beanie girl

Acne Jensen ankle boots

(Anyone out there remember the Beanie and Cecil cartoons from the early 1960’s? Every time I read the word beanie I hear “Beanie Boy!!!” in Cecil’s voice.)

One of the misconceptions that people sometimes have about Southern California is that our climate is tropical and always warm. Not so! While we rarely get much below freezing, during the late fall and winter months mornings and evenings especially can be quite “brisk.” So brisk recently in fact that a) I ordered a few lighter weight winter coats during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales to try, and b) I was very happy to have purchased this Evelane wool beanie on a whim a couple of weeks ago (thinking ahead actually to a ski trip planned for February). At the time I ordered this cap, the only color choices were black and grey, but they’ve since added a marled version, and I’m also eyeing this J.Crew cashmere beanie in “bright ocean” which is a pretty cobalt blue.

Another reason my head is cold…

pixie cut

Yep, I did the Big Chop over the weekend. My hair is very fine and thin, and once it hits a certain length just goes very limp and flat. I also wanted a change. This cut is a bit shorter than what I’d originally set out to do, but it’s growing on me. And it will grow. I think it’s time to up my earring game again now that the lobes are so visible. 😉 Glasses are from Robert Marc.

Sandro jacket, Givency Pandora

The utility jacket is from Sandro, and was purchased in London in Spring 2013. It’s more of a lightweight shell, which is great for our climate probably 6-8 months per year, though not really quite warm enough once temperatures drop much below 50F, unless I bundle up quite a bit underneath. But I do love how the cool olive color sets off this J.Crew scarf, also a few years old now but still a favorite.

Other items shown: knit capearrings | lip color (“Arthur” again) | bag | sweater | jeans (similar) | boots

Do you have a favorite style of winter hat?

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  1. Love your new do. Very nice! Very chic.
    I recently purchased a plaid scarf at target and I might just need to wear today.
    The Disney inspired Marc Jacobs laughing flowers scarf in your links is delightful.

  2. long time reader, 1st time commenter….love the new cut! love the way it frames your face and highlights your glasses.

  3. Perfectly chic haircut! Youthful! Piquant! Very flattering. 🙂
    (I wish I looked better in those cute knit hats… they’re not made for people like me who have prominent jaws. 🙁

    1. Judith-
      Pull the hat down on your forehead and you might like it better. Works for me and my square jaw. (And I love her new haircut too.)

  4. Beautiful face – that’s what your new cut shows off. And you should have some fun seeing how it will reenergize your wardrobe.

  5. Your haircut is very youthful! In Canada, we call that hat a toque and a smaller yarmulke-like hat a beanie. The blue is pretty and certainly would be useful when we have cold (in the 30’sF) crisp days.

  6. I love the way you wear your hat, you look vibrant and energetic and fun. Welcome to shorter hair, I think you’l like it a lot.

  7. Your haircut is very flattering and now puts your beautiful face in the spotlight. I also recently cut my hair short and love being able to see my dangly earrings now.

  8. I love your hair and I am looking forward to seeing your new earrings. I have new black glasses with squarish and find that some of my earrings are too delicate for them but the big chunky ones seem too cluttered.

  9. Your new hair is great! It really highlights your face and will be so easy. This is my first comment but am a faithful reader of your blog Thanks for all the enjoyment and ideas.

  10. You look so cute in your chop! Long straight hair and also the blunter, “anchor woman bob” that so many women favor have become so ubiquitous. You automatically look fresher, and more of an individualist.

  11. Oh, as far as hats go– I think you would look great in a cloche, or something with a tiny bit of a brim? The mystery factor. I think you have the charisma to carry that off. And I also like a beret, tilted slightly.

  12. The haircut is fabulous! I have fine hair, too, and if I had your face I’d go for the short hair in a heartbeat (I am wearing the “anchor woman bob” which, while ubitquitous, suits my hair texture and my face shape).

    The beanie looks wonderful on you, too. I may have to buy one to wear on my morning walks. I am inspired!

  13. Love your haircut! I wear my hair in a similar cut and I’ve never gotten used to cold ears so I have a collection of crocheted hats to choose from. It gets cold up but here near Sacramento! Love the casual look with the bright scarf.

