Fall Color Play

pink, olive and rust fall outfit

It’s actually been cool enough here the last couple of mornings to break out the scarves! I’ve been impatient to wear this paisley scarf I purchased a few weeks ago, as it coordinates well with so many colors in my wardrobe. Pink isn’t usually a color I associate with autumn yet I love it with the olive and burgundy/russet here.

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fall color play: pink and olive

Several of you commented in my blog reader survey that you wanted to see more outfit re-mixes and different ways to style favorite pieces, so I’ll be focusing on that with some of my upcoming outfit posts. This outfit includes an Eileen Fisher cropped merino sweater, first shown here. Today I’ve styled it more casually with a utility jacket, and its contribution this time is the color rather than the shape.

The leggings and boots were both purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and I’ve been wearing the leggings frequently now that the weather allows. Looking forward to wearing the boots more too.

What color combos do you most enjoy wearing in the fall?


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  1. I really like the combination of that zingy pink with the deep wine color. The dark red steers the pink away from princess territory, and so does the olive green. I love paisley! And that light fabric is just right for fall–no need yet to look like we’re going skiing. Everything in its own time.
    BTW I just did my first-ever “French street style” post. Let me know what you think.

    1. francetaste, great job on the street style post! And thank you. Light scarves are usually all we need here in LA.

      1. The temperatures here fell to around 60 and everybody got out their puffer coats and gigantic woolen stoles (very popular–scarves the size of a small blanket and almost as thick).

        1. Oh dear. I live in Montréal and we actually have to wear those damned heavy things in the worst of the winter. My neck and throat get chilly so I actually do wear a scarf when it is just cool, but just a cotton or silk one – I have a lovely light woollen one, but our f(r)iends the moths have eaten a hole in it.

          I love the colours in that scarf, and usually I can’t abide pink. With the burgundy and russet, pink looks sumptuous, not little-girly or nauseating.

  2. Good mix of colors! I too like to combine all kinds of “berry” colors as well as pink with olive in my clothes. In the fall I also like copper with indigo, cream with tobacco, certain shades of teal, soft green or mid-blue with a mustardy gold.

    An interesting juxtaposition that brings several seasons together is the combo of lilac and brown. I’ve never gotten over seeing an English country interior in which the quintessentially English decorator Georgina Fairholme based a whole room around a chintz that mixed lavender and chocolate, among other unexpected colors, I believe….

  3. I have always avoided the typical rust / mustard/ brick/ green fall colors most stores push. While i love seeing those tones in the trees, they look awful on me. I am anxious to see what everyone else combines for fall! I really love the berry and pink combo you are wearing, and will work some of that in since I have a number of things in those tones

  4. Just curious. Do you stil do most of your shopping online or do you venture out to the stores now that you are retired?

    1. Hi Julie, I do both. I often wear Petite sizes and so few stores stock them anymore (even if they have a Petite range online) so sometimes I have to order to get my correct size. The utility jacket I’m wearing was purchased from Bloomingdales when I was in New York. It’s a regular size. I am getting out and exploring more, and will do another “retail reconnaissance” post soon.

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Yes, it’s a bit of a chameleon color, and seems to change with the light. I think I describe it differently every time I wear it. 🙂

  5. This is amazing! I just ordered an olive field jacket this morning. I have chestnut suede booties and have been thinking how to make the two work together. The pinks and russet tones are perfect, as you have done. Now, if we could have a bit of jacket weather to go with. Thanks dear Femme, you look beautiful!

    1. Hi Marg, I think you’ll find as I have that an olive field jacket is such a workhorse, and goes with almost everything. Thanks very much!

  6. Super cute! I’m always on the lookout for a pink-hued scarf, but most are too garish. When you shared this scarf in a post a few weeks ago, I ordered one and I LOVE it. It’s such a pretty pink, and soft and cozy to boot.

    For the past few falls I’ve put off wearing boots. We’ve had so many rough winters in a row where boots are required every single day for months on end that I’ve grown weary of wearing them, even though I love the look of boots. Soon enough they’ll be my only footwear option, so I’m waiting.

  7. Unfortunately with my coloring most “Fall” colors look awful on me. So I stick to black, navy, red, gray…I’m so basic! I LOVE the combo of the khaki green and the pink paisley scarf–and I see the scarf is now on sale at Crew. I may have to stop off on my way home from the office tomorrow. I love your casual looks so much. Today’s look is epic!!

  8. Fall? What is this Fall of which you speak? It is still 90 degrees here in TX, and I am still wearing shorts & sandals. Only WISH I could wear a jacket & scarf!

  9. Very nice! I have a Field Jacket, however, it’s more of a golden hue. Love love love it. Question for you. Do you wear socks with your booties? Thanks!

  10. I love the pink paisley scarf. I love pink, period. You know, I don’t think I change my wardrobe much in Fall. It’s still very hot here in LA, as it usually is through the end of October. I wear sandals all year round unless the temperature drops below sixty. I have boots but my feet don’t tolerate closed toe shoes of any kind for long periods. Maybe I bring a sweater along when we go out in case it cools off at night?

    1. Thanks Wendelah. I guess maybe it depends on where in LA you are. Here near the coast it’s been in the low 60’s in the mornings and high 60’s to low 70’s during the day. I tend to run cold and get chilled easily. Because I have a little bit of arthritis in my neck, I find wearing a scarf in the mornings especially keeps me comfortable.