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Jumping ahead

I want this coat.  Now.

Even though it’s not even (officially) Summer yet here in the Northern Hemisphere, Talbot’s already has their Look Book for fall online, and it has me drooling.  These are MY kinds of ensembles: sophisticated but not stuffy. The designs, which evoke a bit of the late, lamented Forth & Towne, really hit me where I live and if Talbot’s can deliver on the quality and fit, I might be dropping more than a few clams there come September.  Here are some of my favorites from the Look Book.

While the gloves won’t exactly work in LA, I can so see myself in the rest of this outfit.  The yellow jacket with the red shoes…ahhhhhhh.

This sweater is just the right kind of leopard print.  Would I pair it with a lace skirt??   Not for work but maybe for a night out with le monsieur. 
This leather bomber jacket has a lot of potential.  Talbot’s does some really decent leather jackets at a good price point.
I’ve finally decoded what it is in about styles like this that get to me on such a visceral level.  These are updated versions of Grown Up Lady Clothes™ from my childhood. They appeal to the little girl part of me that imagines someday being able to dress up and be elegant and glamorous.  “Elegant and glamorous” sometimes feels like a stretch for me these days, but these pieces styled as they’ve done here would (mostly) work in my grown up life.
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  1. June 2, 2010 / 12:49 pm

    Madame, love these looks! Went back to browse through the catalog and, oh my, what wearability, perfect skirt lengths, sophisticated yet not stuffy, and fabulous shoes. Thanks so much for sourcing this. Can’t believe it’s made me look towards fall!

  2. June 2, 2010 / 1:54 pm

    I love Talbots (especially since I’m close to a clearance center). Their pieces have a bit of trendy but the shapes are always classic and the best part are their slacks. Having a badonkadonk can make shopping for slacks daunting, but not at Talbots – great cuts on the slacks IMHO.

    I think I need the long gloves, the yellow jacket and the leather bomber!

  3. June 2, 2010 / 2:03 pm

    Wow, has Talbots changed! Once they were conservative office wear, then very dowdy, then “low rise” pants territory, but this looks quite nice. I might have to check them out (again) too.

  4. June 2, 2010 / 2:39 pm

    Hmmm…planning to go to a store and scatter sea creatures around, are we? I’m not sure if they’ll appreciate that 😉

  5. LaurieAnn
    June 2, 2010 / 2:46 pm

    You picked out some of my favorite pieces to highlight Pseu. I’m certainly going to be grabbing myself the leopard coat and the sweater too.

    I have a question for you. As a fellow petite (well, I’m short anyway) I have problems with sleeve length, even on petite styled items. Do you know if it’s possible to hem leather? Because I’d need the sleeves shortened a bit on the jacket. But darn, I want that too!

  6. June 2, 2010 / 4:12 pm

    Ooh la la….Talbots has gone up a notch here…I do shop there for basics…these looks are more exciting than I could have hoped for…we have to get some summer here before I get into Fall!

  7. June 2, 2010 / 5:40 pm

    Have you seen the new line of Jack Rogers clothes? They are exactly that, ladylike, but one can funk them up. They do a great lace skirt…http://jackrogersusa.com/apparel. Perhaps I’ll post a few selections over my way.

  8. June 2, 2010 / 5:41 pm

    Miss J would fight you for the leopard coat!

  9. Sal
    June 2, 2010 / 1:35 pm

    So much to love!

  10. June 2, 2010 / 10:07 pm

    They style their merch well! What I found for spring is that some pieces were stiffer and boxier than in the catalogs, while other things I ignored in the look book were pleasing. Agree about the leather. Hey, let’s all get the same jacket!

  11. June 2, 2010 / 11:03 pm

    Fabulous in a word… Just love these looks too and the good thing is that they DO ship to Oz (at a price of course) I have my look book which arrived yesterday here and so I will go and open it immediatement! Thank you for the reminder. x

  12. June 3, 2010 / 12:29 am

    Wow, this is Talbots? Really casual stylish.

  13. metscan
    June 2, 2010 / 5:56 pm

    You looking clothes, Pseu! But isn´t it just awful, that catalogues of fall are already here, you can pre-order, as we are just entering summer and with the s/s sales started.. Wow. Well, I try not going to shops during the sales, but if the next season clothes are there at the same time, what to do?

