What I love this week: casual classics & more

Simple, casual, classic is what floats my style boat these days. But I want to keep it modern too, so have been trying out some updated versions of go-to pieces.

My casual classic style sweet spot

So yes, almost everything I’m wearing here is from J.Crew; they’re really been hitting my style sweet spot lately! Just the right mix of simple and current, structured and relaxed.

Our weather’s continued to be chilly and wet, and I’ve been wearing this sweater in heavy rotation. I’ve washed it once and it came through beautifully. No shrinkage, and very little noticeable pilling. (It’s listed as a “cashmere relaxed sweatshirt” on the site, maybe because of the raglan sleeves?) I’m wearing a Small.

These are the “slim wide leg jeans” I included in Monday’s capsule wardrobe post, and I quite like them! I think they’re one of the most flattering of the wide leg styles I’ve tried so far. I’m wearing the Classic/Regular 28. I found the Petite size to be shorter than I liked. I’m 5’1″, but my legs are long for my height. If you’re average height and have longer legs, you may want to try the Tall size for a less cropped look.

Now that I’m wearing shorter tops and/or a French tuck in front, I’ve started adding a belt regularly. It adds structure and point of interest to make a simple outfit look more finished. (J.Crew has some really good belt options too!)

Signs of spring

New leaves on a Chinese elm tree

The weather may still feel winter-ish, but the trees are putting on their spring finery nonetheless. This bright, new-leaf green against a clear blue sky is one of my favorite views.

Longer, sunnier days ahead mean being consistent with my sunscreen. I prefer 100% mineral formulas, but it can be tough to find mineral sunscreens that don’t leave a whitish cast or pill or both. I’ve been using this one from ISDIN, and it’s pretty good.

But I recently tried this one, and it’s next level…

This sunscreen has a slightly pinkish tint which blends right into my skin and leaves a nice glow but NO residue. It feels moisturizing and doesn’t get cakey looking over time. It’s cruelty-free and vegan. It works beautifully under makeup, too.

Bon weekend!

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  1. I have been looking at those jeans but the lighter colored ones appear to have a raw edge and I’d prefer that they didn’t. But your outfit is the epitome of a spring outfit.

  2. It must be your long legs because you never look 5’1″ to me. Not that there is anything wrong with 5’1″ mind you! I love your casual yet always current look. Love those jeans with just the right amount of flair.

  3. IMO, the best sunscreen is … a hat.

    Love the jeans and striped sweater and scarf. I first found your blog years ago when searching the internet for an Eileen Fisher scarf. I think you even showed me how to tie it.

  4. I have very sensitive skin and like mineral based EltaMD UV Clear tinted sunscreen SPF 46. It feels very light and doesn’t leave any kind of white residue.

    1. I too am a fan of the tinted EltaMD sunscreen. I was reluctant to wear sunscreen on a daily basis because it seemed to make me break out. EltaMD was recommended by my dermatologist and summer breakouts have not been a problem ever since I started using it.

      1. To Kami and Frances — I love that these products are fragrance free, but one of their primary ingredients is Cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone that’s restricted in the EU amid environmental toxicity concerns. Frankly, I’m not going to slather silicone-containing sunscreen on my face or body, esp when the only real reason for adding it to products is for product feel. If interested, there are quite a few authoritative articles on Cyclopentasiloxane available online.

  5. Really nice sweater. I find that sweaters are hard to tuck in at the front with high waist jeans. Perhaps it is my body (I have a short upper body) but often the outfit feels out of proportion.
    What’s your take on this?

    1. Yes, I’m also short-waisted and usually find tucking in a higher waisted pant style can be tricky. It can sometimes work if the sweater is a bit more cropped and has a relaxed fit, as this one does. But otherwise, I stick to mid-rise or lower pants for tucking.