Retail Reconnaissance: Fall Trends In Situ

Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age does some shopping at the new Everlane store in Venice, CA.

I’ve done a bit of “boots on the ground” shopping the last couple of days. Many of the fall style trends * I’ve spotted online are now showing up in brick-and-mortar stores too.

I was invited to attend the pre-opening preview for a new Everlane store in Venice (CA). I tried on several pieces, and a few of them came home with me. 😉

Displays at Everlane store in Venice, CA. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

It’s a nice, airy space, and well laid out. They carry men’s as well as women’s styles.

Shoes and bags on display at the Everlane Venice store. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Lots of shoes, too. Last year I was eyeing the Day Boots in bone, but didn’t move fast enough and they sold out in my size. They’re back in stock, and yesterday they came home with me! (I received a $100 gift card as part of the event.)

Fall Style Trends for 2019

While trends are no longer as monolithic as a few decades ago, I’m seeing a VERY strong showing of the following:

Spice Tones, Shell Pink

Everlane straight leg crop pants in "Cider" (rust) and cotton pocket tee in "Rose (pigment dyed)". Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Above: Pants | Tee

Tonal dressing (head to toe in the same or similar shades) continues to be a strong trend going into fall. I’ve been seeing a lot of shell pinks in fall collections. If this is a color you can wear, it’s a nice neutral that works well with browns and rusty hues. (In fact, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this pairing, both in individual pieces as well as in prints.) It also works well with mauve and burgundy, for those who prefer cooler colors. I picked up two of those tees, one in this shell pink (“Rose Pigment Dyed”) and one in the rust (“Cider”). Both colors are in my Spring palette.

Everlane modern utility jumpsuit in Brass. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A couple of the Sales Associates were wearing this jumpsuit, (one in Navy, one in this “Brass” color) and several customers were trying it on. Readers, it was cute. The fabric is lightweight and not at all stiff. I tried it on too, and had to admit, I kind of loved it. It’s fun in a cheeky and insouciant way. No, it’s probably not strictly Gamine, (probably more Natural) but there are ways to “G” it up. I’ll play with it a bit at home, and if I decide to keep, will show it to you soon. One Sales Associate told me it’s been selling very well. Offered up to size 16, and seems to run true-to-size.


Fall style trends: Lafayette148 New York fall pieces in ochre and rust colors. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Just about every collection at every price point is featuring these shades. Above, from Lafayette148 New York.

Fall trends spice tones. J.Crew crewneck sweater in Adobe. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Some of these rust hues are quite warm, like this “Adobe” color from J.Crew.

Theory suiting in Mulberry. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

And some are cooler-toned, like this “Deep Mulberry” color from Theory (Jacket | Pants). It’s less orange and more berry than it looks here. Trying to capture accurate color in department store lighting is always a challenge.

Long story short, if these colors appeal to you, you’ll have LOTS to choose from this season!

Fall Florals

J.Crew display with bold fall florals. Details and more fall style trends for 2019 at une femme d'un certain age.

Above: Dress | Tie-neck Blouse | Short Sleeve Top | Mules

If you are a fan of florals, you are going to LOVE the selection this season. Dainty, bold, warm, cool…there’s something for everyone. (And see what I mean about that warm pink and rust tones pairing in prints?)

Fall style trends: floral dresses. Gerard Darel floral print dress. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Soft, floaty floral print dresses are blooming everywhere. Depending on the cut and print, you Bohemians (and maybe some Princesses and Romantics) can find options that suit. Above, from Gerard Darel.


Tonal dressing: Teal green sweater and forest green pleated skirt from J.Crew. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Though not as ubiquitous as rust tones, greens are making a showing. Above, this sweater and pleated skirt show another version of tonal dressing, combining a teal-ish and forest green. (And you can see some other versions of green in the sweaters on the shelves in back.)

Vince collarless wool coat in "Cambria." Details at une femme d'un certain age.

“Pistachio” was predicted to be huge this fall, but I’ve only seen a smattering of it. Vince has some really pretty “sea glass” and sage greens in their latest collection, including this coat, which is stunning in person. (Though perhaps not the most practical choice, unless dry cleaning bills aren’t an issue for you.)

*And here I’ll add my usual disclaimer about trends: no one, of any age, should feel compelled to buy and wear items just because they are “on trend.” I look at trends as opportunities to find a better selection of styles and colors we’d want to wear anyway. If your preferred palette or silhouette isn’t offered this season, it may be next season. That’s why I believe it makes sense to pay attention to trends, rather than follow them.

Are there any fall style trends that you’re seeing as an opportunity?

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  1. I love the green pleated skirt but not so keen on the tshirt. This more of a pet peeve as I real dislike tees with pockets.

  2. Look at that wall of flats!!!
    I noticed while out and about in Toulouse this week many women with “high water” pants, similar to the ones in your last photo. The pants differ from capris in that they have wide legs and are longer–well above the ankle but longer than capris.
    Lots of these pieces look like they were stolen from my closet in the 1970s. I worked after school at a bank and had an unusually dressy wardrobe for a high schooler. The pussy-bow blouse! The knife-pleat skirt (and that length)! The florals! The paisley!

