Holiday Sparkle ✨ Giveaway & A Special Beauty Offer

Susan B's favorite pieces from French Kande Saint Sulpice holiday collection. Details and a giveaway (!) at une femme d'un certain age.

As my way of saying Thank You to my readers, over the last few days I’ve been hosting giveaways of some of my favorite products. You all know how much I love French Kande jewelry. 😍 So to kick off the holiday season, I wanted to share the love. ❤️

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Above are a few of my favorite pieces from the Saint Sulpice Holiday Collection. (See how I’m wearing mine, HERE.) I’m giving away a $300 French Kande gift card, so that one lucky winner can choose their own favorite piece!

How To Enter The Giveaway

Entries will be open until 11:59pm on Monday 12/2. A winner will be drawn at random, and will be announced once confirmed.

  • Leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” field at the bottom of this blog post (not in widget) and tell us which French Kande piece you would choose. (If it’s your first time commenting, your comment will be held for moderation, so don’t worry if it takes a little while to display on the post.)
  • Using the widget below, enter your name and a valid email where we can contact you if you are selected as the winner.
  • You can get additional entries by referring a friend, visiting my Facebook page, and the French Kande Facebook page. (Just follow the steps in the widget.)
  • Be sure to use the widget below, or your entries will not be registered!
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Bonne chance!

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  1. I love French Kande for its unique style and sassy attitude, but I would choose a classic pearl necklace ~ the FIVE STRANDED WHITE PEARL WITH ABEILLE MEDALLION. Pearls add a touch of elegance to any outfit, and this necklace is a wonderful rendition of a traditional look.

  2. Hi Susan— I would choose number 6 above from the beautiful French Kande collection. I am a winter and silver tone jewelry looks best with my coloring and being petite, the size and proportion would be perfect. I have never seen a piece of their jewelry in person and there isn’t a store in my area that carries any of the French Kande jewelry. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I’ve been eyeing French Kande for a while — so hard to choose! I’d probably go for one of the mid-length, silvertone necklaces with night tide stones. And I love the FK Petite options as well. Much as I love the look of bold statement jewelry, it can be overwhelming on a small frame.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. What beautiful pieces from French Kande! I would have a hard time choosing between the faceted pyrite (#4) or the double strand (#6).

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the giveaway!

  5. What a great giveaway! I’d choose the Golden Shadow Swarovski Chain, with Gold Swarovski Cuvee and Sword & Crown Pendants. Good for my long torso shape and love the two metal colors together.

  6. New subscriber here who is learning from you and others to expand her clothing styles. I would like the Miel Chevalier bee necklace you wore recently. Thank you!

  7. Since I went silver with my hair gold is less attractive on me…so it would have to be #6. It would be very striking against my usual column of color way of dressing.

  8. I love your blog and your tasteful French Kande. If I could choose anything from French Kande, it would be the bee – “Miel Cheval Necklace Gold”. If it had to be one of the six displayed, No. 3 for sure!
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels for all those on the road.

  9. Not sure these are scaled for me but would enjoy the chance to experiment. And I know the perfect person to gift this to!

    1. How generous of you, Susan, to say Thank You to your readers in this special way!!

      The long necklace, number 2, is so glittery & versatile — I’d love it both casual & for dressy special occasions.

      Your blog is my favorite, so honest & helpful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Of the six you picture I’d choose number six. I like the mixture of textures within it as well as the versatile length. Love French Kande!

  11. Hi Susan – if it weren’t for you, I would never have heard of French Kande! Now I have eight pieces and practically a speed-dial relationship with their shop in El Segundo. (Hello, Veronica!) If I could to choose one of your options above, I would choose the triple stranded pearl bracelet because I am shy in the bracelet department, and I would switch to a silver medallion as I am a Winter. Thanks for making this available to us.

  12. I’ve visited the French Kande site many times since introduced to their designs by your blog. I‘’ve admired the Swarovski and pearl with silver wire and pointu pendant and #6 has a similar look which I love. Thanks for the give-aways, fun to look forward to in the morning!

