Visible Monday: Scarves and Pumpkins and Cars, Oh My!

A favorite ensemble, scarf added for color.

Pumpkin carving this year was quick and to the point.  I don’t use any fancy instruments, just a filet knife.


Goblins at 10 o’clock!
All you kids, off my lawn!

The reason I was rushed to finish the Halloween decorating is now parked in the driveway. Yes, we spent all of yesterday afternoon at the car dealer, and I am now the proud owner of an Acura RDX. Though it’s a far cry from the models I was initially looking at, it was one of the most comfortable to drive, the base model had all of the features I wanted, and the out-the-door price was less than what we would have paid to add the desired options to a Toyota or Honda. I’m just incredibly relieved to have the car shopping process done with.

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Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Wonderful pumpkin designs. Love the netting too. Today is carving day for me — in advance of the 700 trick-or-treaters expected in our Halloween-crazed neighborhood tonight. I am so thankful to have some new inspiration!

  2. Love your outfit and the pumpkins are fantastic. My house is so far from the road that there is no point to decorating and no one ventures down my long twisty driveway anyway.

  3. Love the printed scarf with the striped shirt.

    You are such a talented pumpkin carver. The eyelashes are cute.

    Yay for you for getting the whole car buying thing accomplished. Is it a small SUV that you bought? My friend has an Acura SUV and she loves it.

  4. Some of the best pumpkin carving I’ve ever seen. You have a real talent. Glad your car ordeal is over with, and that you’re happy with your choice.

  5. The only thing more thrilling than a new frock is a new car. Congratulations!

    You look fantastic in black, but I’m probably biased as a lover of black.

  6. Your pumpkins are fabulous–I especially love the one with the expressive lopsided O mouth–as if he’s saying Boo! Congrats on your new car–just in time to celebrate a spooktacular eve!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Oh car shopping–pretty much one of the most uncomfortable experiences known to first-world man…and woman:-)
    Your outfit is lovely–love how you added the scarf to add a touch of brightness.
    Your pumpkins are so beautifully carved! I especially love the white one.
    Glad I found you over at Not Dead Yet Style:-)

  8. @Kara Thank goodness for le monsieur who researched all of the options and prices online before we even showed up at the dealer. We were actually quite happy with the deal we made. Thank you so much! A scarf can make such a difference to an outfit.

  9. Catching up on posts and just finished four of yours. This outfit looks great on you. I love the splash of yellow.

    I always wanted to sky dive but never did it so I get your desire to fly. I’m thinking the AF Academy, which has had beaucoup sexual harrassment claims against them, particularly of late, you probably made the correct decision.
    Going up now in an open cockpit sounds fun. I treated my husband to a glider plane experience in Hemet when he turned 40. He’s never forgotten it.