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I wanted to share a couple of new drugstore beauty finds, but first want to announce the winner of the JORD wood watch: Susan B! Susan, congratulations!! (I’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to collect your watch.)

Back in the day (otherwise known as the early 1970’s), I was a teenager with very fine, very oily hair. With the intention of cutting back on daily washing after warnings from just about everyone that I’d “ruin” my hair, I tried a couple of the dry shampoos on the market (the early version of the one above included) but they were no match for my scalp’s oil glands. Either they did nothing to “clean” my hair, or worse, turned into a white powder-and-oil paste that would not brush out. Fast forward some 40+ years, and while my scalp is no longer a small oil-producing nation, my fine hair still does tend to go limp and flat on my non-shampoo days. I’ve been reading recommendations for the new crop of dry shampoos, including our old friend, “psssst.” (Anyone else remember that commercial jingle?) When I asked my hair colorist/stylist what dry shampoo he recommended, his answer? “Psssst.” So I began hitting the drugstores to track some down, only to find it always seemed to be sold out. But I finally nabbed the last can on the shelf at one local CVS, and having used it for a couple of weeks now, plan to stockpile it! This stuff is a game changer, and not having to rinse and blow dry my hair on non-wash days just to get some life back into it shaves probably 10-15 minutes off my morning routine. It gives my hair some volume/lift and eliminates that “heavy scalp” feeling.

Revlon lip butter sorbet

I’ve been reading recommendations for Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter for ages now, but was wary of buying without trying. After experimenting with a bright lip color from the department store, I decided to throw caution to the wind and grabbed tubes of both “Sorbet” and “Wild Watermelon.” I’m really impressed with this lipstick! It’s very emollient and keeps my lips moisturized for hours. The color goes on sheer but is build-able up to 11 intensity. If lip color tends to “drift” on you, you may want to use a liner with it. It never gets cakey or blotchy even over time. Sorbet is a bright raspberry, Wild Watermelon is a bit warmer, almost-coral color. If you’ve been wearing a nude/natural lip forever and want to experiment with something a bit brighter and bolder, this is a low-committment investment at under $9 per tube.

What are your favorite drugstore beauty products? Have you ever gone back and tried something again after a few years?

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  1. Over many years, I’ve tried more expensive liquid foundation, but I’ve always gone back to L’Oreal. I used their Invisible Lift makeup for a long time. But, last time I went to replenish my supply, they’ve changed it, it’s now called “Infallible Makeup”, and the texture isn’t quite as nice.

  2. Favorite drugstore product: Pond’s Evening Soothe towelettes. Best make-up remover I’ve used (they get my waterproof eyeliner and mascara off), they smell lovely, and are terrific for travel.

    I also tend to use drugstore mascara – I believe it’s Maybelline, but I know it by it’s bright pink case. I have tried much (much!) more expensive brands, and none stay put the way the “pink one” does.

  3. I have sensitive skin, and if a product works for me, I stay with it forever. Its always distressing when they stop making it and I have to find another, knowing that a false move will bring on the eczema. So I stockpile. Recently Sephaora stopped carrying my favorite Korres lip and cheek butter, but I now have three more waiting for me in my drawer. My stockpile of my favorite Double Body conditioner (Sebastian), long off the market, is legendary. I’m sure new and better products will always be coming along, but I hate the trial and error of it.
    But I’m always trying new lip products, and the Revlon Colorburst in Wild Waermelon is a favorite. As I get older, warmer more coral colors are definitely more flattering, while things with a blue undertone,,,pretty pervasive right now…bring out all the little broken blood vessels in my skin and seem to make my complexion look blotchy…and who wants that.

    1. Ellen,

      I think lip color with blue tones has always been pervasive. I’ve always searched for WARM colors, and they’re never very common. And there’s even less choice for lip liners.

  4. I am going to try the lip butter! I am still seeking just the right lip color for me…I hope this ends the search! Congratulations to the watch winner…it looks like a beautiful piece!

  5. I love Revlon lip butter too – it lets me wear a bold red lip without looking too costume-y. I am a big fan of Olay Regenerist products from the CVS, too.

  6. I’m using the Revlon Colorburst in Cherry Tart which I quite like. The texture is great, more like a stain or gloss which I prefer, matte texture just feels too heavy and ‘lipsticky’. Thanks for the tip on Pssst, I’ll have to see if it’s available in Canada and try it. Like you, I can’t wash my hair every day so this would be perfect.

  7. I haven’t tried the Revlon Colorburst, but I will give it a go now! I have been using Neutrogena Revitalizing lip balm and love how they feel, and the flattened oval shape is perfect in my small bags. I love their Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum. It makes my skin feel smoother than anything else I’ve tried without a heavy or greasy feel to it. I can only wear other moisturizer products in winter when the air is very dry, but I find this is just right in summer. I am also quite fond of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers in rhubarb, or using the light champagne color over my other lipsticks to soften them. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer is good when I don’t have a tan, but I wish they would increase the color options. They go from a nice neutral pale to oddly orange tones in medium. The Skin Enhancer is a tinted moisturizer with a solid SPF 20, and feels lighter than most BB or CC creams I’ve tried.