  13. I love French Kande!!! Ive been trying to decide….crushing on silverite with st. Christopher mike medallion. but I also love #4!!! Love the mix of gold and silver. Love your blog!!!!

  14. French Kande jewelry is gorgeous. I think for me it would have to be the lovely sword and crown pendant necklace, #2. Thank you, Susan!

  15. I love the long chain pieces and would wear with a longer tunic top and my French Kande pearl bracelet. Probably #4 would be my choice.

  16. I love your posts and look forward to them so much. You have made me look at clothes and dressing in an entirely different way. You are invariably neat,chic and appropriate whilst retaining your individuality.
    If I won the giveaway I would go for the pearl pendant necklace. Pearls are my birthstones and are unerringly flattering.
    Regards Vicki

  17. I would get number 4 and would probably add other pieces to it. Every time I save some extra money to buy a necklace something happens and I have to delay the purchase. I love to see the way Susan styles those pieces with her outfits. I was never aware of that brand until I started following her blog.

  18. I am a “pearl girl”, so I would choose either #1 or #5, but every piece is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, Susan, and I hope your holidays are everything you hope for!

  19. What’s so fun about French Kande is the way you can layer up several pieces and it just all works….I love no. 6!

  20. I would choose number 3 as a fine introduction to French Kande jewelry. Would not have known this line of jewelry without subscribing to your very helpful blog so thank you very much.

  21. All the French Kande pieces are beautiful, but if I were lucky enough to choose, I would want the double strand bee bracelet. My name, Melissa, means “honey bee” in Hebrew.

  22. Hi Susan! What a thoughtful gift giveaway. I have never purchased anything from French Kande , but have been admiring your pieces.
    The bracelet #3 really speaks to me! I love anything with a bee motif…since my name is Bea lol!!

  23. Hi Susan. I always admire your French Kande and would love to own one. My choice would be # 5 the double strand pearl necklace. Wouldn’t I be grand in that!!

  24. I am going on my first cruise in the spring and would love a beautiful statement piece to dress up my outfit for “elegant night.” Number 4 would be perfect. I enjoy your blog and especially enjoy the travel wardrobe advice and the way you mix style and practicality. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  25. It is nice to see French Kande introduce these smaller pieces. They are all beautiful. Silver jewelry looks best on me now so would choose either the bee bracelet #3 or the double strand necklace #6.

  26. The necklace with the pendant to go with my pearl bracelet with Joan of Arc and my other French Kande necklaces. They go with do many outfits.

  27. All are beautiful, but if I had to choose it would be No. 2. I loved how it looked on you on a previous post! Thank you for this opportunity!

  28. They are all lovely, but my favourite is the bee bracelet. Thank you for the opportunity to win this generous gift card!

  29. I would love number 6!!!

    I have been eyeing French Kande necklaces for years, but they were always out of my price range. I would love to win this one!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  30. I would enjoy the GOLDEN SHADOW SWAROVSKI, CHAIN, GOLD SWAROVSKI CUVEE AND SWORD & CROWN PENDANT #2. Layering this beautiful piece of jewelry with my antique pieces would be so fun to wear., dressing it up or being just casual.

  31. Ever since seeing your collection of French Kande jewelry I am obsessed with it. I pour over their website. I am in love with one particular necklace, but sadly can’t afford it, so I just lust after it! I would absolutely love #5. The coins really speak to me. Thank you for all that you do in bringing my fashion sense up a few notches!

  32. The pearl and medallion necklace reminds me of the double strand of pearls my grandmother always wore, so that would be my first choice. However, all of the French Kande pieces are absolutely stunning. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  33. #6 i?s my favorite of these here! When I go to the site there are lots of things I could spend a gift card on. This is great jewelry!

  34. I love them all! I especially like the double strand of pearls and the golden shadow Swarovski. What a great give away!

  35. This is so much fun, Susan! I would choose #4. I like the mix of metals and the midi length. As a soft autumn I wear both silver and gold.

