A Few Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Metal gate and climbing roses against a brick wall in Levernois, France. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

You may or may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with loved ones in person this year, so I’ve rounded up a few gift ideas beyond flowers and candy for the Moms in your life…

A Little Bit Of France…

Get some of the best of French artisanal products delivered right to her doorstep with My Stylish French Box. Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home curates the uniquely French items included. These subscription boxes are sent four times per year. For May’s box, the theme will be “Fleurs & Romance,” so you know it will be lovely.

The Bee’s Knees…

Environmentally-friendly reusable food wraps: beeswax-coated cotton. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

These environmentally-friendly reusable food wraps are my new favorite thing in the kitchen. Made from beeswax-coated cotton, they really do seal and keep food fresh, can be washed and re-used. (Mine were purchased locally, but function is the same.) Other designs HERE and HERE .

A Chic & Cozy Sweater

Jenni Kayne Everyday sweater in oatmeal stripe. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Friends of mine rave about Jenni Kayne sweaters, and this one is tempting. It’s a perfect wear-now-wear-later piece. (It’s still light sweater weather here, just saying…😉)

The Good Stuff…

Blue Bottle Bella Donovan coffee. Details and other Mother's Day Gift ideas at une femme d'un certain age.

Is she a coffee lover? May I suggest a subscription to some of the best beans around from Blue Bottle Coffee? (I recommend Bella Donovan.) You can select the beans and delivery frequency.

A Multi-Purpose Accessory

Madewell cotton print bandana. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I love these little cotton bandanas! Wear around your neck, as a hair accessory, or a face mask in a pinch.

More gifts for her…

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  1. A sweet list. I like those reusable food wraps, and that bandana had already caught my eye.

    My sister came home from Japan, a few years ago, with cotton squares saying that restrooms don’t have paper towels there and ladies carry a cloth to dry their hands. I think it’s not a bad idea to have a bandana in addition to your mask to tuck into your pocket for encounters with door knobs and other things we might want to shield ourselves from.

    From reading the news about retailers I think that Fall and Winter offerings are going to be reduced because of limited cash to place orders, so prices for next Winter won’t be soft. Might as well live it up with Summer and Spring!

    1. Thank you; I don’t need a lot of things but I’ve lost weight so I need jeans and trousers at least a size smaller, and will be shopping for them as soon as that is possible – in person (I have a relatively small waist and wide hips; I don’t correspond to sizes). There are a lot of things at my favourite shops, but I don’t shop online except for repeats.

      I also want a beautiful pullover; red or green. I love colours, but not pastels.

  2. Would you be able to share where you purchased your reusable food wraps. I like the design but the offering on Amazon is only for the large size and I’d like to get smaller wraps in that design. Thanks so much. Love your blog. Has been so helpful in so many ways.

      1. If looking for a craft project, check online for different options to make your own.

        I ordered items from Amazon to make them, and will use cotton fabric that I have on hand to make custom sizes and colors. I previously bought the wraps shown here and then cut down to smaller sizes.

    1. If, like me, you’re not ambitious enough to make your own, there are lots of options on Etsy. I’m trying hard to support small makers and businesses in this crazy time.

  3. Lovely list. Can you do a post on bras.
    I have been wearing Bali bralettes. So comfy but not really all that supportive. May have to go back to something less comfy. I’m built like you. I’d love to know your secret.

    1. If only. When I said I found underwires excruciating on another site, a chorus raised to tell me I hadn’t been fitted properly. Reaching 60, I do think I know my old bod pretty well. I own one of those torture devices, worn when I have to do public speaking or other such engagements, but I take 3 iboprufen before donning the bloody thing.

  4. Ive been using the bees wrap for more than a year. It comes in assorted sizes an can be ordered from Beeswrap.com. Can’t say enough good stuff about this product. It is the best for keeping foods fresh. My daughter is a chemist and avid environmentalist and her husband is a research professor and they both sing its praises. She is the one who gave me my first bees wrap.

  5. The bees wrap is excellent. I use a different brand, mine smells just faintly like honey, does this? And thumbs up on Jenni Kayne, especially the fisherman sweaters.

  6. My wishful Mother’s Day gift would be a glass of white wine at a little table next to the roses just inside the gate you featured. That brick. The color-matched gate. The flowers. I’m in love.

  7. Wow, I love!!! the Emerson Fry caftan, I would wear it all summer!!, but my entire sternum/bra would be on display. I sound like my mother I realize, but why can’t they make clothes for ordinary people.

  8. What a lovely collection of gift ideas! I would have enjoyed looking at them even if I wasn’t hoping for ideas. However, I did find a couple of sweet gifts.

  9. As to underwires ! Yes they seem to have been accepted by everyone but many of us are actually scarred as a result (I am) . My mother’s tip was to remove the wires . She always bought on sales so if they didn’t fit afterwards it didn’t matter . Expert bra fitters are not as great as they make out and yes they will tell you that you need underwires . I have found that SOME sports bras do without them & also vintage-style sites often have appropriately matching bras – remember circle stitched cups ? I have also found deeper bras with some bendable boning at the sides which is less likely to chafe and scratch . If all else fails it is still possible to have them made bya good dressmaker if not actually a corsetière . There are sewing patterns available – and a dressmaker would know about them .