Fashion Oxymorons

There are many fashion concepts and terms that make une femme scratch her head. “Sportswearis one. Like we’re supposed to play tennis in this stuff??? Another is the concept of the Resort/Cruise Collection. Now, I’ve never been on a cruise, but I have been to a resort or two. Based on my own limited resort-going, and the fashion sense of my relatives who “cruise” regularly, I strongly suspect that you see far less of this snaking down the conga line…

than this:

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  1. Now I may be wrong, but I thought the whole concept of “sportswear” got invented in the 1920s (maybe even by Chanel; who knows?), where the issue was what to wear while you were outdoors WATCHING someone else play sports – like at tennis matches, golf, etc.

  2. My parent’s were in the resort wear business–and there is a big difference between sportswear and resort wear. I should have called my Mom for a definition before I began this comment.

    Anyways, I am much more inclined to outfit#1. I actually saw that before and thought about paring a orange jacket, black print skirt and a black belt to try an replicate this look. However, I don’t live a resort wear/cruise wear life.