  36. I own a few pieces of French Kande on your recommendation and enjoy wearing them. They are always such unique pieces. I would choose piece 6 as the silver tone would work well for me.

  37. I would choose the bee bracelet. I have a French Kande bee necklace and wear it all the time, with everything from jeans and a turtleneck to a LBD with heels.

  38. I was introduced to the French Kande line when I began following your blog several years ago. I love the unique designs and detailed craftsmanship. Having a cool colour palette, I’d opt for either of the silver options: #3 (the bee bracelet) or #6 (the double strand silverite pendant necklace). Thanks for sponsoring this special giveaway!

  39. Thank you, Susan, for this opportunity! From what you have listed, I would choose #3. But my absolute favorite on the French Kande website is the PEARLS WITH SILVER WIRE AND GOLD CANARD MIEL STACK MEDALLION. I love that necklace!

  40. Susan,
    As a fashion lover and a gardener I would choose the bee bracelet. I love my bees and plant a variety of flowers so that they can flourish. The bracelet would be a beautiful reminder of my passion for my beloved bees.

  41. LOVE #4 . I prefer a long necklace, somehow more flattering on me. Color is great, would pull together any outfit. Lovely.
    Thank you for doing contest, Susan.

  42. Loving the gold & pearl bracelet number 1. I am attending a pearl themed birthday party in two weeks. We’re celebrating a friends milestone birthday and we’ll all be wearing our pearls!

  43. I would love the sword and crown pendants. You can always tell when the jewelry is French Kande – love the look.

  44. Hi Susan! I would choose number 5. The double pearl strand with Mary medallion. Simple, just my style. My husband purchased a green beaded piece with a bee medallion for me a few years back and I just love it. Suzanne

  45. Great French Kande’ giveaway! I love the 3. bracelet, but also the 5. pearls and coin necklace. It would be a difficult choice, but perhaps I’d offset the purchase if I win and get both!!! Thank you.

  46. Whoa!! Loads of comments! I’d pick 5 if I won!
    I tracked down FK owner, on a visit to LA…she was sweet! I was surprised to learn pieces are made to order….

  47. They are all beautiful but I think I would get CHARTREUSE PEARLS WITH FLEUR PENDANT AND TASSEL for my DIL as a Christmas present.. Both are beautiful!

  48. Oh, my goodness, how to choose? They are all so beautiful! I guess I would choose #6 because I prefer silver. But that also means #3 is a very close choice. Then there are those pearls. I do love pearls. This is why I don’t allow myself to go to the French Kande website. I would spend hours drooling over everything because it is all so beautiful!

  49. I love the #5 double strand pearl necklace–the short necklace would be more flattering on my short stature and I am warmer tone, so I like the gold coloring.

  50. Wow …. I love them all but if I had to choose, it would be one of the necklaces. I don’t currently have any French Kande jewelry, however, I had admired them so much!

  51. I would choose number 4 for layering , but number 6 the double strand- iconic French Kane’s’.
    I love her Facebook site.
    Thank you for always coming through with great gift and style suggestions.

  52. Susan I learned about French Kande from your blog, so thank you! I purchased a necklace for myself and my sister and we both love them. I especially love #4 because of the long length.

  53. I choose a piece in gold from the FK Petite collection…probably a necklace, but it’s so hard to narrow it down any further!

  54. I would choose number two -The Golden Shadow Pendant. I love the French Kande line and always love the way you wear the pieces from it that you use to accessorize with.

  55. I’ve always been partial to silver, but know I should be wearing more gold. The #4 necklace combines the two tones beautifully.

  56. I always longed for a French Kande piece–so unique and charming. I would choose #4. Recently I had my colors re-evaluated (Susan, you triggered this for me!) and gold is still the jewelry color I should be choosing (despite my silver hair!). I could use a longer pendant type necklace so # 4 fits the bill perfectly.

  57. I would love any of the longer necklaces #2 would be my first choice. They are absolutely beautiful and hve admired them for years .

  58. I’m drawn to #3. I love the necklace you wore in the post yesterday with the bee. I’m obsessed with bees. Happy Thanksgiving!

