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Eileen Fisher sweater, Bindya scarf

To those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, apologies for the redundant content. But I did have several requests for links to the pieces I’m wearing, so thought I’d get them all together in one place here.

earrings | scarf (sold out, more from same designer) | necklace | sweater | blouse | pants | boots (similar)

This is one of those breaking-the-rules-shouldn’t-work-but-does outfits. A voluminous, cropped sweater is usually a “no fly zone” for those of us who are short and curvy, but because of the very soft merino wool and dipped hem on this one, I think the overall effect is flattering. I layered here over a sleeveless silk tunic. I’m really loving this short-over-long-over-lean mix, and have a couple more iterations in the works that I’ll show you soon.

I tried on a few sizes of this sweater, and ended up going a size up from my normal in Eileen Fisher.

Have you found some layering combinations that “shouldn’t” work for your body type, but do?

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  1. I’ve got this gorgeous Eileen Fisher sweater too, and will definitely wear it with this combination. I’m 5’4″ and I think this sweater looks better on shorter women than the tall models wearing it in the online photos on whom it appears just a little too cropped. The soft drape of this sweater and the dipped hem, as you note, are what make it work so well. I’ve worn it over a white silk tank with wide-legged dark wool pants I couldn’t figure out how to style. So it works short-over-mid-length-over-wide as well as short-over-long-over lean. Versatile!

  2. I’ve very much liked and been inspired with your move to more neutrals and perhaps a sleeker or more classic look over the past several years, but I love that this outfit maintains that sense of restraint while giving a nod to your Inner Boho (c’mon, girl lived in a boat; she danced Renaissance fairs!). A great look on you!

  3. You just look absolutely lovely and so put-together! I want to dress like you do 🙂 Is there a post where you talk about the jewelry pieces you wear (French Kande)–I am so intrigued by them!

    1. Hi Henny, thanks so much! I’ve featured French Kande jewelry in several outfit posts, but look for a feature on the designer and brand early in 2016.

  4. You look so chic! I love the long necklace layered under the scarf. Also, I can’t tell from the photo, but are you pants in or out of your boots? Sometimes, I am never sure what to do with my pants, especially if they are knit/ponte ankle pants. Love your look!

    1. Paula, thank you! The pants are outside of the boots here as the boot shaft is narrow. I know a lot of style mavens and websites will tell you that’s a no-no, but I think it really depends on the pants and boots in question.

  5. Love the look—but girl, you’ve gotta stop referring to yourself as “short and curvy” — short yes, but you’re looking very sleek these days — and as always, rocking your outfits!

    1. Lisa, thanks! When I say “curvy” what I mean is that I’m busty (F-cup), broad-shouldered and have some “back.” 😉

      1. You don’t look broad-shouldered to me! And hey, F depends on the band size too. I am now a 32G and I am still more busty than I would like. But you look very streamlined. (Ha, a good word, no?)

  6. Wow! This outfit is a winner! The layering is perfect for your body, and I love the scarf/necklace combo. I noticed that the necklace is 32″ long, much longer than I would have tried since I’m only 5’2″. I’m going to have to reconsider because it looks great on you with the scarf. Your new haircut is looking good and suits you perfectly. I hope you are enjoying it.

    1. Cathy D., thanks so much! I think a longer necklace can actually be “lengthening” on we petite folks, and I love how it layers well with shorter length pieces.

  7. Ditto the other comments. Your whole look from head to toe is marvelous! Your new haircut is transformative – really great style. (You also look like you’ve lost weight)

  8. I’ve never been a fan of the white shirt hanging out look, I don’t think it’s flattering to 99% of women. That said, the sweater is beautiful. I love Eileen Fisher.

    1. Rita, just an opinion, but I agree. The sweater is utterly lovely, une très belle matière and one of my favourite colours, but why did some nasty thief steal the portion over her tummy? Perhaps because I live in a cold climate, but IMHO it makes no sense in terms of proportions, or warmth. I don’t like so much shirting hanging down below the beautiful pullover. What I like the most is the play of the scarf and pullover.

      And by the way, “curvy” does not mean obese or overweight. It is a body type. Slim, heavy and in-between women can be curvy, as they can be a more straight up and down body type that reads as svelte or willowy if slim, and boxy or sturdy if heavier.

      1. lagatta, the cut of the sweater is what made it interesting to me, though, and what I like most about the outfit. chacun à son goût! 🙂

  9. I opened this post, saw you and your outfit and thought: “oh, nice! That looks cool and modern.” So there you have it. My first thoughts. You are right, it does look good. And I knew there would be Eilleen Fisher involved.

    I finally wore the high/low beige tunic I bought from Eilleen Fisher when I was in Vancouver this summer. Your fault I bought it, as you always rave about their quality (and you are right again). But I could no find a good match for it. Now I have. Simpel but good.

    1. Greetje, thank you very much! Yes, I agree that EF pieces are simple but good. One of the things I like is how you can make dozens of combinations from a few pieces, and how they work together season to season, so you can build up a collection over time. Glad you’re enjoying that tunic!

  10. This outfit is PERFECT on you. great layering and everything looks so CHIC with your new hair. I really think this combination of short over long over lean suits you. makes you look young, sassy and slim(not curvy).

  11. The art of layering can be a challenge, and you have nailed it. Thanks for sharing the photo on your blog. You look very spontaneous and happy.

  12. You look adorable in this. I love EF pieces, especially the black pants, which I own–thanks to you. As a good seamstress though, I’ve got to say that the tunic is way beyond my budget. I will buy some good silk (or maybe handkerchief linen) and make it for a fraction of the price (and it will look as good inside as out!) Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Christmas/New Year.

  13. My first thought when glimpsed this was ‘oh my, I could never do a miniskirt even with black tights’. Then I found my readers and discovered the cropped sweater over the tunic. Had a good laugh and determined I loved this as well. It’s very fresh and I too think the necklace and scarf complete it. Nice!

  14. Beautiful outfit – effortless chic! I recently discovered your blog (I think through Pinterest) and was stopped in my tracks by your necklaces. I visited French Kande’s website and I feel an addiction coming on…thanks for labeling them for others to enjoy. I’m ordering the one you have on in this post!