love to go back and spend a few days just walking (and walking and walking) around London or Paris–stopping when I want to have a cup of tea or potter n a bookstore. Bliss.

  4. Bonjour, Madame. You have transported me back to my spiritual home. I listened to and photographed musicians at the same spot and ate one of the framboise pastries. I will return next year and rent an apartment again. This autumn, I am visiting New England for a fall foliage tour. Something I always wanted to do but couldn’t when I was working. I love to look at Paris Breakfasts each morning. Carole’s watercolours take me back to Paris and make me salivate. A la prochaine, Madame LB

    1. We’re heading on a little road trip this coming weekend, across our province to the base of the Rockies and then back around through our wine country in the Okanagan. . .and we’re trying to think what we’ll add to our Paris/France visit next year. Will it be more Spain or will we finally make it into Italy? The planning is so much a part of the pleasure, isn’t it? And the memories afterward, as you show here. . . .(like Mme. L-B, I also have photographs of the St Germain musicians — bought one of their CDs which I will go put on right now and enjoy Paris reminiscences triggered by your post, thanks!

  5. We’ve had such a non-existent summer here, that I find myself daydreaming of Greece, a place I haven’t been in a long time. Would love to be on the beach or a boat and swimming in the sea.

  6. We’ve been visiting Cape Cod and Boston this summer which was a delight, but during very hot summer weather. I just said to Mr. K last night that a European trip would be nice in 2012, perhaps back to Ireland. I cannot seem to get enough of that lovely country.

  7. Lovely photos! Since our trip last year, every conversation with my husband about going to Europe (whether to Spain, Ireland, etc.) begins with, “So we’ll fly into Paris…” It’s just so wonderful. No cross-Atlantic trips planned this year, though. Vail last month. And the Cape (Cod) in September–always a highlight of my year. Thanks again!

  8. Comme e belle! Although last time I was in Paris, the crowds were oppressive. Have you ever been to Bruges? It’s a stunning little city.

    Our next trip will be a short visit to Yellowstone, very different from Paree!

  9. In mid-September we are off to Amsterdam, Bruge and Paris. We haven’t been to Amsterdam or Bruge and are excited to experience them. This will be the third visit to Paris so it will be less about the usual tourist sites and more about just wandering around. A quick side trip to Giverny also.

  10. Mid-September we are heading to Amsterdam, Bruge and Paris. Amsterdam and Bruge are new cities for us and we are excited to experience them. This will be our third time in Paris so it will be less about the usual tourist sites and more about just wandering around. We are planning a quick visit to Giverny.

  11. All these trips sound so wonderful! I have Paris on my bucket list, along with a Mediterrean Cruise (with a stop in Greece for sure)!

  12. Sadly, no travel plans. But I can’t complain – there was Boston about 3 months ago to see one son graduate from college (that was fun), and there were a few days in Florida that I sneaked in (when no one was looking), but no “real” vacation – and oh, I miss Paris! And more now, after seeing your photos!

  13. I love your stories of Paris and this post is no exception. I MAY travel there in October, by myself! We’ll see. I have wanting to go since the 70’s and want to make sure that I get there!

  14. J’aimerais aller à Paris. J’ai appris le français à l’école secondaire et je pense que la langue est si jolie. — Ha…that’s just me on the Google Translator!! I’d love to go to Paris. I took French in high school and think the language is so pretty. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!! Have a lovely day.

  15. There is no place like home.I might be one of the few exceptions here, but traveling just does not appeal to me.
    Maybe in the future. And then a place like Australia would sound exciting.

  16. I’ve been dreaming of Paris as long as I can remember. This year the dreaming became tentative planning, possibly next year. That’s how I found your blog.

  17. We were in Paris very briefly (changing from one train station to another) at the weekend and I wish we could’ve stayed longer. That’s going to be my next trip, a long weekend in Paris this autumn.

  18. Do we appreciate what is close by , I wonder ? We used to travel a lot , now would miss our dogs too much , so usually the Scottish highlands for us & dog walking . In the past we too enjoyed Bruges , much smaller than Paris – so very walkable . Some cities are exhausting for country folk , especially London . We were stunned by the beauty of your national parks in the US – Yosemite , Bryce etc etc & would like to see them again one day

  19. No, no. . . it was lunch with the fabulous Pseu of Une Femme.

    I keep forgetting to tell you how sleek and chic your new design is. So very much like you cherie. xoxo