  59. I would choose 4

  60. I love your blog and French Kande! I’d be thrilled with any of the pieces above but #3 would be my first pick. Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  61. I would love to own a piece of French Kande jewelry! I would choose either a double or triple strand bracelet with silver medallion.

  62. What a fabulous give away! I’ve been admiring French Kande for a very long time. If I win, fingers crossed, I would choose necklace #5. Thanks for doing this. You are going to make some lucky girl very happy!❤️

  63. It was a hard decision, but I think I’d choose SWAROVSKI SIGNET RING WITH BLACK MINI ABEILLE MEDALLION. I love the raised B and black goes with everything…right?

  64. Oh la la! I could see myself wearing number 3, the bee bracelet in the silver tones. But they are all lovely and would be fabulous for the holidays!!h

  65. All of the jewelry French Kande sells is beautiful. I would choose the pearl necklace, #5, it is very versatile and would complement all of my outfits.

  66. I would love #2, #3, or #6, or any of the more delicate silver pieces. The pearls are gorgeous as well! Thank you for this giveaway!

  67. I would choose the double strand pearl necklace. It’s so beautiful and perfect for dressing up an a holiday outfit.


  69. I really like #4 with the gold and gray combination. I like #6, too, the long one that you are wearing. It’s really hard to choose!

  70. Susan, I really love item 2. It has a medieval feel to it, and I’m really intrigued by French history. My family immigrated from Normandy to Québec in the late 1700s, and then down the Mississippi River to Missouri in about 1790. I am proud to still bear their name. I can just see this piece over my Eileen Fisher long-sleeved black tee, which I always pack in my travel carry-on, as you recommended a while back.

  71. I have coveted owning a French K. ( I call them Candy).
    I love them all but number 4 is my favorite.
    Love the Gold & Silver mix.
    I really think it would me my go to necklace most everyday.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Thank you for this opportunity that makes my heart go putter patter.

  72. Just recently purchased my first piece of French Kande because of being introduced to this line by your blog. That piece is brass so number 4 FACETED PYRITE WITH SILVER WIRE, GOLD HEART FOB AND SWAROVSKI POINTU PENDANT would be a wonderful addition.

  73. My favorite in this selection is Golden Shadow, #2. I also love the French Kande line and put it on my wish list for Christmas and all future occasions. Thanks for the opportunity to play and for the blog!

  74. I would love to have number 4. I have been and admirer for a long time but have never actually seen a piece in person, to have one would be wonderful.

  75. Thank you. So hard to choose and what a lovely opportunity! Have always admired this line. Especially love #3. The Bee bracelet.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  76. What a lovely offer! I so like their pieces; difficult to choose, but I’d probably go for #5; something classic about pearls that can be dressed up or down, and that gold medaillion is such a nice touch. Watching your color journey has made me realize that although I have been drawn to silver, not gold, my entire life, gold is actually a better color for me. Quel Shoque!

  77. Thank you Susan for introducing me to French Kande. I now have a wonderful collection. I would choose necklace #2 to add the perfect sparkle to my holiday outfits. I have visited the FK Studio and met Kande and her whole family. What wonderful people. It’s so great to buy and support local artisans.

  78. The French Kande jewelry is gorgeous. I love their creations! The double strand silver necklace (#6) is just my style. Fingers crossed for being selected to receive such a lovely piece! Merci

  79. I’d choose #4. This jewelry line has such a unique melding of vintage style with a modern twist. Thanks for introducing me to them!

  80. Double strand swarkovski with mini abielle medallion. I have enjoyed une femme for years and have bought suggested items and followed travel advice!

    Every post that features this line always catches my eye and makes me swoon!

  82. Thank you for this offer. I have looked longingly at French Kande. I would choose #2. I think this long necklace would be a often worn item over the winter sweaters worn during Midwest winters. Love the crystals for sparkle and the gold.
    Happy Holidays!

