A layered look with a linen sweater

It’s that time of year when temperatures can swing from chilly to warm and back within a matter of hours. A layering sweater is one of my Spring wardrobe essentials, and a linen sweater is the perfect layer to stay comfortable all day long. I’m absolutely smitten 😍 with this one!

earrings (similar) | sweater | tank (similar) | necklace | bag | bracelet | jeans (similar) | sandals

I’ve kept this look simple, and let the color and layers be the focal point of the outfit. This outfit just sings to me, and reminds me not to overthink (or over-style) a look. I sometimes second-guess my less-is-more inclinations, but find I’m happiest when I lean into them.

I’m wearing XX-Small in the sweater, as I didn’t want too much volume. Yes, it’s cropped, so I’ve layered it over a longer jersey tank (similar). I’ve washed this sweater once (in the machine, cold water, delicate cycle in a lingerie bag, dried flat) and it came through beautifully! The sweater is available in 4 colors, sizes XX-Small to 3X.

If you prefer a longer sweater, this looks to be the same knit in a tunic length (Plus).

The wedge espadrille sandals have some visual volume to help balance out the top. I’ve had these sandals for a couple of years now. They were such a good buy; they go with almost everything and are VERY comfortable.

More linen sweaters…

Do you have a favorite layering piece?

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  1. Not only is that color very flattering, the whole look gives a youthful vibe to you! Simplicity at its best!

    1. I was going to say the same thing. The color of the sweater and your longer hair, Susan, really does give you a youthful vibe.

  2. I am always conscious of how many accessories I add to any given outfit. I wear glasses and always a certain amount of eye makeup and lipstick. Therefore, I pass on earrings and prefer a longer necklace. I love all bracelets or a classic watch.
    This linen sweater is so pretty and by layering it, you solved the crop length issue. I would duplicate everything about this look you styled today.
    Thankyou for offering a new option for these unpredictable spring or summer temperatures!

      1. Hi Susan,
        As others have said, great casual look on you! I love the sweater & may purchase. I’m usually a medium, but in EF typically a small. What size would you recommend in this piece?

        Thanks so much,

        1. Hi Elle, thanks! If you aren’t broad-shouldered, you may want to try sizing down to the XS. I liked the closer fit of the smaller size in this style.

  3. I’ve been considering this sweater but have been hesitant about ordering because I’ve found EF’s sizing to be off the last year or two and never get it right. The color looks lovely on you and I might have to give it a try. EF had sweaters similar to this but a little thicker about 15 years ago and I bought them in every color and wore them for years, I’d be so happy if this one hit that sweet spot!

    1. Hi Marla, I’ve been tending to size down on EF sweaters and some tops, though if they’re designed to be more fitted, am finding my usual size works well.

  4. I love the look of linen sweaters, but the ones I’ve owned have gotten baggy and tired looking after only a few gentle washings. Even the EF ones. You look great in this sweater, so I hope it’s a keeper.

    1. Yes, some linen sweaters do tend to lose their shape over time. I’m hoping the ribbed knit on this one will have some “legs.”

  5. I’m too old-fashioned to be comfortable with the tee hanging out below the hem of the sweater. Susan, you seem to be able to carry it off, but I just feel sloppy when I try it. (Like lingerie straps showing — my daughters do it, but I can’t.)

    1. Hi Lyn, I share the same aversion to visible bra straps. 😉 It took my eye a while to adjust to shorter-over-longer layers, but I like the look a lot now. We each have our own preferences, and honoring those is what makes for great personal style.

  6. I love cropped over a long layer because it makes me appear to be longer waisted for some reason. It blurs the line. I love linen sweaters and this is a favorite color of mine. I go back and forth between the darker side of spring and the lighter side of autumn all the time. I think that’s where my colors are truly at. You look wonderful and I hope you get to do some traveling this Summer.

  7. The colour suits you beautifully, it really lights up your face. I adore that turquoise shade too but think the cut of this sweater would be too baggy or boxy on me (I’m short too). But I’m inspired so will try to find something a bit more fitted in that colour in Europe. OT question: whatever happened to Lars? We haven’t seen him for a while!

    1. Thanks so much, Liz. I think Lars has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was getting up there in years, and had a good life…

  8. I’ve been “away” during the pandemic — no interest in fashion at all. And now like a bear after hibernation I’m waking up!

    First, you look GREAT, Susan. Congratulations! I’ve gained some weight this last year and am now taking it off (6+ pounds down, more to go). It also feels good to be (occasionally) wearing something besides pajamas again. Amazing what this season can do for our souls and mental acuity, eh?

    Ann in Missouri

  9. Susan,

    You look lovely. Just wondering if you’ve purchased a lot of new clothing since your inches/weight loss. I lost 25 lbs and several inches in 2018 and found that most of what I owned was falling off of me. Have you considered doing a story on your before and after looks with color and FWTFL? Since the pandemic, I have gained back about 8 lbs., but I’ve recently implemented several changes that are beginning to work. For maintenance, I am considering FWTFL. I contacted them three weeks ago to determine when their next session starts up, but I’ve not heard back from them. Thanks so much for being an inspiration.

    1. Hi Carol, thanks! I’ve actually been rebuilding my wardrobe for the last couple of years (since my color analysis), but yes, found a few things were now too big and am replacing. I’ll check to see when the next session is starting, and will post an update.

  10. That color is beautiful. I’m assuming it’s in your palette. Is that because it reads more warm than cool? Still trying to figure this color thing out.

    1. Thanks, Kay! Yes, this is almost a perfect match for one of the blues in my palette. It’s a warmer blue, because there’s a hint of green to it (which has yellow undertones).

    I ADORE LINEN but would never wear it this short.
    Looks wonderful on YOU!
    Are you enjoying your retirement?
    How long has it been NOW?

  12. This whole look is fantastic. casual yet chic, an element of sporty yet not inappropriate. Do. you really find those wedge sandals comfortable for wlaking more than a few. blocks? I love the look but can’t see myself doing any serious walking in them.

    1. Hi Bernice, thanks and yes these sandals are incredibly comfortable. I can wear them all day, to walk the dog, run errands, etc.