Winter white with a shot of color

Head-to-toe winter white outfits always have such a clean, elegant look. But on dreary days, I like the little hit of dopamine this bright sweater adds. 😉

Susan B. wears a winter white outfit with an sherpa fleece jacket, orange sweater, off-white jeans, patent leather boots.

I’m wearing a medium in the sweater, 28 in the jeans, and a Small in the jacket. I think this jacket runs a little large, and have an X-Small on order to compare the fit. (Update: the XS was indeed a much better fit!) But I love the style and “sherpa” texture! It hits that sweet spot for me between relaxed and structured.

I love wearing “white” jeans year-round (off-white or cream for me). This style from MOTHER (the “Dazzler”) fits me so well. This is my second pair in this style; you can see the other HERE. They call this color Antique White; to my eye it’s Cream.

We’ve had a nice string of rainstorms the last few weeks (fortunately spared the flooding and high winds that Northern California is seeing). We NEED the rain, so no complaints here. But with so much gray, dreary weather, I need the mood lift that I get from wearing color.

Even though the orange sweater breaks up the winter white, you could still consider this a “column of color” as the jacket is long enough to meet the pants and create that vertical line.

Boots are from gini & albert, a local Los Angeles brand. They’re very comfortable and I’ve been wearing them often when we go out. They’re beautifully made here in L.A.

Here are some similar styles that are more budget-friendly:

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  1. I loved the look of that jacket on their website and ordered it to try in black for myself — alas, on me the jacket hits what looks like a good 5-6 inches higher than on you and was not a good look. It looks perfect on you, however. I like jackets a bit big, so I think your size looks fine.

    I will have to give up on J. Crew for now. After at least 5 returns in a row it seems clear they are not designed for me!

    1. Hi Cinzia, that’s a shame you’re not able to find a good fit there. Some items are offered in Tall sizes, but this jacket isn’t one of them.

  2. Your post has encouraged me to dig out my white and off-white jeans. I wouldn’t wear them when I visit Chicago, but here in Florida, they could be year-round. Right now I’m in a jeans-or-black-pants routine that could use some variety. However your off-white column is one step too far for me and would leave me feeling washed out. I need more than that little pop of color at the top.

  3. For dark-haired women, wearing a dark jacket and pant with a colorful top is the equivalent look! I’m in the snowy upper MW and it is hard to wear pale bottoms in Winter for everyday wear bc street conditions are often messy. I do wear the dark column + pop of color with my black hair, often!

  4. I have loved the frayed hem jeans you have been showing lately, but our body types are quite different, so I am afraid they would not be as flattering on me. It would be helpful if companies would provide more information regarding sizing on their websites. The Mother website just lists the inseam as “ankle length.” I have long legs, so my ankle length is 28 – 29 inches, but I’ve seen pants as short as 26 inches labeled this way. Those look ridiculous on me. Why not just state the inseam in inches?

  5. I too love winter white or to be more specific, cream. One question about boots with tabs at the back to pull them on. My jeans always ride up and get stuck on the tab! Not a good look. Now I always cut them off even if leather so that my jeans can hang straight. I can’t understand why the boots are made this way, I use a shoe horn to slip into them.

    1. I find these boots are high enough in the shaft that they don’t fight with my pants legs. Yes, one can remove the tabs if they get in the way.

  6. I like the look of white jeans and yet, I don’t wear them. I own a pair of great fitting J.Crew Toothpicks. I considered packing them for a recent trip and decided they would get dirty. I guess, I feel like me, in muted, low contrast outfits and white is so stark.

    1. It’s true, white can be stark. That’s one of the reasons I love ecru or cream-colored versions…a bit softer.

  7. I have to save my light-colored jeans for drier weather in the spring and fall. Until then, they’re in storage. How do you keep your patent boots scuff-free?

    1. These boots don’t seem to scuff easily. A dab of petroleum jelly and a soft cloth will usually erase any scuff marks.

  8. Love, love, love this color-way on you Susan! I just received the sweater in poppy and can’t wait to style it with my stuff!

  9. Very good outfit. I agree with you that the jacket might be a bit smaller. On the other hand, everything is oversized these days, so nobody will notice. I crave for your boots, they are so good.
    And you are right, the trousers fit you to a T.