Une Femme Économe: Beauty Storage Solution

Hobby Case
No, I don’t really use Play-Doh, chalk and crayons as part of my beauty routine… Translucent Hobby Case.

Yes, it’s true: I tend to accumulate beauty products. Our bathroom has a minimal amount of counter space, and it’s easy to overrun it, so I’ve been looking for a storage container that will fit in the cabinet under the sink and keep my products (skin care, makeup, tools, brushes) not in current rotation organized. (I’d been storing them in a clear plastic shoe container, but hated having to rummage through to find something specific.) I’ve been pricing “beauty cases” at various beauty supply stores and found them too small and/or exorbitantly priced. On a whim I popped into The Container Store over the weekend and found this one for $16.99. The brushes and smaller items fit nicely in those top trays, and the bigger containers fit nicely in the bottom sections. Glamorous it’s not, but certainly does the job. The best part? I can find what I’m looking for without digging!

How do you store your beauty and skin care products?
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  1. Great idea, Sue! I have limited space, too and use small drawer dividers for each “category” – face, eyes, lips…It’s not ideal. I may try this! When we “car travel” I use a vintage train case for all my “stuff” and that has been working for years. I believe this is called “the kindergarten method” of organization…a place for everything and everything in its place!

  2. I have a very long and shallow drawer in my bathroom. I keep a plastic bin with what I use daily for eyes and cheeks, another for moisturizers, another for lipsticks. First time in my life that I have more drawer space than I know what to do with in my bathroom… and I love it! One thing I am getting very good at is using up half used items until they’re gone; throwing away those items that I have no idea why I ever bought them in the first place and keeping all things a lot simpler – that goes for cosmetics as well as clothing!

  3. Go to your nearest sporting goods store/department and get a tackle box. All kinds of trays, compartments for cosmetics or jewelry.

  4. I found an inexpensive container at Target, but it’s not ideal. This is a great solution, and love the ideas from the comments above.