Tuesday Miscellany: EMME Bag Promotion

EMME toiletries travel bag. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

The Amazing Emme Bag

Those who have been reading this blog for a while may recall that I’m a big fan of the EMME toiletries bag for travel. It’s hands down the best one I’ve ever used. It holds quite a bit and the clear pockets make staying organized a breeze. It folds up into a compact size that fits easily into either a carry-on or personal item. And yes, mine’s going to Paris with me.

For a limited time, QVC is offering the full-size EMME bag at a discounted price of $47.50. Quantities are limited, so be sure to act quickly to take advantage of the the special offer.

EMME travel toiletries bag. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

And the EMME bag is great for les hommes too. I gave le Monsieur one for his birthday, and he loves it!

Base Camp

silk jersey tank top from Eileen Fisher. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

In yesterday’s packing post, I neglected to mention that I always travel with two or three silk tanks or camisoles. (Silk tank in Plus.) I wear them underneath everything. They not only insulate, but I believe they also help keep my clothes cleaner longer. They can be hand washed in the sink and will line dry overnight. Some of mine are years old; they wear like iron.

“Know Your Style” Giveaway

I’m giving away five copies of Alyson Walsh’s fabulous new book, Know Your Style! If you haven’t yet entered to win, it’s easy, I promise! Just go HERE and follow the simple steps. Be sure you’ve used the widget at the bottom of the post to enter. Thanks!

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  1. I, too, always throw in a black (or white, depending on the season) tank top, but mine are from Talbots. (The EF silk tanks just don’t fit me, but I am a huge fan of EF silk, long sleeve tees. These can look elegant under a blazer or casual under a cardigan.) With the tank or tee and my black travel pants, I can easily wear any clothing or accessory purchase I make during my travels as a new outfit.

  2. I purchased the Emme bag a couple of years ago after you featured it in a post. It has been on countless trips, still looks great, and keeps me organized away from home! I second your recommendation! Have a wonderful trip to Paris!

  3. OK, I’m trying the Emme bag. And I also LOVE the EF silk tanks and camisoles for travel. Versatile, add a bit of warmth when layering, launder beautifully and dry overnight. And they last forever. Win/win/win/win. 🙂

  4. I bought the Enme bag before the mini version existed. As a carry on only traveler with minimal make up and hair care, I find that it’s just too big. I wish I had the mini!

    1. I agree that the regular emme is huge and will take up 1/4 your carryon. The petit emme is much more manageable. FYI the large size is always available for $47.99 on amazon and the petite is $27.99

    2. I use the regular size Emme bag, and, like with you, it’s too big for my minimal toiletries. But I take advantage of the space in other ways. I’ve eliminated some of the other little pouches I carry and place those items in the Emme bag. Things like my electronics accessories (cords, charger, earbuds), mini first aid and sewing kits, jewelry, eyeglass lens wipes, the miscellaneous little things that have no other place to go, etc. I like having all of my incidentals in one place.

  5. RE: THE TANKS. I love them but the regular price is too high for me (I’m cheap and also retired); however, I see them often on Ebay for less, and occasionally on sale at regular stores, too. I took the EF short-sleeved silk T-shirts on a trip to Paris and while they did wash and dry beautifully, I thought they were too warm to wear in the daytime in early June. The neckline might be a little more revealing than I prefer, too. (My new-to-me favorite EF fabric is linen jersey. It washes well, dries quickly, doesn’t need ironing and breathes like nothing else.)

    I like the organization of the EMME bag, and hanging thingie, but I don’t need so much space for pills, makeup, and so on. I put everything–liquids, meds, etc.–in a TSA approved clear plastic quart sized zippered bag so it that can easily be removed from my carryon. My husband takes a lot of pills but he has his own system and is–what can I say–resistant to change. BUT. I see from comments there’s a mini EMME? I must go look for that.

  6. Susan – I have both the regular Emme and mini Emme based upon your recommendations and all I can say is that you were and are so right, these are the best travel toiletry organizers. While I try to carry on, based upon the type of travel we do, we often check luggage, be that as it may, these bags keep me totally organized. They get a lot of use and after each adventure, I clean them and restock with my travel basics so I’m ready for the next trip. There is something so satisfying about deciding to head up to the cabin for the weekend at the last minute and I simply pull out my mini Emme, throw in some make up, and voila, ready to go! For long haul trips, whether by car or flying, I bring the regular Emme and it fits so nicely into any piece of luggage I’m using whether it is a standard piece of luggage, a backpack, or a Lo & Sons Catalina weekend bag or my more formal O.M.G bag. Long story, short, I encourage everyone to invest in one of these and at the discounted price, buy them as gifts for the upcoming holiday season, I certainly am. Thank you!

  7. Sometimes the EF tanks and camis can be expensive. Uniqlo has an assortment of tanks, camis, t shirts and long sleeve shirts that will also dry overnight and they are quite comfortable.

  8. I bought the Emme bag this summer on your recommendation, in preparation for 4 separate trips in 6 weeks. It was amazing! It was infinitely more convenient than my usual method of taking various bags I have gotten my “free gift” from Clinique in over the years, which are awkward to carry in multiple from room (or tent) to bathroom. It also motivated me to decant some of my larger products (like shampoo/conditioner) into smaller bottles for the first time. I always thought it was too much work before, but honestly it was pretty easy to recombine later. It really took a lot of the hassle out of toiletries while traveling!

  9. Hello Susan and thanks for your great blog. For those who don’t know, EF items can be purchased on many sites at reduced prices. I only buy from them.
    I bought the EMME twin set awhile back but never used. Old habits…. I finally pulled them out for my latest trips and wow. I don’t really use the plastic containers as I have some I really like. The small one is great for quick trips. I rarely travel with jewelry but recently used the large case for jewelry that was required on my last trip. Perfect. Though the name EMME sounds for women only, I ordered a case for my husband. Will see if he can fit all his things in it. By the way, I have ordered off EMME site but find shipping quite expensive. On QVC you can save a great deal on shipping and look for promo codes such as first time but etc.

  10. I like the idea of the Emme in that I can see the contents. I have a LL Bean hanging toiletry bag that I have had for over 15 years and I kind of wish it would wear out so I could get an Emme, but it still works great and I keep it packed and ready to go.

  11. I don’t have the Emme bag, but , you did give me the great idea of a hanging toiletry bag. What a game changer with not having to fight for counter space in the bathroom!! I love it!

  12. I have also just placed an order for the mini Emme bag, based on Susan’s recommendation. I have used hanging type bags before but like the look of the compartments on this one and the fact that they’re not mesh so you can see everything. Also like the zip-off TSA bag. I travel globally, full-time these days since retired (house sitting, HelpX stays, with family or friends or Airbnbs etc) so am always on the lookout for travel items that will help streamline my luggage and the weight and bulk of what I carry around the world.
    Ooh, and I also just bought and received yesterday, my first two French Kande pieces, also through Susan’s recommendation. I’m thrilled with both the necklace and ring I bought plus I received a lovely pair of stud earrings for this being my first purchase :).