  8. All the raves about the Revlon Colorburst have me wanting to try it out. I stand in front of the makeup counter looking for a new lipstick and walk away without anything. Reading other people’s recommendations gives me a starting place.
    For mascara, I use Almay, available at any drugstore here in Canada.

  9. I used to use baby powder to dry clean my hair, but I never did like dry shampooing. It makes my hair so full of static! Maybe psssst doesn’t do that.

    I usually buy Revlon lipstick, so I’ll look for this one. I need light colors, and if it keeps my lips moist I’m happy!

  10. Am I the Susan B. who won the watch?? (squeee!!!) Nothing in my inbox or spam folder, though. I realize there are many Susans of a certain age…

    I remember Psssst! A young friend looking for an effective dry shampoo will be happy for this tried and true recommendation.

    My drugstore pick is the Boots No. 7 Blush tint, a stick form blush that comes in three shades. Easy to control, blends well, doesn’t run or fade. I first found it at Target, then it disappeared, but Walgreens has gradually introduced the line in the US.

    A tip I keep meaning to try is Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel as a stand-in for pricier make-up primer

    And everyone knows that the major drugstore chains offer senior/AARP discounts one day a month, right? I mean, why not…

    1. Hi Susan, so sorry but the winner was a different Susan B., unless you entered the contest with a different email address.

    2. Yesterday, I thought I was the winner of the watch — I am Susan Thompson and the winner was originally posted as Susan Thompson. I was so excited, but never received a notice in my email, so as the day progressed I decided that there must be another Susan Thompson who won. Now, I see the name has changed to Susan B…. Congratulations, Susan B., I hope you get your watch… I still love this website and will continue to follow your style adventure, Une Femme.

      1. Hi Susan, OK, yes you are the winner! I got confused yesterday because the email address was different. Please check your email and if you don’t see something from info (at) unefemme (dot) net, please email me! 🙂

    3. Susan, if there is an Ulta in your area, they may carry Boots. My Target stopped carrying it, too.

      1. Thanks, Kristen, Ulta isn’t familiar. But I just saw that Walgreens, which carries the Boots line, is offering 20% off Boots through July 27.

    4. The Monistat Chafing Gel actually does make a great primer – it’s identical to the formula of the $30 Smashbox version and a tube lasts forever. I am also having really good results with L’Oreal’s Miracle Blur, which I add over the Monistat in a couple of areas where I have more visible lines. The dry shampoo that I find creates the most volume is from the Big Sexy Hair line, which I purchase with coupons and sales at ULTA. Thanks for the Boots Blush tip – I’m looking for one that will actually stay on, and plan to try it if I can locate it in my area. Target has definitely cut back on that line in my area.

  11. Plan to try Pssst and Revlon Colorburst. The makeup artist Gucci Westman has some relationship with Revlon, not sure if currently. A year or two ago I bought a great coral lipstick (080) that was in a collection by GW. Really good lipstick. Also love Revlon Moondrops lip conditioner (clear), CeraVe hydrating cleanser, and CVS cotton baby cleansing pads for toner and other liquids.

  12. Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover is the one drugstore beauty item I stock up on when I’m in the US. I have sensitive eyes, and I hate oily eye make up removers. I almost always wear waterproof mascara, so I need a remover that can take it off without irritating my eyes. Rimmel is the only one for me. And it’s cheap!

  13. My dry shampoo pick is Batiste (blush). It smells good, works well and doesn’t look like you’ve just powdered your wig. I just checked and it’s available at Walgreens online but not in the stores. I get it on amazon.fr.

  14. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil gentle cleanser years ago and it is still the best. The new moisturizer in tube or jar also is top notch. Very easy on the budget with quality results on my mature skin.

  15. Love the Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet. I need a lip pencil to help with definition though. Also love Cerave body moisturizer in the tub. Sometimes I mix L’Occitane body oil into it. Also love Cover Girl Mascara in the green tube. I think it’s called Clump Crusher. I usually put on two coats. Also use Aquaphor Healing ointment on lips.

  16. I agree with Chris. Cetaphil is the best cleanser. I’m 62 and have been using it for the last 20 years. Keeps your skin very soft. So economical. Ann

  17. I just purchased a bottle of Jergens Original Scent lotion. I LOVED this when I was in Jr High but stopped using it as the lotion itself wasn’t as good as the scent:) Well, they have done something to the lotion and I really like it. It’s thicker and appears to help with dry skin.

    I also was a huge fan of PSSSSSST. And my favorite mascara is from the drug store…Cover Girl Clump Crusher.

  18. I have a bunch of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters but I mostly had the more neutral colors. Your post encouraged me to try Wild Watermelon and Sorbet and I have to say that so far I LOVE Wild Watermelon. It’s a perfect corally, warm, sheer red. I like Sorbet too, it’s a pretty raspberry color that’s very flattering to my skin tone. So thank you!

    I also like the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains, they go on a bit glossy but leave a nice staing.

  19. My favorite dry shampoo is Suave Keratin Infusion (in a tall gold spray can). Other favorite drugstore products of mine: Loreal Glow Renewal Oil, Cerave Eye Cream (new and comparable to many expensive ones I’ve tried), Olay Facial Cloths (take off make-up and do a quick wash), Simple Face Wipes (to remove make-up before washing), Cover Girl Clump Crusher Extensions and TruBlend Fix Stick Concealer.