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I know, I know. We’re all feeling that Summer Sale Fatigue. Wave after wave of markdowns on much of the same merchandise we’ve been seeing on the racks since February. And a lot of it’s starting to look a bit forlorn.

But here’s a reason not to throw in the (beach) towel quite yet: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you only pay attention to one sale a year, this is the one. I love this sale! It’s not another markdown on now-picked-over merchandise, it’s a limited-time sale on brand spankin’ NEW stuff for fall. Has that favorite pair of boots finally trudged its last steps? Is your old raincoat waving a white flag of surrender? Are your bras singing the blues? Tights no longer taut? This is one of the best opportunities you’ll have this year to update and refresh for fall. (Lots of specials on beauty products and other items too.)

Nordstrom card holders get early access starting tomorrow July 10, and for everyone else the sale items are available July 17th. After the sale, prices will go back up (so none of that “gee, if I’d only waited….” remorse). Nordstrom is one of my favorite retailers, not only for the wide range of brands, sizes and prices they carry, but also for their free shipping and excellent customer service.

I’ll be posting my sale picks regularly beginning tomorrow, so do check back. I always find some great buys during this sale. Popular items may sell out quickly, so I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

What fall items will you be on the lookout for?

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  1. I love the Nordstrom sale!!! I have my eye on a pair of black leather booties. I already ordered a couple of V Neck sweaters from Talbots. The right price on the right trench might cause me pause.

  2. Actually not much. Over the holiday weekend I made an inventory of my clothes as my first serious commitment to Project 333, and there’s nothing I need right now, even for the fall.

    Having said that, I noticed that last winter for the first time I had trouble getting my tall boots on and off, except the one pair that has a zipper. I prefer the look of the zipperless ones, but I may have to admit defeat. If I do I’ll be looking out for a pair of riding-style boots with minimum embellishment, in black.

  3. Thanks for the info. I live nowhere near a Nordstrom’s, but will be near Boston next week. And I desperately need a trenchcoat and a pair of shoes to travel with. Thinking of a pair of sneakers that I think they call “kicks” as a walking shoe. Do you know what I a referring to? And do you think they would be appropriate for sight seeing in Germany? Would love anyone’s opinion!

  4. Kris, could you be talking about “Kickers”, French casual shoes?

    Germany is of course an excellent place to buy urban-appropriate walking shoes, but of course you need shoes that are broken in to travel there.

    As for me, I find it very difficult to order online, unless I am familiar with a brand and how it fits. Most of all, I need a new bra or two, which is about the hardest thing to order online.

    1. They may be Kickers. I will google them to see if that is what I mean. Should have saved the website where I first saw them.