  83. I’d choose #5 because shorter necklaces suit me best, and this one is stunning. French Kande is a bit out of my price range, so I’d love to win a piece in this giveaway!

  84. Thank-you for the opportunity to win! My choice would be #3 because it goes with other Kande pieces I already own. Love the new colour direction of your wardrobe. Ronda

  85. I would choose the timeless pearl necklace (#5) Classic enough for everyday wear and timeless enough to dress up.

  86. Susan, thank you for introducing me to beautiful French Kande jewelry. I’ve been longing for a necklace ever since! If I could chose anything from the French Kande site, I love the Lourdes chain necklace with Bravoure medallion. If selecting from your favorites list above I would happily chose number 4. Thank you for this opportunity!

  87. Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway. I’ve been lusting over french Kande jewelry for quite some time. I would choose #5, the double strand pearls – a beautiful classic piece.

  88. I really like all the French Kande pieces. Thank you for introducing this jewelry to me.
    If I am lucky enough to win my choice would be number 3.
    Suz from Vancouver

  89. Wow Susan! Number 5 is stunning! It’s so unusual and gives a nod to antique pieces. It would suit my warm colouring being gold toned.

  90. I would choose #4 – it fits my more casual lifestyle so I could wear it more often and I like the mix of metals on this piece.

  91. I have adored the French Kanye pieces since I first saw them on your blog. I am a sucker for the French bee, so I would have to say number 3.

  92. Number 4 is my favorite of that selection. All of French Kande is beautiful and what a wonderful giveaway. Congratulations to whomever is the lucky winner!

  93. Oh BEE still my beating heart, #3! I love the beautiful beads with the bee charm, French Kande is sooooo gorgeous!

  94. This is a such a generous giveaway, Susan. They are all beautiful pieces, but my heart goes to #5. I have one set of French Kande jewelry, thanks to being exposed to it on your blog, and love it! Wish I could buy more. Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece.

  95. I really enjoy reading your blog, and have admired the very distinctive French Kande jewellery for a long time. I‘ve now started to see people wearing it here in the UK. As a bee lover (my garden is stuffed with plants to attract them!) my choice would be the gorgeous cable chain with labradorite and miel. I’m hoping to find it in my Christmas stocking, but suspect Father Christmas has other ideas….

  96. Oh, I hope I win this one! I love 4 and 6, those beautiful pendant necklaces with a combination of gold and silver tones.

  97. #5 is gorgeous, the unique French Kande mix of strong and feminine is very compelling to me at this time in my life, never felt more content, being a new grandmother may have something to do with it !

  98. Thank you for this opportunity! I would choose #4 above. I love the pyrite and the shape. Although, #2 is also lovely.

  99. #5 is gorgeous, the unique French Kande mix of strong and feminine is very compelling to me at this time in my life, never felt more content, being a new grandmother may have something to do with it !

  100. I would choose the double strand silverite. Every year my husband gives me a Swavorski crystal snowflake for Christmas. This necklace reminds me of that! Love them all though. I think the bracelet reminds me of jewelry my mother and aunts had many years ago!

  101. thanks for the giveaway! your blog has introduced me to this brand, it is such a gorgeous and unique line, I love all the pieces you have featured. If I win, I’d choose 5, the medallion double strand of pearls. So me! Honors my Catholic heritage, my namesake, the French province of Lorraine, and my love of Coco Chanel inspired layered pearl looks.

  102. I would choose #6. In a devotee of French Kande and wear the pieces I have often. The winner will be lucky as the pieces in the new collection look lovely!

  103. I’ve never owned a French Kande piece but always admire them on you. They seem perfect for a rather tentative jewellery wearer, not too overpowering but with that “ special something” to lift an outfit. My personal favourite is the second one, I like gold and the long line will help with my short neck issues

  104. Oh I just want all of them. But I would select one of the honeybee necklaces and give it to my Daughter in Law who is a beekeeper. She lost most of her hive last year when the bees swarmed and left and she was crushed. So a French Kande bee necklace would lift her spirits.

