Colorful picks for your fall wardrobe, on sale

Give your fall wardrobe (and your mood!) a boost with color! Colorful jackets and sweaters for fall on sale now….

I was scrolling through sales online, and thought I’d share some colorful pieces that caught my eye. While Autumn colors do seem to predominate this time of year, I’ve spotted some picks for you Springs, Summers, and Winters too.

One caveat: colors may look different on a monitor than IRL. I’m making these seasonal judgements based on how they appear on my monitor, and my experience with how various retailers present their images online.

Colorful fall jackets & sweaters on sale

Ohhh, if I were an Autumn, I’d be all over that mossy green quilted shirt jacket! This one’s currently 41% off. Summers, you could wear Lilac floral, (shown at top), the light blue, or “Dried Violet.” Sizes XX-Small to 3X.

J.Crew currently has up to 50% off women’s outerwear & boots.

I haven’t seen this boiled wool blazer jacket in person yet, but this pink might work for some Springs. It’s currently 30% off.

The spruce green on this v-neck cardigan looks too soft for Winters, so I’m calling this one for team (Blue) Autumn. It’s 50% off. Check out the lilac and light blue options if you’re a Summer.

Talbot’s is having an Anniversary Event, with 25% off your purchase. This blue is for your Winters! A water-resistant anorak in Misses, Petite, Plus, & Plus Petite sizes.

Autumns, this is one of those colors that so many of you look absolutely smashing in! This belted double-face wool jacket is available in Misses, Petite & Plus sizes.

It’s rare to find a field or utility jacket that’s not olive or earth-toned. This burgundy color should work well for most of you Winters. Misses, Petite, Plus & Plus Petite sizes available.

This sweater comes in so many great colors and there’s something for every season. I have this “pumpkin spice” color on order and am hopeful it’s a good match for one of my Spring colors. But some of you Autumns with a more vivid palette could wear this one too. Misses, Petite, Plus & Plus Petite sizes.

Winters, check out “Cabaret Pink!”

Ann Taylor currently has 40% off select full-price styles. This lilac trench would be lovely for most Summers. Available in Misses & Petite sizes.

This dark sage color is great for you Soft Autumns. It’s also offered in Misses & Petite sizes. Summers, the light blue (“Serenity”) is yours.

For travel or those in-between days when a coat is too warm, but a sweater alone isn’t enough, a down vest can be the perfect layer. This one is packable, and comes in Regular, Petite, Tall & Plus sizes. This “Aqua Mint” color is great for most Springs, and the “Verbena” (magenta pink) will be great for Winters. Lands’ End currently has 50% off your purchase with code FRUIT.

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  1. I love your posts helping us identify palette colors. It’s so helpful as I am still learning the subtle differences in the tones. Thank you!

  2. I love the look of the Talbot’s 1/4 zip sweater but the reviews are not good. They’re saying very short, boxy and loose knit that nots holding up well. Please report back to us. Did you order petite or regular size being it ran short? Also, what do you do when the color is perfect but the zipper is the wrong color for your season? I’m a winter and that pink color looks great on my monitor but the zipper is gold. I always wear silver or white gold jewelry. That’s always a stumper for me. They do that with shoes—I’ve seen a few loafers I like this year but they have a gold bit on them and I just don’t order them. Am I being too particular?

      1. First off….. Susan, I love how you are showing clothes per “season” and even adding notes of other colors available for a different “season”. It is really helpful and much appreciated. Items that I would have passed on in your blog because I know the color doesn’t suit me now get a second look. Thank you!!

        Rose… I too am a winter and I understand exactly what you mean about gold zips and trim. I have some mixed metal pieces that I usually use in this instance. (Yellow/white gold, tri-color of white/yellow/rose gold) I’ve also come to realize that I’m a bit picky when it comes to everything matching and I need to let that go.

  3. Loved the Talbots double faced belted coat, and as an autumn, know this would suit me well.
    Unfortunately, I went through the process only to find all was in US dollars, ouch!
    Too much, even when on sale.
    But, I do appreciate your new approach noting seasons with the different clothing. Excellent!

  4. Thank you for “spring” colors in fall clothes. It sometimes seems like we “springs” are only supposed to wear clothing suitable for the warm months. This is a perennial frustration of mine. We don’t suddenly change our complexions when the weather cools off. I enjoy posts like this, with choices for each seasonal color type.

  5. I’ll echo others….LOVE having seasonal colors identified. It helps sooo much. Thanks, Susan, for including this info.

  6. I really like these seasonal color-inspired posts, and I love the different styles presented. Love the anorak!
    I just hauled three bags of donations out of my small closet yesterday and I’m reading along thinking — my closet is full I don’t need clothes….
    and then I saw that double-face wool coat. Wow!
    OK. I still don’t need any clothes, but these are some beautiful options!

    Still thinking about shoes. I gave myself terrible blisters about a week ago with a bad pair of inexpensive JC Penney ballet flats that I tried to use heel pads with. Ouch. No fun at all.

  7. Thank you Susan for shopping our colors for us! I had my House of Colour analysis done recently and really appreciate all of your picks! I just ordered the Ann Taylor duster cardigan in Serenity and it was on sale for $36!
    I’m also wondering if Red Leopard will sell the leather color palettes separately? My only criticism of House of Colour is the plastic fan of colors. It is too bulking for my smaller shopping cross boy bags.