Foulard de la semaine

More pattern mixing. This is a small Chanel scarf I picked up on ebay last year. I wasn’t sure about pairing the light aqua blue of the scarf with the teal shirt, but I think it works!

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  1. The aqua is gorgeous, one of my favorite colors. I found a thrifted sweater that color last week, and it’s just the color I want this time of year.

    I think it works great with the teal–in fact wouldn’t aqua be teal with white added? And the leopard too; maybe all patterns work with leopard?

    It looks great.

  2. Oh dear, I have to disagree with all above comments. I think the scarf is in itself beautiful, fresh and really ideal for spring. But I don’t think the teal and leopard help it at all. In my opinion the teal is way too dark. It would look much better with a really light colour such as white, pale beige, cream or ivory. Then the aqua colour of the scarf and all the extra colours in its pattern would sing out instead of fighting with the other garments.

    Alternatively it would look good with tan or pale coral but I don’t know if you like those sort of warm colours. I have an aquamarine ring that I always wear in the summer with a pale coral linen dress (plus a sun tan of course!).

    Please forgive me for being so personal. I really do like all the things you are wearing, just not together.

  3. Duchesse – thanks! I wasn’t sure at first this scarf was really “me” but I’m finding it very wearable (and light, so I’ll be able to wear it on all but the warmest days).

    Kelly – thanks!

    Sallymandy – it’s becoming one of my favorite colors too. I think it’s a flattering color for most skin tones.

  4. materfamilias – why, thank you! I’ve had great inspiration from you, Karen, Imogen and others.

    WendyB – thanks!

    Karen – thanks to you and your inspiring combos, I’m actually stretching my comfort zone a bit!

  5. Maria – thanks! sometimes I work the combo out in my head first, but this time the scarf was an afterthought, because I needed something at the neckline.

    Mardel – thanks! Actually I’m envious of those who can pull of the big, bold prints, as there are so many of them out there right now. But they just swamp me.

  6. greying pixie – no worries, my husband didn’t like it either! I do think this scarf is optimally worn with lighter colors, but I was surprised at how well I liked it with the teal.

    Bonjour Madame – thank you!

  7. salut printemp! how do you come up with these combinations? did you put on the leopard jacket first and then the scarf was an after thought? or did you plan and think of these colors and patterns before putting them on?