Casual vendredi…

Channeling some Dries Van Noten for fall….

Love that leopard/camel/olive combo!!!
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  1. Pseu, I continue to love your Polyvore’s! You have a knack for translating the runway into real life.

    Love that camel and olive mix with a little animal print thrown in. I have a camel coat (not as stylish as your pick but in my size) and a leopard print cardi, now I just need to find some slim cut pants in olive drab in size 14. Wish me luck!

  2. I have, despite my distant location, had the chance to view Dries van Noten pieces in person. I know, they look great. I have even had some. I only wish that these clothes were of higher quality, as the price is highish. Naturally I am disappointed, that these clothes are made in countries of cheap labor. The shoes and bags look nice, but the leather used is not to my liking.
    I like your polyvore, Deja : )

  3. Your leopard boots are TDF! I like the flow of the Dries pant better than the tighter one, certainly for my shape. I have a few pieces and find the quality very acceptable.

  4. materfamilias – I live in an eternal state of Paris-readiness. But at least we now have dates to count down to! (May 2011!)

    Tiffany – oh, that would be so much fun! If you want to send me descriptions of what you’re thinking of taking, I can do some Polyvore’s for you.

    Duchesse – I agree about the pants. The NYDJ pair I have and referred laurieann to are actually a little bit roomier in the leg than the ones I’ve shown.

    Wendy B – they are my faves!

    Belle de Ville – this is such an easy look to put together and wear. But the jewelry takes it up another notch I think.

  5. Oh, that is gorgeous!!! I think I’d wear every single one of your Casual Vendredi outfits. Can you dress me for NY please?

  6. Speaking of quality.. In the summer I bought a simple, maybe a somewhat over long, long sleeved T by Isabel Marant. Oh, it looked so good. After a two or so wears, it turned out to be a sack! I am very disappointed. A ( well ) known brand does not always mean good quality. I know it now.

  7. I’ve fallen in love with a pair of Sperry leopard print loafers I saw in a Vogue ad, but I can’t find them anywhere! Not in the stores, not on their website, not on Zappos or Nordstrom…what is the deal, Sperry???????

  8. This is one of the runway looks I loved and am copying. I just need to get the sleeveless camel jacket on my worktable sewn up and lose a couple of pounds to fit into olive pants from a few years ago. I have a scarf from a while back, too (love to shop my closet!), but I won’t have the fabulous jewelry from Beladora. And I’ve not decided whether to wear my short black boots or my leopard print flats.

  9. The pants in the runway photo are too baggy in the crotch for me!

    The upper thigh area isn’t anyplace I want extra fabric or an extreme cut drawing the eye — there’s plenty of me there already for the eye to view.

    I like the colors. Usually I’ve reserved that olive green for summer time/vacation wear — my park service fallback.