one foot in summer, one foot in fall

madewell tee, j.crew chinosThis is another of those the-weather-says-summer-but-my-mood-says-fall outfits. Striped tees are everywhere, but styles with a v-neck are rare finds, so I was so happy to spot this one from Madewell which not only has a v-neck and an interesting multi-directional stripe, but is also soft, lightweight and not at all boxy. I loved my green J.Crew Sunday Slim Chinos so much that I ordered a pair in Golden Brandy and am crazy for this color! We still have a few weeks of warm autumn weather ahead, so I’m sure these will be in frequent rotation.

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Chloé Georgia bag, burgundy bag

The bag was a splurge, but one I’d planned for by clearing out and consigning a few bags earlier this summer. It was one of those Love At First Sight things. 😉 I’m glad I snapped it up as this style and color seem to be sold out online, but saddle bags are big this fall and here’s another similar style.

Arche sandals

You can see a little of the alternating stripes on the back of the tee below.

Madewell tee, Chloe bag

Do you tend to wear different colors depending on the season? Or do you stick to your favorites year round?

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  1. Very nice outfit. The bag is gorgeous! I am a curvy woman, probably US size 14. I’ve stayed away from horizontal stripes because I was afraid they’d make me look larger. Any thoughts on this? I think I have an apple body type. Also, have you ever blogged about consigning? I’d be interested to learn how you found a place to consign.

    1. Hi JP, thank you! What I’ve found is that narrow stripes are easier to wear than wide, and the overall shape of the garment makes a difference. Because this one is soft, and has a curved hem and v-neck, it doesn’t look as boxy on me as some cuts. Imogen at Inside Out Style addressed wearing horizontal stripes on a fuller figure a few years ago; that article is here:

      I have not written about consignment, but I’ve used a few different online consigners. I’ll make a note to post about my experiences soon.

  2. Oh boy, I love your color combination. Those golden pants are a find! The “tawny” colors that I own I tend to wear on the bottom, since I don’t normally like them near my face.

    I do switch up colors a bit with the change of seasons, but not as much as you’d think. In theory, I love to see the burnt oranges, deep olives, burgundies, mustards, etc. come in. They mostly look spectacular on people with different coloring than mine, though.
    I can wear some browns, and sage and some other greens are good on me, so I tend to indulge more in those come fall.

    But this morning I’m probably going to wear a lavendar shirt and periwinkle jacket, which tend to be year round colors for me. As much as I love pensive and dramatic oils, a “watercolor” palette suits me best…

    1. Hi nell, thanks! I do find a lot of colors are easier to wear on the bottom half rather than near the face. I love periwinkle too and think it’s a year-round color.

  3. Many years ago I found a book on fashion from the 1940’s. I have no idea of the name, but their advice for seasonal transitions was to wear the fabrics of the current season and the colors of the upcoming season to keep one’s look fresh. I always try to keep a few items in my wardrobe that will ease the winter/spring and summer/fall transitions. Wool jackets or sweaters in spring pastels and linen or cotton jackets or tops in autumn colors. It probably helps that my own coloring is warm (spring in the 4 season color analysis), but I find this really works for me.

    1. DocP, that’s an interesting idea about seasonal colors, and one that works here in LA when our seasons seem to hit about 2 months behind everyone else’s.

  4. I think I tend to wear the same colours but just in different shades but not exclusively. I know what colours work against my pale skin so stick to varying shades of those. Those shoes are wonderful. And a great find on the v-neck especially with the unusual detailing at the back.

    1. Petite Silver Vixen, thank you. It’s been a revelation to realize I can wear colors that aren’t necessarily good near my face on the bottom half.

  5. I love that Madewell tee, Sue. That plunging v-neck looks great on you. I can’t wear that neck style at all. And the navy with the gold pants looks lovely too. So good for early fall.

  6. What a great casual outfit! I love the way the striped tee blends with the striped effect of the cutouts on the shoes. The bag is to die for!

  7. I LOVE that golden brandy color, though I would be better with that color as a top. Whenever I see tops in that color, I snap them up, because they come around so seldom! What is it with the fashion industry and their (seemingly) non-stop obsession with spring, summer and winter colors? Maybe this season will be a turning point and we’ll see more of MY colors!

  8. Love everything about this ‘fall’ ensemble. We’re still having a summer feel in the air and I’m so dieing to wear my fall ensembles. Thank you for this fun inspiration. Oh, by the way, that bag . . . well, lets just say it’s amazing.

  9. That bag is perfect. You have a great selection of bags. Love to steal a couple of them. This burgundy one is very unusual, very unique. A great quality especially in this mass producing world.
    The sweater is lovely too. Fun how the stripes are repeated in the shoes. In The Netherlands the weather is hopeless again. My mood is for summer and the weather is fall. Contrary to you.

    1. Greetje, thank you! I’ve always been a bagaholic, find they’re such a great exclamation point on an outfit. 🙂

  10. Pretty and polished … lovely to see you in color. Love how you show harmony in disparate pieces and how to pull it all together with strapps and stripes. Pretty brilliant fall outfit, lady. Sure hope you felt as good as you look in it!

  11. I have a question regarding sizing on this striped tee. I’m 5′ tall and weigh 120 lb.and typically wear a size Small Petite in the Eileen Fisher brand. What size did you purchase in this tee, Susan?