  14. adornedunicorn
    June 2, 2010 / 8:57 pm

    Wow! i thought Talbots had already upped their game, but this, this is fantastic!!!! Actually, I have to thabk you for reintroducing me to Talbots- their petite tops fit exactly right and are pretty consistent.

  15. June 3, 2010 / 4:18 am

    I like that yellow jacket, definitely. And I’m not a yellow person.

    Must get slim jeans…..

  16. tiffany
    June 2, 2010 / 10:36 pm

    Oh yes, I have spent some time drooling over those looks also …

  17. Anonymous
    June 3, 2010 / 2:45 pm

    I agree Frugal Scholar. These gorgeous layouts are made to inspire us to purchase, but with a discerning eye sometimes we can mimic the look with just a few key items, or even with something we already own.

  18. June 3, 2010 / 3:19 pm

    Sometimes, I think I’m a very unimaginative person. I look at these looks, on this model and the voice in my head says, “Not for you, sweetie.” I’m 5’2” and pretty dumpy – I think I’d warm up to the clothing if they were presented Polyvor style or even on a dressmakers form. But on this young, extremely tall model? I can’t see myself in these clothes at all – which is really sad because some of them are really very pretty.

  19. Frugal Scholar
    June 3, 2010 / 1:50 pm

    Once again, I’m going to be little contrarian. The pics are great and very enticing. As Duchesse notes, this is great styling. But I think that what makes the outfits distinctive–perhaps it is the skinny ankle jeans with the red shoes?

    I’m trying to be more analytical about purchases. For instance, I have lots of very nice wool jackets in all shapes. I could pair with my skinny ankle jeans (have those) and–if I must–pick up a fur collar somewhere. I can’t do the heels because I can’t walk in them, but I do have red ballet flats.

  20. metscan
    June 3, 2010 / 7:04 pm

    Yes, me again. I just had to add my note in, because all the three comments above ( starting from FS ) make so much sense. Looking at fashion pictures on “perfect” models might mislead badly. Safest would be, to really see and try on the clothes first, and after that decide what to do. Of the many items, I have bought online, I have only kept two items. And I have ordered way more. The returning part is always stressing ( for me ) as is the waiting too.

  21. Katriona
    June 4, 2010 / 3:33 am

    Love the clothes, love the styles– but I’m sorry, I quail at the sight of those fur collars. They look pretty but if they aren’t fox, like the ones I’ve seen promoted by a very stylish blogger–(and you don’t want to know how “ranch” foxes are killed to preserve the pelts)— what are they, at 89.00 per ? Many fur collars are made in asia from dog fur. Either way, I want nothing to do with the furtherance of that kind of commerce.
    Of course, if it’s a great faux fur (they’re out there) sign me up!

  22. June 4, 2010 / 5:15 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. June 4, 2010 / 2:20 pm

    This is great stuff — so clean and rich at the same time, witty and striking without screaming for attention (although it will certainly get it!)

  24. June 4, 2010 / 6:03 pm

    wow, lovely! I too am drooling. Weren’t we going to save money and not buy stuff for a long, long time??? 🙂

  25. June 5, 2010 / 3:00 pm

    If I saw these images sans commentary, I would not know that they were from Talbots. What a change in game! Talbots is upping its style in a most appealing manner.

  26. Karen Karlsen AICI FLC
    June 6, 2010 / 12:25 am

    FINALLY they are getting chic I was beginning to doubt all the hype!

  27. June 6, 2010 / 7:36 am

    I absolutely love the 26. one!

  28. June 6, 2010 / 4:59 pm

    Really lovely images – I like all of them! Over here Talbots has a bit of a frumpy image but I think I need to take another look.

  29. June 6, 2010 / 8:02 pm

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I do agree that the styling here really makes these pieces stand out. I’ll also be curious to see how the fabrics and cuts turn out when they start arriving in stores. But I think Talbot’s is getting the message about turning up the style factor a bit, and that’s encouraging. I really do like this particular direction.

  30. June 9, 2010 / 2:39 pm

    I have always loved shopping at Talbots and you made me realize that they have a European style with American fit.

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