Fichu de la semaine

It’s still a bit chilly here most mornings, and will be up until July. This is a nice way to keep your neck warm without a lot of bulk. Scarf is “Jardins d’Hiver.” Fold diagonally into an oblong, drape around the neck with the ends hanging down in front, twist the ends around each other twice, then pull ends to the back and tie in a square knot.

Materfamilias briefly mentioned in a post from last weekend that I don’t usually show my face when posting pictures of my scarves or clothes on this blog. This isn’t due to any deficit of narcissism on my part, but rather because I tend to freeze up when a camera is pointed in my direction, and the look on my face is strained to the point that a viewer might reasonably be led to believe I’m in thumbscrews. If I try to smile, it’s worse.

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  1. How satisfying to see you, Pseu, the intelligence and elegance in your posts evident in your face! Beautiful – bisous.

    That’s one of my favourite scarf ties. Are you starting with what Hermes calls the “basic fold”, which gives you a longer length to drape around your neck before the 2 twists? I’m guessing that’s what you man by the ‘oblong’.

  2. I love the way you wear this scarf and I also love this self-portrait — somehow it conveys a really grounded person, someone who knows and likes who she is.
    btw, when I posted, I certainly didn’t mean to criticize you for not showing your face — somehow it seemed more dignified or something than what I was doing, and I was trying to figure out why I was posting as I did and whether I should continue. (also liked the way you photoshopped (?) that oval out of your photos). Hope I didn’t offend.

  3. duchesse – merci! Yes, it’s the “basic” fold, where you lay the scarf flat, and then fold opposite diagonal corners in, and keep folding in that way until the scarf is the desired thickness.

    materfamilias – oh no, no offense taken at all! I didn’t take it as criticism, and didn’t mean to imply that. It just made me question why I’m so reluctant to “put myself out there” as it were, and I decided that it was time. It had started to feel a bit of an affectation to block out my identity.

  4. sue – thank you. Doing these posts is fun for me and challenges me to keep trying new things.

    Style spy – well we both have excellent taste in scarves, n’est-ce pas? Thank you.

    materfamilias – thank you!

  5. Thank you for taking a little bit of a risk with your self portrait. Perhaps you’re being a touch too self critical, but isn’t that something we all do? I see a lovely, confident woman wearing a beautiful scarf.

    If you feel comfortable, do share again. Believe me, it’s not easy to put yourself out there. However, we are usually more harsh with ourselves than anyone else would dare to be.

  6. You look terrific! Put together, not overdone. Thoughtful, not stuffy. Thanks for this! You may have inspired me to get a short crop, and give up this long stringy ponytail.

  7. You look amazing, just gorgeous! Love the hair, glasses, & scarf. Thank you for posting you as you – I know how hard it is to put yourself “out there” so I really appreciate it.

    Besides, it’s nice to see what real women, our peers, look like instead of the constant barrage of photoshopped, tweaked, styled celebrities the media seems to think we want to emulate.

  8. nanflan and dana – thank you so much. It’s true, we rarely see ourselves as others see us.

    sadiesue – thanks. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about that (and Linda Grant at Thoughtful Dresser linked today to a piece that mentions the same thing). We don’t see images in the media anymore of women over 40 in a relatively natural state or when you do (as the Sarah Jessica Parker wedding gown pics) people react as if sagging and wrinkles are somehow abnormal on a woman her age.

  9. You are lovely–as I knew you would be. The scarf is great on you. You really are a scarf expert. I hope to buy a scarf with you on our upcoming adventure–then I can figure out what to do with it.

  10. Great Hair! I was just writing on my own blog about never seeing images of women above a certain age, so thank-you. You look wonderful.