Foulard de la semaine le cheveux.

I’ve probably featured this scarf before, but thought I’d also take this opportunity to show what I decided to do with my hair….nothing! I’ve just continued to let it grow out a bit, allowing the stylist to just clean up the ends. I think at this point what I’m aiming for is a chin-length layered bob. Boring, je sais, but it will be easy to style and maintain, and give some softness around the face.


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  1. I typically do not post comments, but read your blog faithfully. Love it! I think you may want to re-think your opinion of those dark colors near your face. That scarf is absolutely beautiful on you! I love it paired with that gray top. I wouldn’t have thought of that combination. If you like the green near your face, and if the pants are either gray or black, you could try adding a nice pair of green flats (my choice would be a dark green suede driving moc, in a similar hue to your glasses-they are green right?) you could also try flipping the scarf to the green side, if that makes you more comfortable. Hope the green and grey doesn’t bring you to far out of your comfort zone, but it is a color that looks great on red-heads. Btw, since I am so freely offering opinions today, I also think the chin-length layered bob would be very nice on you! Besides, anything flattering to you is NEVER boring!

  2. I really like your hair with this softness — and I agree with what Marsi’s saying about bobs (I’m admittedly biased since that’s how mine’s been styled for months now).
    And I love the colours of that scarf — and, like aaonce, I think they’re flattering on you.

  3. Pseu, hope you don’t mind another compliment- this softness and movement is terrific on you! You’re already closing in on a bob- are you standing under a grow light?

    Love scarf on you in those colours and have it in the pink/orange myself.

  4. I just got a chin length layered bob two days ago and I LOVE IT!! It is so flattering and dare I say….makes my neck look skinny with the way the front ends cut into my neck. Bonus.

  5. I think you will look great in a layered bob. A good stylist can prevent them looking boring.I have had one for the past 18 months and love it. I think that one of the good things about bobs is that, dependent on how they are cut and layered, they can look very different on different people.
    Beautiful scarf as well.

  6. I love bobs, love them love them love them!! (Can you tell I have a bob?!) My favorite version — the one that makes me feel sauciest — is very, very short in the back (less than an inch long, even!) and angling to very full, long sides in the front, maybe an inch or so below the chin. Long, sideswept bangs in front.

    Think of all the stylish women who’ve rocked a bob of one style or another: Coco Chanel, Louise Brooks, Anna Wintour, Natalie Portman, Catherine Zeta-Jones (in “Chicago”), etc. I think it’s the chicest hairstyle of all.

  7. The colours in the scarf suit you perfectly. And, growing out your hair does add that softness. Just beautiful!

  8. Oh bob’s are fabulous and not at all boring. You are already heading in that direction and it looks so good on you. And the colors in that scarf are so flattering to your face. Really, you radiate lovliness.

  9. Deja – a woman who sports a bob much of the time I don’t believe the are boring – there are so many varieties!

    Love that scarf on you – the colours are perfect for you.

  10. Vous êtes toutes trop gentilles! (You are all too kind!)

    aaonce – thank you so much for “delurking!” Actually I’m well within my comfort zone with grey; it’s my favorite neutral and I’ll wear it with just about any other color.

    Marsi – so true about History’s Best Bobs! In the past, I’ve tried to do something too structured and geometric which just doesn’t work with my hair and facial structure. I’m hoping that by keeping it softer and layered it will work for me.

  11. Mervat – thank you so much!

    Materfamilias – your bob was inspiration for me, even though we have very different hair types. Thanks about the scarf; at first I wasn’t sure of these colors, but end up wearing this probably more than any other scarf in my collection.

  12. Duchesse – thank you so much. I wish I’d picked up this scarf in some other colorways! I love the orange.

    Bonjour Madame – how is it that I hadn’t found your fabulous blog until today??? I’ve remedied my error and have added you to my blogroll. It seems the bob is the go-to hairstyle for the chic set!

  13. Sheila – yes, I’m realizing that the cut is key. I’ve had “bad” bobs in the past…wrong length, too severe, and just wrong for me. Fortunately I have a hair stylist who I think will help me get to Bob Perfection.

    Cécile – another vote for Bob…it’s unanimous so far! Thanks for your comment.

    WendyB – I’m honestly surprised you don’t have one already! 😉

  14. Mardel – yes, I’m regretting that “boring” remark. I think it’s because I’ve had boring bobs in the past. But I am now a Bob Convert!

    Jacqueline – welcome and thanks for reading and your comment! I love short hair too, but just was feeling that it was a bit too severe. I may go back someday…when it comes to hair I’m nothing if not fickle.

  15. Imogen – you’re absolutely right and I take back my “boring” comment. I think it was my own bad bob experience that resulted in a boring cut, but no more! And thanks for your compliment about the scarf.

    Tessa-Scoffs – thank you, and maybe, a little bit.

  16. Deja, I’m with all above compliments. The cut is great – really soft and feminine and suits you. I would add one small detail – for a more ‘European’ feel and to add to the freshness of the cut, I think the whole lot needs to be brushed back off the face more, possibly using a little setting putty on the roots to hold it there with a natural feel. L’Oreal do one call ‘Out of Bed’ which I’ve used for years.

  17. Hello, Hello! I just found you;read today’s post;then your other hair posts; then I found your original short hair cut and realized I was here to stay!!! I loved your Jean Seberg haircut. I too have had that hair cut and loved it but for some reason I always grow my hair out. My hair is very thick and grows fast and as soon as it gets to my shoulders I get itchy for an Annie Lennox ‘do’.I seem to be in a 1 1/2 long/short cycle.I think bobs look good when hair is straight and heavy and the cut has a sculptural appeal. I agree with you that short short says so much more than looong. On my next free day I will be reading your entire blog. ta, for now.

  18. This comment is coming late,,cause the publish/edit blocks were missing yesterday on my mac !? Anyways, I liked your short hairstyle before, but since you want a change, I´ll say: Go for it. I now have hair just long enough to pull it in a messy small bun, which is practical for my life style. I used to have very thick hair in my youth, but as aging, not any more. Is anyone else sharing the loss too? I love your red hair!

  19. metscan – my hair has always been fairly thin, but I haven’t noticed it thinning further…yet. I’m sure that joyful part of aging is yet to come. ;-p

    greying pixie – thanks so much, and I’ll try fixing it back a bit. (Though “Bangs, not Botox” keeps running through my head.) I’m hesitant to use most “products” as they tend to weight my hair down, but I imagine a little mousse might work the same trick.