Anyone besides me feeling a bit “meh” about what clothing retailers are offering right now? I’m Bored with Banana Republic, Tired of Talbot’s, Not Inspired by Net-a-Porter, Ambivalent about Ann Taylor. It’s not that I’m particularly looking to spend money right now, but I miss being able to glean inspiration and enjoy some online RRT (Retail Reconaissance Therapy). I’m envious of women who have “their” brick-and-mortar boutiques and resale stores; I just never have the time to spend hunting down those that carry the right mix (and in my size!) or to visit regularly. Usually my retail malaise is just seasonal; I always gravitate much more toward Fall fashions than Spring. But I’ve also noticed that retailers seem to be paring down: fewer styles, limited colors. And lately I’ve seen almost nothing that could be considered Paris-worthy.

Is it just me, or is it boring out there?


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  1. “I just never have the time to spend hunting down those that carry the right mix (and in my size!) or to visit regularly”.

    Pseu, relying on online might be at the root of your malaise. Could you possibly grab a gf and scout one new boutique bi-weekly? Clothes “in the flesh” are much more compelling.

    Apparently retailers have not been able to seriously cut back on orders for spring (placed seven months ago) but I’m told there will be far less stock for fall.

  2. Right now I’m suffering from retail malaise because I don’t know what season it is. One day it is rainy and cold and the next is sunny and warm. Should I be shopping for cashmere sweaters or cotton dresses?

  3. I have to agree, it’s dull, dull, dull out there. I have seen some very expensive, interesting items but I just can’t afford them. If I’m going to spend $1000…I can’t just for a jacket, unless it’s fabulous. And I can’t find anything fabulous.

    I also hesitate to spend a lot on summer clothes because, being from Canada, it’s such a short season. Now that we live in NY I just can’t seem to break that habit.


  4. I agree it is boring out there. Yes real stores are much more interesting. Find a friend and check out some shops. At least there are shops near you.

    I’m thinking I am long overdue for a trip to NYC because otherwise nothing inspires.

  5. Try looking for something interesting after you’ve gained 40 pounds in the past year….aagh! Anyway, never mind that, I was looking at your old “hair” posts and saw that you’d had my favorite cut of all time, that Jean Seberg look (WITHOUT the mousse, gel, shellac) and wondered if you had gotten a new cut after posting the two looks you showed recently?

  6. I completely agree. I also find myself utterly bored with my magazines … there isn’t a single look or trend coming on this season that scintillates me. Weird.

  7. Duchesse – I know, I know, but usually the only time I have to shop is on my lunch hour…not condusive to exploring, which is why I’ve fallen into the online shopping rut.

    Anon – Thanks. I’m familiar with all of those, but the first two don’t have US online sales, Decades rarely has anything in my size or price range, and eileen fisher…well, they’re pretty dull this season too.

  8. Belle – I hear ya. Layers seem to be the only workable option.

    Nancy – my eternal gripe is that there seems to be so little available in between Fashionista and Frump. Where’s the stylish clothing that is appropriate for women over 30?

  9. JuliaR – isn’t Henri just magnifique? He is SO French.

    Christine – I find it’s very tough to find stylish warm weather wear. Everything seems to be so flimsy and skimpy, and better suited for a day at the beach than a day in the office. And yes, I’m not buying these days unless I LOVE something, and there’s just nothing out there I’m loving right now.

  10. Sal – yes, exactly. eighties? Done that.

    Mardel – I may just have to get a babysitter for a Saturday afternoon and hit some of the non-mall retail areas. It’s the only way I’d be able to have time to shop properly.

  11. Rita – yes, it’s a psychological slump as well.

    WendyB – well, La Belette and I have another lunch/shopping afternoon planned in a few weeks, so maybe I’ll get inspired in her stylish presence.

    Leanne – One thing I have started to do to break through the winter clothing blahs is to add some bright accents: a scarf or a bright bag. It helps. Isn’t Henri le bomb though? I’ll check out the Hayden-Harnett site, thanks!

  12. An Hermes scarf shopping trip would at least give you lots of colors and designs to look at. The smaller carre seems to work so well on you.

  13. L’Ennui d’Henri — brilliant! and I’m not even a cat person (although don’t tell the household feline, inherited from my kids).
    For me, shopping is all about the whole experience, and while I often have afternoons of browsing without finding anything really compelling, I nonetheless enjoy the whole sensory mix along with the people-watching. In person, in a bricks-and-mortar place, I might try something on, even though I’m pretty sure it’s not me — and sometimes I get surprised. . .
    But I know what you mean about finding the time, and I don’t have little people to worry about anymore, babysitters to arrange. Still, it might revive your shopping mojo to do some real-time, in-the-flesh, window-drooling. And report back . . . we’re waiting!

  14. I cannot even find anything to buy at JCrew. I know, it’s serious!!
    But, I feel sure that when we go shopping I will find things I have been long looking for.

  15. I just love Henri, that you for that!

    My malaise stems from the weather (spring is about a month behind here in the Pacific NW) and the constant bleating of the media’s “The End is Nigh!”

    However, I have found a few things at J Crew, of all places. The Esplanade skirt, the Bouquet cardigan, and scoopneck 3/4 sleeve tees have all found a happy place in my wardrobe.

    And I am taking your “Paris-worthy” advice (which is very, very good by the way) literally, as I’ll be going to Paris in June and am figuring out what to wear (the 3 items I mentioned above are coming along).

    And I’m very excited about Hayden Harnett’s Fall 09 Cargo Cult presentation in New York. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on their blog,

  16. I feel bored with things “out there” when I’m bored with my life. I’ve never found much to excite me in the normal retail spots in my town because the pickings are slim and the wrong age for me. That’s why I love resale so much. I always see something new.

  17. Oh, yes, scarves! Have you been to Nimli.com? They have some very pretty pashmina scarves and wraps in some lovely colors. Excellent prices, too, and there’s usually a code to be found.

  18. I’m still giggling about Henri! I can’t think about clothing now! Except for maybe a black beret, black turtleneck and a cigarette.

  19. I think perhaps the root of your ennui is time.
    There’s a lot of very boring or unwearable clothing out there (the UK is no better, I recently discovered) but I still rely on seeing colours in real light, touching fabric, trying on and laughing – the getting out to the shops – to inspire and even just make me wear the clothes I already have in new ways. No amount of internet browsing can do this.

    You use clothes for so much of your self-expression; I wonder if, with the help of loved ones, you can take back some time to get out there and start painting.

  20. Have you looked around on Etsy.com? They have some lovely handmade clothing that is very stylish and unique. And you won’t walk around seeing others with the same outfit as you everywhere.