Twisted encounters of the the third kind…

 “The Twisted, I think it’s following me!”

Despite my best intentions to keep purchases to a minimum right now, fabulous items that bring a needed twist to my wardrobe somehow keep throwing themselves in my path.  First it was the orange Fluevogs.  Then over the weekend, this necklace winked and sparkled and made wild promises of funky glamour from it’s shop window perch.
Before I tell you where this came from, I’ll preface by saying that I’ve been at best lukewarm to this whole lucite jewelry trend.  Been there, done that back when we all were wearing shoulder pads and rainbow eye shadow.  But this one, with the waist length and champagne gold baubles had unique appeal.  Shall I tell you?  It’s from Chicos!  (Unfortunately not available online yet, but if there’s a store near you, give them a call. Here it is on the website, AND marked down!)  I know, I’m hearing the kneejerk, “ugh, Chicos!” from some of you, but you really should think again.  Sure, there are the caftan-y things and the over-embellished and boxy, but they also have some fantastique yet reasonably priced accessories and some great pieces mixed in with the more Boca Raton stuff. Here’s a closer shot of this necklace, which I wore to the symphony Saturday night to loads of compliments:
So I thought I was safe. After all, how much of this kind of luck can one femme have in a single month? Then  yesterday, Belle at BHB dangled a Holy Grail at an incredible price from Beladora2.

An Hermès Collier de Chien!  Now this is definitely a twisted piece, and one I’ve wistfully gazed at for the last couple of years behind the glass case at Hermès, but thought was beyond my reach.  But here it is.

I’m going to have such fun with this!   I picked up from Belle de Ville yesterday and we had a chance to catch up a bit.  Belle looks as gorgeous as ever.

I did procure a tripod over the weekend, and have figured out how to use my camera’s timer function.   Look for some upcoming scarf tutorials, perhaps as early as this week.

A bientot!

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  1. I really like your Chico’s necklace. I bought a very similar one at Marks & Spencer last summer and I have worn it like crazy ever since. It seems to compliment many different things.

  2. I love the necklace. Chico’s, in my humble opinion, is a great place to shop. The jewelry is terrific for the price point. I’ve noticed prices creeping up a bit on some things, however. As far as the clothes, yes, there are many boxy, caftan-y things as you said but I’ve gotten some great basics there. I prefer fitted and classic myself but you look hard enough you can find them there. Plus, it’s one store that has not forgotten the figure of a woman not in their 20’s any longer.

    I may check out that necklace myself. Thank you for sharing. I love your “twist” on classic ensembles.

  3. If you hadn’t seized the day on that Hermes cuff, you would’ve regretted it for the rest of your life!


  4. Oh, Deja, that bracelet is fabulous. So classic. Such an object of desire that haunts one. I love the tough touch on a warm heart:).

  5. The necklace is great as is the cuff (really, really loving the cuff).

    Two years ago, I was I could not shop at Chicos – but who listens to their friends anyway. I’m lucky to have a Chicos outlet near my home and not 1 but 3 full-fledged Chicos/Soma flagships within a 7 mi radius! You can find some great pieces at Chicos.

  6. That necklace is just REALLY pretty, pure and simple. And while Hermes jewellery is not something a sigh for, I agree w/ anonymous— it’s one of those things that you would have thought about every day in your life when you wanted to lambaste yourself about something. Isn’t there a saying that we finally only regret the things we didn’t do? So wear it well and enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Very inspiring. And the cuff counts as a frugal purchase I think. You should keep an eye on the Chico’s website. My mother was visiting and I showed her how to order on-line. Much to my surprise, they had a lot of jewelry marked down to $9.99! That only lasted for a few days and most of the stuff is back up to where it was before. We all bought a little bling that day.

  8. That is very beautiful… I design a bit of jewellery as an (unprofitable) sideline and I’m always amazed at how great the jewellery is at le Chateau and how inexpensive. This looks like a le Chateau piece. The Hermès cuff is FABULOUS! Worth every penny and I bet you give it that special something 🙂

  9. That necklace really is fantastic, and that cuff is out of this world! And actually, one of my coolest belts is a Chico’s belt that I thrifted last year. It has a very steampunk vibe to it, even. You just never know where something amazing will turn up!

  10. If the Hermes bracelet was something you have dreamed of ( and why would you not ), I think that you made a perfect deal!!

  11. Charlotte – thanks! I think this one will also be quite versatile.

    Lulu – thanks! I think Chico’s gets a bad rap unfairly; they often have quite wearable pieces!

    Marsi – thank you! I didn’t hesitate for a moment when that popped into my reader!

  12. LPC – thank you! I really love this cuff.

    materfamilias – thanks! I feel that the stars have aligned recently to help add this needed tweak to my wardrobe.

    LaShaune – thank you! How great that is for you to have so much selection so close by!

  13. Sal – thanks, me too!

    Katriona – thank you. I agree, I would have really, really regretted passing this up.

    Frugal Scholar – thanks for that additional bit of rationalization!
    😉 It’s true, you can get a lot of impact for your buck at Chicos.

  14. WendyB – I think your ring really started the twisted ball rolling. It’s a twisted, gorgeous, AMAZING piece (and I *still* can’t stop staring at it!).

    Hostess of the humble bungalow – thanks, and yess I can see wearing this with so many different ensembles.

    Rita – Sher at Fashion After Forty finds LOTS of great pieces at Coldwater Creek. We don’t have one nearby, but the next time I’m at South Coast Plaza (about 50 miles away) I’m really going to check it out.

  15. metscan – thanks, I’m quite pleased with it!

    Semi Expat – thank you. It’s so rewarding to find good pieces at good prices.

    House Hunting in Paris – thanks, and yes it was!

  16. Mardel – thank you, me too! 🙂

    Duchesse – it’s true. We need some lighthearted pieces as well as the serious, collectable ones.

    Karen – thanks! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

  17. Rosina – thank you. Do you ever show any of your jewelry on your blog? I think this cuff is something special too.

    Audi – thanks. Your belt is another testament to keeping an open mind and looking at the piece itself not the label.

    Belle – thanks again and it was great to see you! As I told you, I just gasped when I opened your blog on Monday to see that CDC cuff there. Thanks for making an accessory dream come true!

  18. I was going to guess Chico’s before I read it actually! I was walking through the mall, and they had a pretty cool lucite belt on display. I do think Chico’s does pretty cute accessories. I think style is about having good ideas, regardless of where one shops.

  19. Chico’s has great skinny jeans, BTW. I think it’s their ultimate platinum, ultra skinny, or something like that And this is coming from someone who loves premium denim. That necklace is very pretty and will go with everything. You’ve got a good eye!