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I did a quick “supermarket sweep” pass though some of the early access sale selections, looking mostly at basics and items I normally stock up on during this sale. Here are my First Round Draft Picks. 😉

Remember: Early Access to the sale from July 10-17 is restricted to Nordstrom Rewards members only (and we get Double Points during this period). If you click on any of these items, you’ll be asked for your Nordstrom sign-on. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card but would like to apply for one, go here. They offer debit cards too if that’s more your style. I’ll update and add to these and will share a more extensive list once the sale opens to everyone.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped the sales, I buy what I want early, but then I don’t buy much.
    Coats are selling out here already!

  2. Sorry,the items are not showing up for me?
    Guess I have to get my computer gal out but my Mac usually works like a champ.

    1. Hmm, I can see on both my Mac and another PC. You might check your browser to see if you have ad-blocking settings activated; that can sometimes block the widgets.

  3. I love your picks, though the boiled wool jacket makes me get hot flashes on sight…
    I ordered the ponte knit with lace hem pencil skirt from Vince Camuto, and a few red bras to try out. for the most part I was uninspired by Nordstrom this time.

    1. Heh! They have a pretty decent rewards program; I’ve been pretty happy with the “perq’s” of this one.

  4. Lovely choices but I dislike the premise of this sale. It restricts early acess to their credit card holders and our store has tacky curtained off areas and makeshift dressing rooms….also restricted. I think it benefits the store much more than the consumer. It cuts the summer buying season a little too short and brings fall merchandise in too early.

    1. You make some good points about the nature of the sale, esp. that it benefits the store more than the customer.

      Here is a quote from the very handy e-book High End Bargain Hunting by Hrisoula Gatzogiannis about sales: “If they [the stores] can unload the merchandise at 30-40% off rather than 60-70% off, they’re the winner, not you.”

      Knowing that, I still went to the 1st day of the sale as soon as I dropped my kid off at day camp. In fact, I dropped him off about 7 minutes early and luckily, there were counselors there to take him 🙂