How to wear faux leather pants in a casual outfit

Leather and faux-leather pants are on trend this season. Yes, you can wear faux leather pants over 50 (or 60, or 70…)! I’ve styled this pair of brown faux leather pants in a sporty-chic casual outfit.

Susan B. wears a casual outfit with faux leather pants, a sweater vest with snood, long cardigan and sneakers.

I’ve received more than a few requests in recent weeks to feature some outfits without jeans. While I do wear jeans most days, I’m always on the lookout for non-denim alternatives that suit my style. Leather and faux-leather pants continue to be on-trend for 2023, so I decided to take the plunge and try a pair.

These are a 5-pocket style with a straight leg. They hit that dressier-than-jeans-but-not-too-conservative sweet spot for me. This pair is budget-friendly, and quite comfortable. I’m wearing a 28 Petite (my usual size).

Casual faux leather pants outfit. Susan B. wears brown faux leather pants with a beige sweater vest, camel long cardigan, and white sneakers.
Plus options: sweater vest | pants

While leather and faux leather pants have often have a more sexy, rock-n-roll image, I think they can be reimagined for everyday wear. For this outfit with faux leather pants, I’ve dialed down the “vavoom” factor with a classic-look Donegal sweater vest (this one no long available), sweater jacket and retro-inspired sneakers.

Here’s the same style that I’m wearing in black.

Susan B. wears a casual faux leather pants outfit with a sweater vest, long sweater jacket and sneakers.

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Have you tried leather or faux leather pants recently?

In other news…

Earlier this week I had my last wisdom tooth pulled. (Both of the upper ones came in without a problem, and I never developed any on the lower side.) The procedure itself was a piece of cake. Local anesthesia only, and the whole process took less than 20 minutes. I’ve had no pain to speak of, other than a little soreness in my jaw the first couple of days.

I’ve been on a liquids -> soft food regimen, and will be for the next few days. (And of course, have been craving anything crunchy! 😆 🌮 ) But I’m finding that soups are very satisfying, and it’s been a good reminder to include more soups in my diet.

Bon weekend!

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  1. I love the way you styled this outfit and am considering buying a pair of faux leather pants. The dress that I wore to my granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah in December had a navy faux leather skirt with an attached navy knit top. It was perfect and I got lots of compliments (especially from my daughter’s 40 year old friends).

  2. I love your look! It’s a little too warm here in southwest Florida for faux leather pants but I think they are very chic.

  3. I hope faux leather pants have improved in recent years. I had some a few years ago and found them really uncomfortable, hot, sweaty and sticky! Same for jackets.
    However, having said that, you look great in yours Susan.

    1. Thanks! I don’t find these to be hot or have that “rubbery” feeling at all. The inside is a soft fabric.

  4. I’ve never considered leather or faux leather pants. But you look great, so never say “never.”

    It is a nice change from jeans.

  5. I loved the whole outfit until I got to the sneakers! I like sneakers, but not with this. I think a nice casual loafer would’ve done the trick. But, to each her own of course!

    1. My reaction exactly! Those sneakers look rather clunky, especially with that shorter, ankle-grazing, pants length..

      1. I agree! Loved the whole kit until I saw the sneakers…just looked clunky and wrong on Susan’s petite frame. Looks too mumsy or ‘American tourist’ A sleek boot or loafer with a cool sock would have been more chic. Otherwise, great look!

  6. I love your column. Lately I have had trouble clicking on the links; they have a warning that
    to proceed is dangerous. Would you please advise if you are having this difficulty.
    THank you

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for letting me know. Are you referring to the product links in the post, or links in the email?

    1. I know they’re not everyone’s pick, but what I like about the sneakers is that they aren’t the expected choice. I like to wear sneakers with trousers, and loafers/flats with jeans.

      1. Right on the money, Susan. The sneakers are unexpected and for me they’re a fabulous addition to the ensemble. My style is classic, but adding in an unexpected piece provides a fresh look vs stuffy. Finally, there’s nothing wrong with wearing loafers with the faux leather pants, but the white leather sneaks scream fun.

      2. It is not the sneakers in actual fact. It’s the proportion. Something more low profile and unadorned would work. I nice ‘knit’ bootie would look good too.

        1. A boot or loafer would have been the more classic choice, which wasn’t the look I was going for here. But we all have different style preferences and hooray for that!

  7. I bought a pair of black faux leather pants at Target, of all places, just to try out the trend. They are so comfortable and the perfect length. An easy way to up my game.

  8. Really good trousers. Makes an elegant outfit. The sneakers create the casualness.
    Hope your wisdome tooth soreness will disapear completely.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! The soreness has already dissipated, and I’m only on soft foods to keep from disturbing the healing of the area. I consider myself very lucky, and am fortunate to have a good oral surgeon.

  9. I too like faux leather for the warmth and style. Your outfit looks cool or dope as they say. I think the trainers give it a sporty look. The trainers your wearing look a little clunky, maybe a more refined trainer. just a thought. Enjoy your blog.

  10. I, for one, LOVE the sneakers, along with the entire outfit! I think it’s just an aesthetic that takes some getting used to. Very chic!

    Having liked the faux leather moto jackets I’d previously purchased at Chico’s, I ordered a couple of pairs of faux leather leggings last winter on clearance ($10 each!), and I absolutely LOVE them. I get so many compliments whenever I wear them. And they’re SO comfortable. I need pockets many days, however, so I just ordered a very similar style to what you’re wearing (now on sale for $50). I’ll let you know how the fit when I get them. 🙂

    I really enjoy anything jeans style – ponte jeans are another great option if you’re looking for something dressier than denim but with all the perks (pockets & beltloops) of your favorite jeans.

    P.S. Apropos of your earlier post this week, I spotted a TON of Longchamp at yesterday. Leather AND nylon options for AMAZING prices!

  11. You look great in that outfit and I don’t mind the sneakers at all and think it was how the photo was taken which made the sneakers look bigger on your feet than they really are. I tried on some faux leather trousers, but unfortunately, my legs looked like stuffed sausage meat in them – definitely a no go for me
    On another topic though – I loved the De Mellier bag you featured on a previous post and am off to Europe in March. I was wondering if you have seen the bag stocked in any of the shops either in London or Paris? Can’t find a bricks and mortar shop innLondon and although Bon Marche supposedly stock them, their website was impossible to navigate. many thanks – Susan

  12. I hate leather pants and can’t imagine ever wearing them. Especially in the winter when they would get cold and brittle. And, the shiny finish is not a good look unless you’re top heavy and want to balance everything out. anyway, leather pants seem to scream “trying too hard”.

  13. Went back and checked out the IG of Susan in the trainers to see if a moving picture alters the proportions. Nope. It’s not the fact they are sneakers, honestly think a sneaker is a cool look with the leather pants. It’s the style of the sneaker… these look like those orthopaedic trainers older tourists wear. On the plus side at least they are not ditzy flats. How about a leather high top? But hey if the look rocks for you go for it…also I’m 5’1” and wear size 9 so white shoes are not allowed in my wheel house. I look like a Mad Magazine character..the guy with feet so big they hung over the curb!
    Keep wearing the leather pants, love them on you.