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(Cheap Thrills Edition)

Pert Plus “Revive & Rejuvenate” shampoo. Wendy B was right (is she ever wrong??). This is some of the best shampoo I’ve tried in years! It leaves my hair clean and soft, not dried out at all, but here’s the thing…I can go 2-3 days without having to shampoo again, with none of that lanky look or dirty-feeling scalp. With my fine, tending-toward-oily hair that’s nothing short of a miracle! And less frequent washing means my color lasts longer. Deux pouces up!

Remember this Polyvore?
Bend it like Inès

Well, the tee shirt I used is now on sale for $5 at Old Navy!

Normally I don’t advocate buying throwaway items that will only last a season. But the color on this tee is so fabulous (they call it “Lead Pipe,” I call it “Parisian steel grey”), that for $5 a pop, you can buy a spare. The fabric is very light, and the fit good (buy one size up if you prefer a less snug fit). Cheap and chic!

Speaking of fabulous steel greys,

this lightweight cardigan is currently on sale at Banana Republic for $29.99. (Note: online the grey is only available in “tall” however my neighborhood store still had a lot of stock as of earlier this week.)

Estancia Pinot Noir, $14.99. A very smooth, drinkable red, stands up to meat but also lovely with grilled veggies or a salmon fillet. Your taste buds will think you’ve splurged on a much more expensive bottle.

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  1. Well, I’m wrong a lot but at least I’m right about hair care!

    Don’t forget, La Belette Rouge also recommends Pert Plus for use on cats.

  2. Pert is recommended by Paula Begoun. See her website for other recommendations (skincare too). She had correct info on sunscreen years before the mainstream media did. Anyway, i use Pert and love it too.

    AND–I just bought that Banana top yesterday. They had tons left. Also came in blue and (I think) a taupe.

  3. Wowee! Pert! I wouldna thunk it. Thanks to Wendy for that info. Thanks to you for the t-shirt info. Paula Begoun’s Beta Hydroxy lotion & anti-blemish lotion are awesome, IMO. Unfortunately, BR’s prices in Canada suck, so I always wait till I’m in the States.

  4. Interestingly I noticed when I was in LA that my hair was much softer than it is back home – I think the water is softer or something.

    Though it tended to limpness faster – but some dry shampoo helped fix that!

    All the things I can’t buy because I’m in a different country.

  5. Does the Pert cause your colour to fade? It didn’t make Inkey’s fur fade. He had gorgeous bouncing and behaving fur.

  6. I have never tried Pert, but since both you and WendyB recommend it I may have to try it out. I have fine, straight, color-treated hair and have to wash it everyday…sigh. Although sometimes on the weekend I cheat and use dry shampoo.

  7. Bonjour Madame – give it a try and let me know what you think. Glad you enjoy the Polyvore. That’s my favorite one I’ve made so far.

    Frugal Scholar – interesting about PB and the sunscreen. I started getting serious about sunscreen 15 years ago, and am glad I did. Now I use Anthelios, which is expensive but according to my derm, the best stuff you can buy. Neutrogena with “helioplex” apparently is a close second.

  8. WendyB – thanks again for the rec!

    Sal – let us know how it works for you.

    Miss Janey – did you try the Estancia? What did you think?

  9. Duchesse – I’ve learned not to shop after a glass of wine…that’s when I let myself get talked into pricey skincare from pushy sales associates!

    Alison – oh yes, don’t forget Ebates!

    JuliaMazal – I’m going to have to check out Paula’s skincare next time I need to re-stock. The Pert is really good…I must admit I was quite pleasantly surprised.

  10. LBR – I haven’t noticed that my color has faded more than what is normal for red. I think it probably helps that I’m shampooing about 1/3 as often as I was before.

    Imogen – Normally our water here is on the hard side; I wonder if the house you rented had a water softener?

  11. L – give it a try! I’ll bet you many not have to wash it as often. I never had much luck with dry shampoos…they left my hair oily AND powdery. :-p

    Vicky – that’s too bad. It’s probably not worth ordering online and paying the shipping to get it there either?

    BTW, I bought your book last year and love it, and am really enjoying your blog!

  12. Karen – no worries, the greys make great backdrops for scarves and jewelry (in my “good” tones, bien sur!). Until the fall colors start coming out, I still need some dark neutrals for work.

  13. Pseu, you are warm, so ease back on the cool gray neutrals! If you do use them, be sure to mix in something “warm” by your face to get the best effect!