Cinq choses essentielles

The lovely LPC at Privilege tagged me earlier this week for a meme, 5 Accessories I Don’t Leave Home Without.  I’m in awe of LPC’s Sturdy Gal cred, as evidenced by the eminently practical, good looking and treasured accessories she chose.

On a daily basis, une femme is much more of a pack mule.  But if I had to narrow down to just five things that I feel absolutely unprepared to step out the door without, these would be they:

1.  Glasses.  I’m legally required to wear them to drive but I’d wear them regardless, as I very much like being able to see the world in clear detail. I also enjoy them as a fashion accessory. These are newish, and a bit more casual.  They also have Transitions lenses, so that I don’t have to mess around with a separate pair of sunglasses; the lenses darken in sunlight.  (There’s a bit of Sturdy Gal in my constitution too.)

2.  Watch.  Yes, I know they’re now considered old-fashioned.  But why dig around in my bag for the phone, when a simple glance at my wrist will yield the time? I prefer my watches with Roman numerals. I’m one of those habitually early people (at least when I control my own schedule) and lateness makes me crazy.

3. Earrings.  I fought like hell to get my ears pierced when I was 16.  (My mother had old fashioned ideas about Good Girls, e.g. they don’t have pierced ears.)  I had a second piercing in each ear when I was 19, but eventually abandoned the second set.  These are my current favorites, gold fleur-de-lis on wires, purchased from Beladora2.  I generally like earrings that dangle, and very rarely wear studs.

4.  Lipstick. Never without it. This week I’m wearing NARS “Napoli” which is a nice sheer peachy color.  I’m still searching for the right red lipstick.

5.  Bag.  This week I’m carrying my small YSL Muse in a dark brown.  I debated about this bag for many months.  I loved it, but worried about its “It Bag” status and whether it would look dated in a year.  Fortunately, I don’t think that’s happened. I still very much enjoy this bag, and find it coordinates with all but my dressiest ensembles, and holds everything I need for daytime.

C’est tout!  I’m tagging…

Bourbon & Pearls
hostess of the humble bungalow
Semi Expat in Oz

But if I haven’t tagged you, please feel free to share your don’t-leave-home-without-it Top 5 in comments!

P.S. – I should also say that I didn’t mention my gorgeous Wendy Brandes designed engagement ring as I don’t think of it as an accessory. Accessories you remove.  I never take it off.  It’s a part of my hand. 😉


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  1. so funny. . . as I was reading this, I started recognizing items I’d included on my list and putting my own top 5 together in my head. Then I get to the bottom and see that you’ve tagged me. You’ll see how very similar we are, at least in accessory lists . . .

  2. Had to laugh at the pierced ears story….my mom used to tell me that only gypsies had pierced ears, in her day. I was 21 when I got mine done, and when I came home my dad said, “did you tell her she could do that?” and Mom said, “Well, she is 21…but you had such cute ears when you were a baby!”

  3. I do believe this is the most fun tag I’ve ever participated in. Having met you, deja, I think those items really do convey you in a very immediate way. The glasses, the earrings, the bag (totally not dated, totally still hot), and the color of the lipstick. I would expect item number 6, however, to bring some leopard to the table:).

  4. I agree that the Muse has a timeless look. Worrying about bags looking dated is generally not necessary, though.

    And the ones that look most “of their moment” are the ones that are most desirable as vintage later.

  5. Just wanted to say that I adore your blog. C’est un peu d’elegance chaque jour! (please forgive the lack of correct accents)

  6. hostess – I’m looking forward to seeing your top 5!

    KP – Mille mercis! I’m so glad you enjoy.

    Mardel – I do think we have similar tastes.

    materfamilias – I’m looking forward to it!

    Frugal Scholar – oh yes, I forgot to mention sunscreen, but never go out without it.

    Tabitha – Thanks! I’m dying to see your Top 5!

  7. Someone – that sounds like both a practical and beautiful list – cocoa diamonds, do tell (or show!)

    metscan – yes, the bag must go with me!

    Jill Ann – oh, yes, gypsies (tramps and thieves?) and “that kind” of women. Heh.

    LPC – it IS a fun one! Thanks so much for tagging me. Well yes, I vacillated about including a leopard print scarf, but ultimately that wasn’t as mandatory for me as the other items.

    Lorena – great list! Perfume was one of my close runners up.

    WendyB – interesting point about the vintage appeal.
    That’s news to me.

    Style Crone – I think that lipstick would look good with your coloring. You have the most amazing collection of hats, too!

  8. Hmm…I wouldn’t really count my bag and keys, because they are so necessary that I don’t have a choice, ya know? I am not a “handbag person” (and, like LPC, tend to be monobagamous), so I don’t direct much attention to whatever bag I happen to be using at the moment.

    My top chose essentielle though is my pair of prescription sunglasses!

    I’ll also follow the Frugal Scholar and agree about sunscreen. Always.

    If I’m going for a walk, my iPod Shuffle (I also use it whenever I do ANY household chore type thing, including cooking).

    I’ll count my ring with the cocoa diamonds.

    Aaand I suppose my Blackberry.

  9. My 5 top “never leave home without” are:
    – Perfume, currently it is Nina Ricci
    – My Blackberry
    – Rings, one on each had. Without them I feel naked.
    – Mascara
    – Lipgloss

  10. Very similar to mine – love, love, love those earrings. I would certainly never leave home without those babies. I must say that earrings are the one piece of jewellery I’m never without – necklace, bracelet – when I think of it but earrings – never without. I must get back to wearing lipstick though. I love red but worry that red can sometimes accentuate less then perfect teeth – as in, mine aren’t so white as they were a few decades ago. I remember reading Audrey Hepburn never wore red, only pink. Is there method to this madness?