  105. Oh, those pearls are magnificent.
    I certainly don’t say it enough, but thank you!
    You’ve certainly inspired so many with your practical sensibility coupled with your spot-on elegant style.

  106. I have several French Kande necklaces but have never purchased a FK bracelet. The three strand pearl with the heart medallion is perfect! A good start to my FK bracelet collection!

  107. I would choose the “miel” bee bracelet because my husband is a hobbyist beekeeper and, because of that, I love anything “abeille.” Merci!

  108. What a fun giveaway!! I have admired French Kande since discovering on your site for the first time. I would LOVE number 5 with the pearls!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. New follower here!!

  109. I love them all but would probably choose #2, the “Golden Shadow Swarovski, Chain, Gold Swarovski Cuvee and Sword & Crown Pendants”.

  110. I’ve admired your French Kande pieces for some time! I love bracelets and bees so what could be more perfect than this charming bracelet?

  111. This is exciting. I was introduced to French Kande through this blog and love it. I have purchased 3 pieces and enjoy them. The necklaces are what I’m drawn to and the pearl one , number 5, is stunning. I’m small stature so the short length works so well. The medallion features one of my most admired women of all time witch is a lovely bonus. Thanks for this opportunity, I’ll keep my eyes crossed and hope I’m lucky,


  113. Almost every time you feature French Kande I go to their website and contemplate getting a piece. Then the frugal me steps in and I never click buy. This would be a great way to finally get myself a stunning piece. I think #6 would be my choice today.

  114. I learned about French Kande from this blog. Wonderful stuff!!! My favorites are numbers 5 and 4. Having just been through some major family health crises, I would love a beautiful treat.

  115. From one Susan to another – I’ve always loved the French Kande jewellry but never been able to choose a piece. The bee bracelet is beautiful. Thanks again for your blog – enjoy reading every post!

  116. I adore the number 5 French Kande pearl and medallion necklace. It appeals to my love of history and yet it is edgy and so current. I cannot go past pearls.
    Know first who you are, and adorn yourself accordingly. I love this advice you publish on your blog from Epictetus.
    Thankyou for a wonderful offer and moreover your informative and great blog that I look out for every week.
    I regularly follow your travel advice!!!

  117. I’d start with the ROLO CHAIN WITH SWAROVSKI ACCENTS AND BLACK MIEL PENDANTS, and then layer it with the ROLO CHAIN WITH MIEL PENDANT AND ROCK CRYSTAL DANGLE, because I love the look of French Kande layered like that, and bees. Love the bees.

  118. Hello, I would love to win #6 – I love that it is two necklaces in one and I find it very pretty. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  119. I have long admired your selection of French kande jewelry and would be thrilled to own a piece. So hard to choose but really like the pearls and medallion necklace. Thank you for your inspiration!

  120. My favourite piece is the SILVERITE WITH SILVER WIRE, SWAROVSKI AND ST. CHRISTOPHER MIKO MEDALLION. Thank you for the wonderful offer. Love French Kande jewelry!

  121. Hi Susan, I would choose the GOLDEN SHADOW SWAROVSKI, CHAIN, GOLD SWAROVSKI CUVEE AND SWORD & CROWN PENDANTS because the pendant reminds me of a Medieval castle window. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  122. It is tough to choose just one! I think the the double strand silverite necklace (#6) would be my choice. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  123. Wow! This is hard because they are all gorgeous Susan!! Based on my “colors” I think I would choose number 6, the double strand with crystals and sparkly embellishments!!! The bee bracelet is a very close choice as well!! FRENCH KANDE is always gorgeous and love her pieces!

  124. So kind of you & so apropos that you would choose to give away a piece from the French Kande collection. I associate it with you. You’re such a fine ambassador for the line! I would choose # 6 , silver design necklace as I do have pearls & gold chains.I love the purity of the colour & simplicity. I can dress it up or dress it down. Hope I get the magic call! Merry Christmas.

  125. I have admired French Kande jewelry for several years, but unfortunately my budget does not allow for this beautiful expense. I would love to have necklace #6 and I would treasure it.

