Few things in life…

…deliver the same ratio of Satisfaction to Investment as gardening.  A few bucks, an hour, et voilà!  My very own herb (and tomato) garden!  Planted in a sunny corner just a few steps from the kitchen are all my favorites: cherry tomatoes, oregano, English thyme, basil and cilantro.  There’s still room to add a couple more, maybe some chives and dill.

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  1. Yes! As of Saturday I have a similar bed in my front yard! I know, it’s weird to grow herbs in your front yard, but that’s where the sun is and that’s where the raised beds are, so there you go. I will share with my neighbors to make up for breaking the suburban code of lawns, foundation shrubs, etc.:).

  2. Enjoy enjoy!

    I notice you left “heartbreak” out of the gardening equation, so I will stop there, ha.

    [But if our crappy weather keeps Mr Vix’s Kosy-Coated heirloom tomatoes from growing, you will hear my screaming from space.]

    I’m behind, so let me add that the back is looking so wonderful you will soon forget the “before.” Especially when you’re munching on a fresh-from-the-garden salad!

  3. We love our small kitchen garden. Ours includes sage and mint too. I would recommend that you keep mint in pots, though, as it will take over in a few years.

  4. exciting!!! Gardening is so good for the soul. These baby plants would be eaten pronto by possums in my garden- hope you don’t have any. What mulch are you using???? I favour sugar cane mulch.

  5. Few things are better than just being able to pop out the kitchen door to grab the herbs you need for dinner … throw in a few lettuces and some rocket and you’ve got a whole salad!