What I love this week: French favorites

I’ve been fascinated with all things French since I was a young girl. There’s just something about the language, the landscapes, the food, the art, the style, the joie de vivre that continues to captivate me.

Looking toward the Louvre from Tuileries gardens in Paris. Spring 2022

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to visit Paris and various regions of France many times. And I know it isn’t all Monet and macarons. But I treasure those visits and hope to get back there again someday. In the meantime, one of the next best things is when the quarterly My French Country Home Box arrives on my doorstep.

A little bit of France at home…

Opening My French Country Home Box for May 2023.

Sharon Santoni chooses the loveliest gifts from French brands for each of these subscription gift boxes. It’s always such a treat when I first open the box. Everything is beautifully and carefully packed. Discovering the gifts inside is half the fun.

(Disclosure: I received this box as a gift from My French Country Home.)

My French Country Home Box May 2023 box contents. The theme is Vive le Printemps
Vive le Printemps is the theme of this lovely subscription gift box.

This month’s selection of gifts is a celebration of spring. There are always a few items for the home, something to wear, and an antique piece selected by Sharon from one of her favorite brocantes.

Lovely French gifts from the My French Country home box: a scented candle, watch with silk tie band, knotted cotton string bag.

Sharon almost always includes a scented candle. This one’s from Carrière Frères, and I caught a whiff of the gorgeous rose and peony fragrance as soon as I opened the box. One of the most unique items is this watch with 3 pretty silk ties. And this knotted cotton rope tote will be fun with summer outfits.

(My climbing roses are covering themselves in glory this month, despite a lack of sun and warmth.)

Items for the home from My French Country Home box: a linen table runner, floral candies, hand made knife rests, an antique bottle vase.

Also in this box, some lovely items for the home. There’s a a pretty floral linen table runner, and those cute little veggies are hand made knife rests from Atelier Soleil. The candies are a special gift for Quarterly and Annual subscribers, an old-fashioned sweet treat in Rose, Poppy, and Lavender flavors.

The next box will be issued in August, and the theme is Bon Appetit! If you love French cuisine, or just love to cook, you don’t want to miss this one. (The food and kitchen themed boxes are always my favorites!) These boxes also make unique and fabulous gifts that will delight the Francophiles in your life.

A Parisian favorite

On past trips to Paris, it’s been hard not to notice the popularity of Vanessa Bruno cabas totes. They are everywhere, and even usually understated Parisiennes can be spotted carrying one of these bags with the sequined handles. I really like this raffia version for summer!

House hunting in Paris (after I win the lottery 😆 )

High-end real estate in France: the family at the center of The Parisian Agency on Netflix

If you’ve ever dreamed of shopping for a pied à terre in Paris, were money no object (or not as much of one), you’ll want to check out “The Parisian Agency” on Netflix. The Kretz family is back for a new season, and the properties are even more lavish.

I normally avoid “reality” type shows, but this one gets the drama from “will or won’t the clients overlook the renovations needed and make an offer” rather than sniping and backstabbing. This family seems to genuinely care about and support each other. Plus, you get an inside look at a range of properties, from the dilapidated to the palatial. It’s fun to dream, n’est-ce pas?

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  1. I love watching the Kretz family! we went to Paris in 2019 and this show reminds me of that trip! Paris is so lovely!

    1. They are a terrific family! Very honest & interesting view of real estate in France as well as family dynamics.
      The grandmother is a favorite!!
      I love the series

  2. I am busy improving my French so can watch the show in French with French subtitles – love it!

    Nice to see all the different areas of France that they visit – and those Parisian apartments – oh la la la!

  3. Even my husband who hates both real estate and reality shows is a fan of the Parisian Agency. Now if I could just win the lottery so I’d need their help to buy a place in Paris. . .

  4. I will have to check out this show! All of the items in your box are just lovely and that tote is so tempting! Your French theme today reminded me of a book recommendation from one of your readers last week. I downloaded the first Clare Baskerville book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The descriptions of Paris were fun with a great mystery to boot. The heroine is around 60, which made me so happy! I truly enjoy your blog and your positive attitude is a blessing to so many of us!!!

  5. My husband and I love Parisian Agency. I love how the brothers are always laughing with each other. My husband speaks fluent French so he enjoys listening and occasionally learning new words (usually slang that is commonly used). I can read the subtitles which hubby says are pretty accurate. Yes, the lottery or to be more exact SuperLotto!

  6. I am finally getting back to France to visit family for the first time after the pandemic. I figured out it will be my 10th Paris visit (though I don’t always go to Paris when in France.) My husband was a student in France in his youth, and he thinks this might be his 40th visit to Paris. We are not taking kids or grandkids this time, so we look forward to a nice couples visit to our favorite spots. Then it’s family visit time in Haute Savoie. We leave in three days!