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Note to self:  Style should never feel forced. If you have to make yourself wear something, it’s not right for you. Let it go.

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  1. A wise and straightforward quote. So much more useful than “10 Things Every Wardrobe Must Contain”, in which there are always three or four things that look awful on me!

    When I think back on my teens and young-adult years, we got so many messages about having to wear this or that, to be current or to fit in- and we also imposed them on ourselves.

  2. Hepburn really looked great in her tailored style. I could never pull that style off but she looks totally amazing. I agree, women should wear what works for them individually.

  3. Thank you for the timely quote. It gives me the gumption to give away two very serviceable Ann Taylor items that are simply dreary-at least on me. I just don’t want to wear them.

  4. Absolutely correct!! If it feels forced or not a message you want to communicate…don’t do it. Loved Hepburn in her white shirts…

  5. Great sentiment and I’ve always loved both Hepburns, Katharine and Audrey, along with Grace Kelly (and Diane Keaton!). Pure class. With confidence. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  6. Katharine Hepburn’s style is not mine since I follow a much more feminine style. But I completely agree that she is an icon because she was so unique and didn’t follow a trend but created her own.

  7. Boy is that the truth. I still, at the tender age of 61, like to experiment conservatively. Is that any oxymoron?

  8. Excellent quote, Sue! That’s something I’ve learned over the years, but sometimes need to be reminded of.

    As for Hepburn, I’m more of an Audrey than a Katherine!

  9. If only I could find trousers like the ones Katherine Hepburn had made for her. Been looking for years but nothing is quite right.

  10. What Class…! To me, part of enjoying life means dressing to reflect my individual inner characters… I guess one might think that I have multiple personalities…

  11. I love this quote. I’ll have to be honest, tho’ – at almost 50, I’m still not sure what ME is. Style blogging and reading has really helped.

  12. There is a reason that some (few) men and women are considered “iconic.” Who they are shines through in everything they do, including their personal style.

    Hepburn – a true classic.

  13. I love how she wore her collar up. Every time I try to do this, I have somebody come up behind me and “fix” my collar. I imagine Kate would have had something to say about that.