  3. Oh…..those first 2 photos from Everlane! I would be trying on 1/2 that wall of flats, yum. Thanks for your “boots on the ground” reporting (I expect to see those bone boots with your next report!). Great recognizance work on color trends. Bonus point for using the wonderfully descriptive word “insouciant”! Thank you.

  4. I’m a Summer, so I’m drawn to the navy, burgundy, some greens, and the shell pink (if it isn’t to peachy). I love Everlane’s shoes, have two pair of the day pumps and one of the modern loafer–they’re perfect! I can’t wear a flat-as-a-pancake shoe, because it doesn’t have any arch support. If you spot any low heels (less than two inches), please post them!

    1. I love the styling, but I’m an 11, and they run SMALL. I was wearing them to work today, after stretching them even, and they’re so painful I’ve had to switch them out for another pair of shoes. You’re lucky! I’m jealous!

    2. Try the Lilly ballet flat from Born (sold only at Macy’s.) It has arch support and is very comfortable. Born has arch support in its other flats, but I am fond of the Lilly style. In addition to the arch support, it lays comfortably across my big toe joint where many flats tend to dig in.

  5. So nice to see that t-shirt that is not V-neck, low neck, oversized etc. A regular, simple T-shirt that comes in many colors! Thanks for showing.

  6. I own several colors of Everlane tees and they are my favorites! But they’re v necks without the pocket. Thanks for the photo of the flats – shoes are my weakness.

  7. I really love shell pink. It seems to be in most palettes. I understand it’s considered a neutral but it’s hard for me to see the warmth or coolness in individual shell pink pieces. I have seen a similar color in both warm and cool palettes. It’s confusing.

    1. Rondi, If the warmth or coolness of a “shell pink” color is confusing my suggestion is to pick up a few paint swatches, one with a cool (blue) case and another with a warm (yellow) base. If you go to a good paint store someone will know the difference and can help you. Carry them around with you as it IS confusing to many.

  8. It makes me so happy to see these rich colors. I used to wear them years back when my coloring was different but I know I will find a way to integrate them somehow. Would love to have shopped Everlane with you! There needs to be an LA trip in my future. Great pics! Makes me want to go shopping!

  9. I agree that some of these fashions look right out of the 70’s. probably cute on young, slender 20’s and 30’s, just dowdy on more mature bodies. also, I find that unless one is careful prints can really look old lady. of course that is what I am but trying to be stylish. the dark green skirt looks like it came from my Catholic school uniform!

  10. Loving the spice tones and shell pink (which I bought last year :). Such great observations. That pleated skirt looks like it would be really comfortable and great with boots. Thanks for playing along with us!
    Mary Ann

    I had NEVER heard of it until JANET at THE GARDENERS COTTAGE spoke of it!
    FUNNY as almost ALL of YOU MENTION THEM and they are based in San Francisco!
    I live across the BAY but had NEVER heard of them.Funny how that can BE!
    FALL is a GREAT time for COLOR and sweaters and cashmere socks!
    THANKS for taking me into THE SHOPS TOO!!!!!!!!!
    I have become a HOME BODY for some odd reason this summer!

  12. I”m crazy about the spice shades and hadn’t thought about pairing it with a shell pink, but love it. Thanks! Don’t you love how “tonal dressing” is okay, but back in the day we looked at “matchy-matchy” as being a bad thing? Also thanks for including Everlane. They fell off my radar for a while. Great post! xoxo, Brenda

  13. LOVE the teal V neck! In my world, teal is always on trend, lol. In fact, I’ve seen a photo of you once wearing a teal top and it looked marvelous on you.

  14. Love this post about trends and what is happening! That mint jacket would be something I’d die for previously.. Now I’m older and know that -it will look stained in a short time, and also I will cook in it at my age. LOL. I’d like to know how those jumpsuits look on. So much to consider here. Fun doing this with you Susan. I need to stop by here more often. Hugs, Kim

    1. Jackets in such pale colours invite staining, not to mention jumpsuits for everyone over a certain age; those can mean huge humiliation

  15. Susan: I saw this today and immediately thought of you and your new color chart. I never knew this brand made anything other than rather clunky flip flops but the Lena Knot flat in MUSTARD by FITFLOPS was quite cute and very fall 2019.

  16. This was such a great idea for a post. Loved tagging along and your commentary. I love that spice/caramel or whatever they are calling it this season. I know it is not all that great with my gray hair but to me it just says fall. I do not do florals or ruffles but I appreciate them on those who can carry it off. Thank you so much Susan for joining us again, always love your input!

  17. I can’t wait to go to Everlane, even though it’s on Abbot Kinney! I like a lot of their items. I love the greens coming in for Fall. Thanks for the previews.

  18. It was such a lovely surprise to meet you in the Venice Everlane store this morning just after I had read your blog post. After a long drive, I am now back at home in SF with a pair of Cropped Wide Leg Pants in bone and a pair of 90s Cheeky no stretch jeans. All thanks to reading your post today as I always do! Warmest wishes, Jane.

    1. Hi Jane, it was lovely to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping to say hi. Glad you found some things you liked at the store!