Mellow Yellows

Detail: Susan B. wears yellow platform sandals from Eileen Fisher. More options at une femme d'un certain age.

I’m just mad about Saffron...and Saffron’s mad about me…

Happy feet…

I once heard colorful footwear described as “an exclamation point on an outfit,” and loved that. I find that wearing a colorful pair of shoes or sandals puts a spring in my step and lifts my spirits. And is there a cheerier color than yellow?

(Yes, I’m still taking a little break, but did mention I’d drop in if something inspired me… 😉)

When I first showed these sandals, many of you mentioned that they were a bit spendy. So I went on a hunt and have turned up several more budget-friendly options, included in the widget below. (Just click on an image for details.) If yellow isn’t your thing, most are available in other colors as well.

More yellow sandals

And just a quick note: Everlane is having a big summer sale.

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  1. I love coloured shoes but being only 5′ 1″ I adopt the idea of continuing the colour of trousers onto the foot to lengthen the leg. If wearing a dress I go for a natural colour. Boring? A bit but I always wear nail varnish on my toes!

  2. Yellow is such a fun color. I’ve had a yellow hobo bag and a small yellow crossbody over the years that literally went with everything. I do tend to stick with neutral shoes though. Right now I’m on repeat with cognac slides, black slides and white sneakers. That should get me through the summer! ☀️

  3. Yellow is not in my color pallet, but I wear it anyway because it makes me happy. Shoes are a good way to add a touch of it. I love the exclamation point analogy.

  4. THANKS!
    I just ordered the EVERLANE sandal!
    Johnny WAS made the same sandal and I bought it in JANUARY on SALE………it is very comfortable!
    I noticed they still have them at FULL PRICE 2oo.oo plus dollars NOW!I use them as slippers in the house during the summer.AS YOU KNOW THAT IS ONE OF MY COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE these colorful sandals! I’m finding platforms so comfortable to wear all day! I’ve never worn a pair of E Fisher shoes, but I’m very tempted by these.

  6. I love yellow as a pop of color! It just always cheers me up. I believe everyone has a yellow in their color palette. As a soft autumn my yellow is subdued and pale. But I like it. It’s just a matter of getting used to what we think yellow should look like. There are some pretty shades that are not intense. All the shoes you featured were so cute! I thought the more orangey Tevas were so cute and are adjustable so they won’t fall off my narrow feet. That shade is definitely in my color palette. Thanks Susan! Fun stuff!

  7. Not everyone ! As a very few have mentioned on the odd comment on other blogs this whole colour season thing was not originally worked out with other colours/races in mind – whatever term is now politically correct . I am half Asian and my skin has a yellow tone which needs no encouragement . Any shade of yellow near my skin reflects off it and I look seriously ill with jaundice . My (white) father insisted that I was “really” a blue -eyed blonde , my mother that I just had “bad” skin . Luckily artistic training helped me see much more clearly what colours do on me and with each other and hence gave me the courage (yes courage) to use my eyes and not rely on other peoples’ systems however expensive . I did have some bright yellow sneakers once – back in the days when it was permissible to wear socks so that my ankles were covered – but they faded when cleaned and were no longer as much fun . And I would love to have orange shoes….

    1. That is true, and originally, the vast majority of humans ended up as “winters”. I’ve worked at international conferences and seminars, and like you, can attest to the incredible range of human complexions, colours and undertones. I do hope that the colour system has been updated and made more inclusive.

  8. Red for me. Also summer green. I do like yellow flowers, of course,and sunlight, but it is not a tone that does my skin tone any favours. À chacun son goût. Your yellow and gold top is splended on you; I got as many kudos for a leaf-green organic cotton t-shirt. (Simons, Contemporaine). Not terribly spendy, but usually good quality, except for some questionable fabrics and fibres, which I avoid.

  9. I own the Everlane Form sandals in navy, the leather is like butter and so comfy. The current color range is on sale.