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French butter keeper

How Could I Have Remained Unaware Of This Until Now???

Maybe I’m just late to the party, but this butter keeper is the greatest thing since the baguette. Never let your fresh bread lose an argument with hard butter again…this crock stores a cube of butter at room temperature while preserving it. You soften the butter, fill that little cup, fill the crock about 1/4 full with water, invert the cup into the crock, and your butter is sealed from air. When you want to use it, just turn right side up and you have a nice little serving dish. (Just change the water every few days.)

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  1. Amazing! We keep butter out of the fridge (well, in winter, not summer!) but just with a little cover. There are little wire cages for keeping butter and cheese in one’s basement, where it’s cool but not cold. The whole water thing is new to me. I’ve read that to keep guacamole from turning brown you can cover it with water, and then pour it off before serving.

  2. On a warm day, the butter is capable of sliding out of its little upside down cup and into the water. Any crumbs left behind in the butter will get moldy fast and ruin everything…nothing in life is perfect. And, if you live with a cat who loves butter, at some point they will learn that they can knock the whole thing off onto the floor and feast among the broken shards of pottery. Just saying.

  3. They are adorable, aren’t they? I think they’re also called Butter Bells. I got one a long time ago, maybe as a wedding present. But I ended up not using it — I just leave one stick of butter out in a covered glass butter dish.

    And yes — “sealing” guacamole with a layer of water works beautifully for keeping it from turning brown. You just have to tell the entire family what you’re doing so they won’t stir the water into the guacamole. I speak from experience.

    1. I use one and during the summer I use only half a stick at a time so I use it up before it gets moldy. Also to keep the butter from sliding out into the water make sure to push the butter firmly into the cup. Any air bubbles will cause it to slide out.

    2. The problem for us with keeping butter out in a dish, even a covered one, is that it tends to draw ants. I’ve never lived anywhere in California that isn’t prone to ant infestations. :-p

  4. Susan, I’m coming back to tell you that on Shark Tank last night they invested hugely into a new device which dispenses BUTTER. Look them up on past TV shows on your Pay For View (it’s free). So interesting !!! Love !!!

  5. We like our butter bell in the winter, but during the summer it just gets too hot to keep it on the counter, even with air conditioning. It’s not a problem because we eat lighter food during the summer anyway.

  6. you haven’t lived until you’ve inadvertently sampled spoiled butter that has been left to languish in one of these thing. One taste of that and it’s back in the fridge…

  7. Peppermint oil will repel ants. Just smear it around where they come in. Non-toxic and pleasant.
    In Jamaica, where I grew up, they just keep the butter being used out on the counter in a covered dish. It didn’t go bad.