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It’s long been une femme’s opinion that Cole Haan shoes and bags are a great value for the price point.  Well constructed of high quality leathers, they are durable, stylish and comfortable. And as long as you’re going to wear a gladiator sandal, it may as well be durable, stylish and comfortable.  Whitney Gladiator Sandals above, on sale for $119.95.
Hey lady, I got yer laceless Oxford right heah…
Though why they call this style “Giggle Water” is beyond me.  $219.95.  I am sorely tempted.  According to LPC, the flat oxfords are de rigeur among the fashionable set this year.  (Have I mentioned I’ll have the rare ~Privilege of meeting LPC in a couple of days?)
While we’re talking “de rigeur,” ballet flats are Quite The Thing in Paris right now. 
How about a pair in purple patent leather, $99.95?  (Many other colors too!)
Here’s a high heeled attempt to appease Wendy B.
I like the mix of patent and natural leathers on this one.  Air Jocelyn sandal, $159.95.  Wendy, I know these are a bit low for you, but I’ll bet you could learn to walk in them with practice.  😉
No, I haven’t forgotten about bags.
Daisy Triangle Tote, $159.95.  Available in several colors.  Honest-to-goodness style that doesn’t have to imitate an “It” bag.
Triple Zip Satchel, $249.95.  The design and leather on this one are scrumptious.  Also available in ivory and metallic pale silver.  The workmanship on this bag is comparable to designer bags I’ve seen at five times this price.  And the handles are really soft and comfortable to wear or carry.
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  1. Pseu,I have just about zero interest in handbags, but that pleated satchel is terrific. I’m not sure if I should thank you for showing it or not!!! On the other hand, it would last a good, long time…

  2. Cole Haan does great shoes, especially the Air Nike models—finally someone thought of designing heels that are comfortable… those ballet flats, though–they were “in” when I was in high school in the late sixties/ early seventies and they were brutal even back then , all my friends had dark bruises on the balls and heels of their feet from wearing thin soled ballet style slippers with no arch support in sight. How Parisans can wear them on cobblestones, I have no idea. Moreover in spite of their prettyness, they make a woman walk like a duck.Not for me…

  3. And have I said that I am looking forward to our meeting, mightily? I like those sandals. Have wanted some gladiators for, oh, years? Hmmm.

  4. I’m with Maravonda. Not a big handbag person, but fell in love and have just now ordered the pleated satchel. Thanks, Pseu!

  5. I really liked Cole Haan when I visited USA late last year and thought the shoes and bags were of a great quality too… Mr SE really ‘cleaned up’ and bought several pairs of great shoes and a laptop bag too! Go for the gladiators I say! Looking forward to hearing all about your meeting with LPC – how lovely.x

  6. Cole Haan have realized women actually walk in shoes so many of their ballet flats have an arch; and those air-cushioned heels are brilliant. As for the cobblestones of Paris ,they are in the street, where few pedestrians walk.

  7. We don´t have that brand over here. And even if we had, I don´t think sandals are for me. I have the one pair, Marni, but soon after I put them on, I remembered why I have always avoided them: Sand! Awfully uncomfortable. I now have to either sell them, or pass them onwards. I do make big mistakes too!