  14. Ahhhh, you look marvelous, as always! The cut is fabulous on you and I love your glasses, they are great with your face shape and coloring. I just purchased two new pairs and can’t wait for them to arrive! Always nice reading your blog, you are truly an inspiration. Thanks for all the wonderful information, you have saved me a fortune when it comes to fashion and beauty!

  15. Your new cut really suits you! It has a very chic French vibe…and your new glasses are very smart.
    I do remember Beanie and Cecil…that puts us into a category of the boomer generation!

  16. Your new cut looks great! I have a short haircut (but lots of hair) and a little hint I use; dry with part on one side (overnight maybe) and when ready brush/comb to other side. This seems to add some volume.
    And of course another wonderful outfit, so practical. Suz

  17. Haircut is a win! I have the same type of hair (and color, too) and have gone short myself. I also love your outfit.

  18. Oh…oh…that is marvelous, Sue. My jaw dropped. Seriously did. I love your new hair!! And great way to prolong the suspense by having the hat picture first. With the coral lipstick, and that gorgeous scarf… you look wonderful. Hello…earring shopping coming up.
    By the way…up here in the Great White North we call that hat a touque…don’t ask me why. And apparently there’s a great debate on as to how to properly spell it (toque, tuque, touque.) You gotta love a good spelling debate!

  19. Love the haircut! I’ve been considering a return to the pixie cut I wore in the 90’s. You’ve inspired me. The hat is wonderful, too. Public service announcement: There is a nice tencel one at Eileen Fisher that is more slouchy, too, that I tried on the other day. You have to “smoosh” it on your head till you get a shape you like, sort of like the mashed potato scene in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (anyone? anyone?).. They also have one in cashmere…waiting for their sale to start on 12/10.

  20. Well I am always the Bohemian in the crowd. I love your face in long and short and there was no lifting needed at all !!!. If ya’ll saw my face then you would have something to comment about. You are beautiful in longer hair and short .XO

  21. Well what can I say??!! I love your new haircut–mine is very similar if not shorter! I love seeing you in the Beanie b/c I’ve been contemplaiting doing the same! Looks like you wear your beanie back a little on your head so as to show some bangs (a good idea!)–but I don’t even have bangs!! Anyway, I think I’ll try this also.
    Yes, ante up with the earrings–with short hair stunning earrings can create an illusion (or so I think!) of a longer neck

  22. Great chop job!! You are going to have so much fun with this hairstyle, I hope. It’s so versatile when it comes to creating different looks, even just for fun, with the hair and with the earrings. There are even coloured hair gels now. And I’ve always been a beanie fan.

  23. In Québec, those woolly hats are called tuques. Of course I own some, needed when it is very cold. One was knitted by my mother (who is no longer alive); it is a beautiful cherry red. My favourite hats by far are bérets, and I own a range from cotton ones made by Parkhurst in Toronto (you can order them over the Internet; they come in three or four sizes – “modest” religious women of different faiths cover all their hair with the larger ones and they are also a boon to people who have undergone chemotherapy or surgery – but they are nice for everyone for just a bit of warmth)… up to angora ones. But the tuque provides more coverage when it is very cold. I don’t have a big chin but the béret suits my face better.

    I’m sad to add that after the horror in Paris, something utterly dreadful has happened in San Bernadino.

  24. Love, love the new hair style! It suits you to a “T” – very youthful and uplifting. My hair texture is the same as yours and once it gets to ‘that” length, it is impossible and a real downer – in more ways then one. Those earrings are outstanding – just checked out the website and was disappointed to find all tose famtastic designs only in yellow gold. Sigh! They would have been number one on my Santa list in white gold. In the cold Canadian North, Edmonton. Alberta, we also wear toques – not flattering but warm.

    Just heard about San Bernadino – how very terrifying and frightening to know there are so manny people in our world who create harm and havoc. I am ever so grateful for the majority of compassionate and loving people who are all around us. At times like this, it is important to reaffirm all the good things in our lives.

