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A week ago, I was surfing YouTube, and started looking/listening to some Richard Thompson, which reminded me about Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny’s wonderful vocals. Even now when I hear her recordings I get goosebumps. Her clarity and range were amazing, but she also conveys so much emotion too. Sandy passed away in 1978 from a brain hemmorhage, taken too, too early.  This particular version of this song is listed as a demo she recorded, accompanying herself on the guitar. 

The very next day, I was listening to NPR in the car, and they were running a story on Sandy Denny. I took this as a Message From the Universe that I should feature her music this week.  Also listen to Fairport Convention’s version of “Little Musgrave” a classic folk song, their version of which is entitled “Matty Groves.”

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  1. When I was in college in the 70s, I devoured all their stuff – what a voice. Sandy Denny could have read the London phone book and you’d pay rapt attention. My favorite is “Tam Lin”.

  2. I’ll never forget a few years ago Richard Thompson did an acoustic version of “Toxic” on NPR. Yes, the Britney Spears tune!

  3. How lovely… she makes me think of a more soulful time than now. She also reminded me of Eva Cassidy, one of my favourite singers, who also died too young.If you’ve ever heard her version of Over the Rainbow, you never forget it. I heard it one night driving home from work and I had to pull over and park til it finished; it just demanded that kind of attention. Thakyou for introducing me to Sandy Denny.