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Susan B. wears a linen shirt with parrot embroidery, and green and turquoise bead jewelry. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A Fun Linen Shirt

This linen shirt with parrot embroidery (gifted) is from Chico’s “no-iron linen” collection. It really does resist wrinkles! This shot was taken after I’d been sitting for a while and as you can see there are hardly any creases.

I’ve partnered with Chico’s for an Instagram campaign, and all pieces shown (except my watch) were gifted. But this post isn’t sponsored; I just like this shirt a lot and wanted to share.

Worn with: Necklace | Bracelet | Bracelet | Jeans

I’m also loving their Girlfriend Crop Jeans (which I’m wearing HERE). So many of you recommended them that I had to give them a try. They’re a flattering straight-leg style that’s slim but not snug. I like them so much I’ve ordered another pair in the light wash. I’m wearing size 0 regular, which is just-below-ankle length on me.

A Fresh Fragrance

Aesop Rozu eau de parfum, a fresh natural fragrance. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I received a sample of this fragrance with another beauty purchase, and decided to try it yesterday. This is “rose with an edge.” But it’s not overpowering. It’s a nicely balanced fragrance with both floral and woody notes. It softens up on the dry-down, but is never cloying.

Liberty London

Liberty London face masks in assorted fabrics. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

They’re now offering face masks!!! And they ship free to the US….

British Mysteries…

Grantchester Season 5 introduces a new character, reporter Ellie Harding.

We’ve begun watching Season 5 of Grantchester on PBS. It’s a fun distraction, and I enjoy the early-60’s-era costuming. Ellie Harding is a new character this season, and I love her “Intrepid Girl Reporter” style…I’m crushing on that plaid jacket!


Pink peonies in a vase. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

They just never disappoint. These are from Trader Joe’s. Peonies don’t grow well in our climate, so I enjoy them for the few short weeks they’re available.

Our visit with Jeune Homme last week went really well, so we’ll be bringing him over again tomorrow. Starting in July, they’ll be allowing overnight visits too!

More No-Iron Linen Tops

How’s your week shaping up?

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  1. I think Chico’s No Iron collection, wether in linen or in a woven cotton, are the best on the market. They are well cut and finished and always look crisp. I still run an iron over the linen ones but it only takes a minute and isn’t necessary.

  2. So glad to hear your visit with Jeune Homme went well! I know you have missed each other. Those peonies are just gorgeous and I love the parrot shirt on you. Thanks for always brightening my day.

  3. Im glad you are showing styles from Chicos. Their quality and value are hard to beat. The styles have improved over the years as well.

  4. I’ve worn Chico’s forever! Love their styles! There is always an extra (small) discount on Rakuten.

    I’ve been watching Grantchester since the beginning – wonderful stories, interesting characters!

  5. We are enjoying Grantchester too and I totally agree with you on Ellie. She is darling and love her jacket, jeans, and shoes. Such a cute actress. She reminds me just a bit of Keira Knightley. I have looked at Chicos no–iron linen but understand a little ironing is still needed. Like the parrot shirt.

    1. The shirt only need the press when it arrives in the mail, due to fold creases. Now it is fine.

  6. I’ve been watching Grantchester from the start. Missing James Norton though.
    Glad your visit with your son went well. Don’t know when I’ll see my girls in Rome. Was scheduled to visit in May for my birthday and Mother’s Day. They may visit in August but so far that’s on hold too. Hoping for Christmas.
    My son and his wife are in DC and may rent a car and drive up for a visit. We will see.

    1. I admit that I’ve always objected to Chico’s, on the grounds that there are no mirrors in the dressing rooms. That just irritates me! Nowadays, though, it’s irrelevant since we’re all shopping online anyway.

      1. I also do not shop Chico’s – no mirror in the dressing room made the shopping experience awkward for me.
        I’ll give them another look due to your recommendation Susan.

  7. And here I thought I was the only one crushing on Ellie’s jacket. Should have known better! I’ve been watching “Grantchester” from the beginning, too, and am another one who really misses James Norton, but the show is still enjoyable. Grateful for your review of Chico’s no-iron linen. Been curious, as I love linen and don’t really mind wrinkles, but it’s not like I WANT them. Also tempted by those Liberty masks, but I’m pretty well stocked at this point. Got some nice ones from Johnny Was to complement some fantastic ones I bought on Etsy from a CA artisan. (And I’d already stocked up on some nice Liberty bandannas from J.Crew before masks were easy to find.) While I miss the low humidity of southern California, I love that peonies grow well here. My younger son, the gardener in the family, planted me some a few years ago for Mother’s Day, and they’re just beautiful. So happy to hear the visit with your son went so well! Peace.

  8. I loved this shirt so much that I also purchased it and the parrot scarf a week ago. The scarf is so large that it works as a shawl, too. Granchester is fabulous. Loved the red plaid jacket with the jeans!

  9. What a cheerful look, Susan! I love the shirt and the jewelry is perfect with it!

    And oh are you ever speaking my language with the peonies! They don’t grow in Texas (I envy my friend’s garden in Denver) but they’re all over my house right now. My favorite. I’ve been getting mine at Whole Foods since the line to get into Trader Joe’s seems never-ending!

    Hope you’re keeping well ☺️

    1. Hi Amy. I’ve bought several pieces of your beautiful jewelry and love them FYI, I went to the Trader Joe’s at Seaholm at 9:30 a.m. on Monday and there was no line at all. I even took my bags to my car and went back in a second time to buy wine. Again, no line and it was almost 10:00 by then.

  10. Your outfit looks nice and cool for the summer. Are the jeans lightweight? I don’t wear jeans in our humid summers on the east coast, but will be willing to add a pair of white lightweight jeans.

  11. I love Grantchester and miss James Norton, too, but I’m warming up to the new victor and the new girl reporter character is fun! Also, have you ever watched The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries? I am so addicted to this show! It’s set in Melbourne in the 1920’s. The costumes are gorgeous and Miss Fisher is her own woman for sure. I love her spunk, but I’m much more like her companion, Dot. She seems to have unlimited funds and her butler’s name is Mr Butler. It’s on the Acorn channel, but you can currently catch season 1 on Amazon Prime.

  12. I love your parrot shirt! Parrots are nice because they have such pretty colors. I have a bedspread with parrots on it. I love it. I have heard so many good things about Chico’s. But their sizing has always put me off. I just don’t want to figure it out. Years ago we were on a weekend getaway. The weather turned very warm unexpectedly. I did go into a Chico’s and bought something to wear. But I still don’t like their sizing. Maybe I should give it another try? I can just smell the peonies!

  13. I am not a fan of Chico’s. They’ve finally started putting mirrors in the dressing rooms, but it took a long time for them to do it. I find the fabrics uncomfortable and, well, cheap. It’s a nice look for the price point but the clothes never feel comfortable to me.

  14. What a terrific shirt!! Love it. The colours of the birds, the necklace and the bracelets are very mich your colour. I would have loved to see more photos of it.
    And I am so pleased everything went well with le jeune homme!

  15. As soon as I saw that Liberty of London had masks – I could not resist. Thank you for bringing them to my attention! What a lovely blog you create in these unusual times!