  25. Super HIP FRESH HAIR!! Loooovve it. (I looked up at the other posts, AFTER I wrote my post, wow the hair is a winner!
    Of course I do, I did it. xo

    PS…Lipstick How-to’s coming soon!

  26. This may be the first time I’ve ever commented here. But I just wanted to say that I love the cut. Its chic and youthful!

  27. Hair looks cute! I saw several women in Europe last week with cute, short haircuts. I am a Chin Length Messy Bob woman myself. I also never wear hats, because I live in a mostly warm climate, and I have a very large head! Have to wear men’s sizes if I wear a hat!

  28. Great haircut! Great look for you. Important to work with texture and shape – I’m still chopping inches to achieve the much needed new do.

    I wonder if you have the scarf-snagging issues with earrings? My scarves are taking a beating from getting pulled and torn from various types of earwires. I’m wondering if I should stick with posts all winter.

    I’m also searching for the perfect jacket for this NorCal winter, where it’s cold but not sub-zero cold and fall lightweight jackets aren’t quite enough. I’d like to look stylish and not like I’m heading for the slopes. (Am I asking for too much?) Lucky you when you found yours in London!

  29. Your hair is fabulous. It gives your face a young and happy look. You have given me the courage to wear my hair behind my ears.
    Thanks for the time and effort you put into your wonderful blog.
    Linda/ Lallah 44

  30. Absolutely love your new haircut! It suits you perfectly. A subtle shift that moves your look from attractive to stunning. The red scarf and jacket are a perfect complement to the look. Love your blog!

  31. Love the hair cut – much more chic! I too have very fine, thin hair and recently had mine cut in a similar style so it’s great to see how it looks on you. You won’t want to grow it once you have lived with bare ears for a little while…if you know of any good styling products for fine hair I’d love to hear about them!

  32. I have followed your blog for a while. Your new haïr is Fab and it makes me agree more and more with your comments that after a certain age, styles that worked really well for us earlier in life …end up looking dull and work against are living proof refreshing style shaves years off!

  33. I really like your new haircut. It shows off your beautiful face and ears. You and I are going in opposite directions with our hair: 40 years after my waist-length hair was cut to jaw level in Pan Am’s “stewardess school,” I am letting it grow (on my hairdresser’s advice). Fine but thick, it is now almost down to my shoulders (which I suspect will be as long as I let it get), and with a side part and some layering around the face to give it a “Veronica Lake” wave. Lots of fun, but I doubt I’ll last long with that wave flying into my eyes in the wind or when I move fast.

    With the outfit shown in the photograph, you’d fit in nicely up here in Portland. In my family, we would call your knit beanie a “toque.” I wear either a toque or a large (over the ears) beret when I need a hat for warmth. I prefer a cotton or fleece variety, since woolens against my skin itch and often are too warm here in the temperate Willamette Valley.

    Thank you for the continuing inspiration, Leslie

  34. Love the short cut! For sure amp up the chunckiness of the earrings. I’m seeing a black motorcycle jacket to compliment the pixie cut! I.e., soft vs. “tough”.!

  35. What a great look! Love the outfit – relaxed yet so chic and pulled-together – and your haircut looks wonderful.

  36. I have to comment on the mention of Beanie and Cecil! I remember that cartoon so well and have quoted it myself. Trouble is though I seem to be the only person around who remembers it or Crusader Rabbit! Love your haircut and you have inspired me to do what I have been promising myself and chop mine off.

  37. The haircut suits you! Love it!
    Beanie and Cecil aka The Seasick Dragon. Haven’t thought of this old puppet show for years! Yes, I remember them. . .so much fun!

  38. BRAVO!! I am giving you a standing ovation both for style and bravery. Lots of women I fight the nature of their hair and hang onto longer hairstyles, I think for fear they will not look feminine. I finally stopped fighting my fine hair 15 year ago and chopped it all off, and went from daily bad hair days, too all good hair days. If you get a great stylist like I did, (my hair just falls into place), and bonus, I get compliments almost daily. Nothing makes you feel more beautiful. You are going to get the same, I guarantee.

  39. Love the new haircut! It makes you look younger and very current. I keep mine short too, playing with styles and highlights.