A dressy casual outfit (for those celebrations we’re looking forward to…)

Susan B wears a floral cardigan over beige top and pants.

Many of you have been asking for ideas for more dressed-up looks. So I thought I’d share this one, which I put together as part of an Instagram collaboration I’m doing with Chico’s. (All items shown were gifted, except the watch, bag, and shoes.)

necklace (similar) | cardigan | top | bracelet | bracelet | pants | bag | shoes (similar)

I’m wearing Chico’s size 0 Petite in the sweater, 0 in the top, and 00 in the pants. Chico’s is currently having a Chic in Bloom event, with 40% off select items. All of the clothing items I’m wearing here are included! The sweater is also available in other patterns, as well as solid colors.

I’m all for keeping outfits simple and comfortable (“dressed up, not trussed up”), so I started with a neutral column and let the color and pattern of the cardigan be the focal point. This outfit would also travel well, and all of the pieces could easily be re-mixed. You could wear this to a brunch, baby shower, graduation…I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer until we’re able to celebrate together with family and friends.

Defining and enhancing your eyes…a live Zoom tutorial!

Tomorrow, I’ll be joining my friend Brian of Brian + MW to learn some simple but effective techniques to enhance our eyes! Brian has received a lot of questions about eye makeup, so I think this will be a lively and informative session. And he’s putting together some special promotions for those in attendance. We’ll start at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT. If you’d like to join us, just click HERE to pre-register.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some outfits on my feed and Stories that I haven’t shared here. Did you know that you can get details and shop my Instagram looks HERE? Just click on any image to open, and you’ll see images to the right that link to each of the items featured. (Or, you can follow susan_unefemme on the LikeToKnowIt app on your phone or tablet.)

Because ageism is never in style…

Strike out ageism, because ageism is never in style.

If you aren’t familiar with The Bias Cut, it’s an online boutique started by Jacynth Bassett, dedicated to providing fashionable clothing for women of all ages. Jacynth has been a very vocal anti-ageism activist, and has just launched a new campaign, Strike Out Ageism. Partnered with Wellbeing of Women, a women’s health charity, the goal of the campaign is to “expose, disrupt, ageist language, [and] unconscious biases…”

As part of the campaign, they’ve created a special collection, and 20% of all sales proceeds will be donated to Wellbeing of Women, a UK charity promoting women’s health research. I hope you’ll take a look.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    I love this cardigan on you I looked around the Chicos site a little.
    I do have some of their short jackets and jewelry. The faux-coral
    hoop earrings look like a modern take on a set of gold earrings
    from years ago – you could rock that too!

  2. Thank you Susan! I always look to you for a sense of what to wear! Love the combination you put together in today’s post. Will likely go for a solid sweater instead of a print. The Paul Green Shoes are fun!

  3. You look fantastic in this outfit. I normally don’t like florals because they can come across as frumpy, but the style of this sweater with the neutral base feels modern.

  4. You look amazing! Perfect outfit! The individual pieces are great by themselves but together- really smashing! Happy Easter!

  5. GREAT outfit, as you said ‘dress up, not trussed up’!! That’s a great way to put it! I have very few family members, but I have some great friends that are family & I am starting to get real antzy about not hugging them since I’m a huge hugger. I’m also looking for a couple of outfits like that. I’ll keep hunting until I find what I want. Thanks for all your inspiration! See you tomorrow!

  6. Susan, this outfit is perfect on you. Every element works together to create harmony and beauty. All your work with flattering colors paid off!

  7. Smashing as the English say. I love the way you picked up the colors from the cardigan in the necklace and those shoes are perfect with this. This post today just covers a lot. Thank you. It was fun reading.

  8. Hi Susan
    I attended the Zoom with Brian a couple weeks ago about eyes, neck, lips. I purchased the three products and they are FABULOUS! In a week I have seen a difference – slightly tighter neck skin, smooth lips and undereye less puffy. I cant be on Zoom this Saturday, but wanted to pass this on to others. I’m 66, redhead, slightly ruddy complexion. It’s clear these products are designed for ‘aging’ skin and worth every penny. Look forward to more great information. And Susan I love your posts!!!

    1. Hi Joan, thanks and I’m so glad you love them!! I do find them very effective. Thanks for letting me know!

  9. I love the style and colours, you look fab, and I would buy them in a heartbeat if they were in the UK. I hope that you will think about wearing a pretty peach nailvarnish on your toes – as Coco Chanel said, feet need all the help they can get!!