Dans le jardin

We had some absolutely gorgeous Spring weather this weekend. I wasn’t able to get out into the garden as much as I would have liked, as I was doing some Hardcore Prep for our trip. We leave next Saturday, with a very full work week in between, so in order to avoid last minute scrambling I helped le monsieur put together his travel wardrobe* (and packed most of it), and made sure that everything I might want to take is clean and in good order. I’ll be making my final selections toward the end of the week, and will post my travel capsule Polyvore On The Floor on Friday.

Orange blossoms…fragrance is heavenly!!
I love that hint of pink on these Iceberg roses 
Sandal weather! OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques” on toes
*For the sake of marital harmony and my own sanity, I’ve learned to give le monsieur a list and then pack his selections for him. Saves us both a boatload of anxiety. 

How was your weekend?  Has Spring arrived in your neighborhood?
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  1. I can’t wait to see your wardrobe selections for your trip!
    I have hubby so well trained he just holds up an item to see if I “agree” with his choice before he packs it. Having said that, I never tell him what to wear. If it’s an epic fail he tends to figure it out quickly and doesn’t repeat his mistakes 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Alicia, my monsieur is pretty persnickety about his clothing too, and would never admit it but enjoys putting outfits together. I don’t tell him exactly what to bring, just give him a list (x number of shirts, y number of pants, z number of sweaters, etc.) and he picks and coordinates. It helps provide him a framework and keeps him from wanting to pack everything he owns!

  2. Gorgeous spring images!
    I’m so excited for you on your upcoming trip. I pretty much pack for my hubby, too. Yes, save time & headaches.

  3. One of my favorite OPI colors…and your garden is wonderful. We also had perfect spring weather…my walk this morning was glorious. I am so jealous of your trip and will be anxious to see your photos and travel selections. It would be so exciting to go to England. But, I do get to go to Chicago for a week soon..that will have to do!! Have a wonderful Monday!!

  4. I choose OPI sometimes just for the name. On organizing my toiletries at home (I do that as well as receipts) I found that I had three bottles of Louvre Me or Leave Me. I often buy the shade when I have a pedicure. Your garden is lovely. Paris is getting warmer but the flowers are still behind. Monsieur Là-bas was a long time between wives so is sometimes resistant to my wardrobe organizing efforts but it is easier to pack his things so that I know that he won’t be sartorially challenged. I look forward to seeing what makes the cut in your travel wardrobe.

  5. Thankfully my husband is a million-mile flier and packs for himself quite competently. I’m usually ready to cancel the trip when faced with packing.

  6. Half the excitement of a trip is the deciding what to take with.. happy planning and preparing.. and bon voyage.. stay safe, enjoy. PS.. OPI nail polish is the best thing since sliced bread.. marvelous its world widely available.. thanks Vietnam for its marvelous distribution chain! I love ‘Tango Red’ and I don’t tango, but its a stunning orange..

  7. Such a lovely garden. We’re just starting to warm up here in Toronto, you’re miles ahead of us. One of the good things about winter is the anticipation as the garden wakes up for another season. I prowl around most days just to see what’s coming up, what’s not 🙁 and where I can stuff a few more plants. What is the name of the first plant you show, the flowers are so pretty.

  8. I Don’t Know Jacques is STILL my favourite colour, even though my daughters keep trying (occasionally with success) to get me into something perkier. Seeing your sophisticated toes there makes me want to remove, immediately, the pale mint currently decorating my little piggies. . .

  9. The packing posts are fun *and* helpful, it is something I struggle mightily with. And against, the promises to myself to “really keep it to one bag this time” continue to be a challenge. (Ahem.)

    Pretty pedicure Ms. Pseu!

    PSA: Loved the interview, especially the part about common threads connecting us all.

  10. Flowers and feet, my favorite photographs!

    Spring is chilly but has arrived. I am cold but at least can enjoy bright light and ready myself for a short summer.

    Good journey- your trip to colder (and culture) is right around the corner!