  126. I love the bracelet with the bee. I Always plant something in my garden for the bees. I enjoy seeing them flying from flower to flower.

  127. I was so taken with French Kande jewelry from the first time you featured it…..aaahhhhh. Classic, charming and graceful – who could resist? If I had to choose just one then #3 would be my choice. Love the little bee!

  128. All of the French Kande pieces are beautiful, each has it’s own personality. I would choose #5 because I love the double strand of pearls mixed with the gold medallion. So classy!
    Thank you for sharing your style.

  129. Unless I am mistaken Susan is giving away a $300.00 gift certificate so you can pick whichever piece you like. I don’t think we’re limited to the 6 she posted – they are her favorites.

  130. This is terrific! I would choose 2 because I was admiring you wearing it before I knew about the give away!

  131. From the highlighted collection, I love the Chartreuse Pearl with Fleur Pendant and Tassel. I have purchased a couple of their pieces, after being introduced to this brand, by you. Thank you!

  132. All the pieces are lovely! I’d choose number 2, one of the necklaces. I wear my silver FK necklace all the time. Thank you for having this contest and happy Thanksgiving to you and all your readers.

  133. I love your blog and what a lovely giveaway! If I had to choose it would be the long and lovely necklace #2. Merci!!!!

  134. I would choose #2, the GOLDEN SHADOW SWAROVSKI, CHAIN, GOLD SWAROVSKI CUVEE AND SWORD & CROWN PENDANTS. It looked so nice when you wore it. Thanks!

  135. How wonderful of you to offer this giveaway, Susan! Have admired French Kande since seeing you wear your pieces on the blog. So hard to choose but I would go for #6: such a beautiful statement necklace, but still delicate & intricate. ⚜️⚜️⚜️

  136. I have enjoyed your blog and I like French Kande too! Piece #5 is my favorite – a pearl girl all the way.
    I also like the color transformation of your wardrobe – it suits you well.
    Thank You

  137. These are all such beautiful pieces of jewellery. However, I adore your double strand pearl necklace. So classy. What a generous giveaway.

  138. Love your blog – don’t usually comment because I’m a reader not a talker and I love #3! I would bee very pleased to win – okay now you know why I just read and never comment…

  139. As much as I love #4, I would pick #3 because the name Melissa means honeybee, and it would be my signature bracelet, reminding me of my 50th birthday celebration in France this year! C’est jolie!

  140. Oh I’m torn–I love the dramatic length of the FACETED PYRITE WITH SILVER WIRE, GOLD HEART FOB AND SWAROVSKI POINTU PENDANT but… I’ve had my eye on the TIGER’S EYE MIX WITH BRASS WIRE AND L’ANGE MEDALLION for ages! Tough choice for sure… all the pieces are such a wonderful combination of drama and grace. Thanks for the chance!

  141. Well, I looked at the French Kande website and fell in love with several pieces. What I loved best was the pink pearl necklace with the fleur de lis pendant. I also loved a couple pair of earrings. But I’m sure there are many entries so I’m not too terribly confident I will win this. Oh well. Bon chance everyone!

  142. I’d choose. #2 or #4, as I love the long length (I’m 5’9”), and the mixed metals. I have a few pieces of French Kande, and adore them!


  144. Not easy to choose just one, but it would be the Night Tide mix with the crown and sword pendant. A longer length works best for me and would work beautifully with another French Kande piece I already own.

  145. I would just love love love the pearl bracelet- I can’t leave the house with out bracelets, lipstick and sunglasses!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win French Kande. I would never have been tuned into it if I hadn’t seen you wearing it all these years. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  146. Most definitely #6! I love the DOUBLE STRAND SILVERITE WITH SILVER WIRE, ALSACE CHAIN, SWAROVSKI FRENCH KISS AND POINTU PENDANT fits perfectly with my mostly silver jewelry, winter colors and funky, classic style. Could easily be that one piece that goes into the travel bag for every outfit.
    French Kande is for certain a company to check out when we visit France again next year.

