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The lovely Crystal at Dressed Her Days Vintage has shared an interview with yours truly. I thought she asked great questions!

Thank you, Crystal, I’m delighted and honored!

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  1. It was a wonderful interview and I enjoyed learning more about you. I would not have guessed you are an introvert, but I think many great writers are. I highly recommend the book, “Quiet,” by Susan Cain, which addresses the subject of introverts in an extrovert world. Fascinating read.

  2. Crystal did ask great questions and I found it interesting that you are a introvert. Susan Cain’s book is very interesting and you can watch her “TED” lecture on the topic. I read Barbara Tuchman’s book a long time ago but I found it interesting how much power some women had at that time. Reading and thinking is part of our introvert world.

  3. Wonderful – really enjoyed that… and I am the same as you re being an introvert or extrovert too – exactly! X

  4. Thank you, mademoiselle. The pleasure was all mine! I’m loving your wispy hair in a recent post!