Travel in style: a coastal chic weekend capsule wardrobe

Whether it’s an impromptu road trip up the coast, or a getaway to celebrate a special event, a weekend escape can be a refreshing break. One bag is usually all you need. And a little planning can help prevent over- or under-packing. So I’ve put together a sample weekend wardrobe capsule to give you some ideas.

A coastal chic weekend capsule wardrobe

For this weekend getaway capsule wardrobe, I’ve selected pieces from the Autumn seasonal color palette. The colors all coordinate. So you can easily mix and match to create looks from very casual to smart casual. To keep with the “coastal” theme, I’ve selected simple pieces in mostly light neutrals and subtle patterns.

If you’re planning a longer trip, you can always add more pieces. And if your time away will include some pool or beach time, of course pack a swim suit (my favorite HERE), and a hat for sun protection. (That linen shirt in the capsule will work nicely as a cover-up too!)

(For more coastal capsules in other seasonal palettes, check out: Summer serenity: mastering coastal chic… and Coastal cool: a chic Winter palette capsule.)

Out & about

Perhaps a visit to the local street fair, some wine tasting, or exploring local art galleries? I’ve included a hat and the linen shirt (worn on its own or open over the tee) for sun protection, but be sure keep your sunscreen handy. Maybe toss a foldable shopping bag into your tote, in case you find some treasures. 😉

Apéro with friends

Your friends suggested meeting up at this little place right on the water for drinks and appetizers, and watching the sunset. (Well, at least until the evening fog rolls in, and then you’ll be glad for a light sweater!)

Afternoon wedding or dinner out

Maybe there’s a wedding on the itinerary, or perhaps you managed to score dinner reservations at that bistro everyone’s been buzzing about. I included a dress in this capsule wardrobe to give you a slightly more formal option that’s still relaxed.

Here are a few more dress options (in all seasonal palettes) to consider:

What’s your favorite weekend getaway destination?

Just a note: I’ll be taking a blogging break for just a few days to tackle some “back-end” blog projects and get myself back on schedule. In the meantime, you can visit The Style Hub for all of my style and fashion-related posts. And check out my Travel Wardrobe resource hub for more packing tips and capsule wardrobe ideas.

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  1. Thank you for posting this capsule! I am attending a beach destination wedding this summer and appreciate your ideas!

  2. Love this capsule! I’m really enjoying the different seasonal color palettes in the capsules you’ve been sharing. And thanks for including plus size links.

  3. I really appreciate the “colour” capsules! It’s nice to see things coordinated in my “palette”.

  4. I did your travel capsule for 2-3 weeks a month ago when I traveled to my son’s wedding. I did not count the wedding weekend outfits in the total, but having said that, your advice capsule was invaluable! It’s just excellent, and I recommend it highly. The one downside was that I could not wear some of the items for several weeks after coming home b/c I had worn them so much — LOL. If also proved to me that I (probably most of us) have more clothes than I need because everything works with everything else.

    1. I love travel capsule wardrobes, but I’ve noticed that I have favorite items that tend to travel with me on EVERY trip! And that means in almost every photo, I’m wearing some iteration of the same outfit. LOL! Which means I end up asking myself … “was that the trip to the Amalfi Coast or was that the trip to Northern Italy?” Maybe I need a few separate travel capsules??

  5. That is a great weekend capsule! You’ve covered all of the casual, and comfortably dressy possibilities in a few easy pieces. All in my colors too!
    I would be wearing the walk-on-the-beach, local hike, early morning walk outfit, en route. Specifically Vuori joggers, a tank or tee, with a cute sweatshirt on top. My walking tennies, or Teva sandals on my feet.