  147. Hi Susan,
    Grateful for all your posts throughout the year! Happy Thanksgiving.

    Not sure if I understand the instructions, but of the choices above, I would choose No. 2. Of the FK pieces overall I think something in the FK Petite, maybe the Miel Cheval.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  148. What a generous offer, Susan!
    I love bracelets & wear one every day. My choice would be the Desir Cuff in sterling silver.

  149. I love ALL of them! But especially drawn to the Bee bracelet. Must be the master gardener in me.
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  150. My favourite isn’t on your list – it’s the Night tide mix with Silver Wire and La Treille medallion – JUST DIVINE.
    Almost gothic. I adore it. Thanks for the chance to enter Susan. I’ve never commented before, but i love your blog and always enjoy seeing how you put your outfits together. : ) k.

  151. I love French Kande as I do all of your posts, Susan. I would be happy with any of these choices but given a choice, I would pick the FACETED PYRITE WITH SILVER WIRE, GOLD HEART FOB AND SWAROVSKI POINTU PENDANT.

  152. I love so many from the new collection, but I think I’d choose one of the Night Tide Mix pieces….or one of the pearl ones….All of them are so very lovely. I enjoy your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  153. I’ve always coveted your French Kande Jewelery❤️. So hard to chose a favourite but would probably go withe #6, the Double Strand Silverstein necklace.

  154. Hi Susan,

    I especially love French Kande selection #4, the pyrite necklace with gold heart FOB. I love the blend of silver and gold! It would go with practically any outfit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  155. I would choose No. 6 as I wear silver rather than gold and choose jewellery that looks ‘like me’, and No. 6 does: the necklace is not too loud, not too demure and, yet, still uniquely interesting. It makes a statement.

  156. I would love to own #6, although, I would enjoy any of these. Thank you for affording the opportunity to having one of the beautiful French Kande pieces. It is much appreciated.

  157. Susan – There are so many lovely pieces, but PEARLS WITH SILVER WIRE AND GOLD CANARD MIEL STACK MEDALLION spoke to me. 🙂
    Thank you for bringing this opportunity to your readers.

  158. Susan – I pushed send before my post was complete. I checked out the entire set of the Saint Sulpice Holiday Collection and my comment was on the entire set. From the lovely collection you featured, I would LOVE to own any piece, but #2 is my favorite.
    Again, thank you!!!

  159. I love them all, but the #4, the pyrite and gold necklace is especially beautiful. I really love the new short necklace you have worn in some posts lately. I usually don’t like short necklaces but love that one.

  160. I love the long neckleces the most (2,4,,6) but the bracelet with the bee is darling.
    Thanks for doing the giveaways and Happy Thanksgiving!

  161. Love the ELONGATED BUBBLE CHAIN WITH MIEL, BELGIUM BACKPLATE AND TASSEL necklace! Thanks for the giveaway drawing. Thank you for your lovely thoughtful blog! Happy Thanksgiving from NoCal!

  162. I love the double stranded silverite bracelet…I wear bracelets every day and this one is special! Thank you so much for this giveaway; it is so thoughtful.

  163. If I won, I would like #3, the DOUBLE STRANDED SILVERITE Bracelet with Silver Wire and Miel Pendant. It is beautiful. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! and Happy Thanksgiving!

  164. I would choose the bee you wore this week: Bee Medallion Cheval Gold. I love bee icons and that one is very beautiful and a great length!

  165. Love the look of all the pieces but #2 is my favorite! So versatile: casual or dressy and easy to pair with other pieces. Fingers crossed!

  166. Have admired French Kande from afar. This was a hard decision but I love the double stranded silverite with silver wire and Miel pendant bracelet. Who doesn’t love bees?

  167. I haven’t been able to enter the contest, because the widget won’t take my email address. I love the Miel Cheval Necklace gold. I always admire it when I see your wearing it. It suits you so well as do all the pretty colors you’ve added to your wardrobe. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  168. These are so gorgeous! I love all of them, but would probably choose the long pyrite necklace. Thank you for the opportunity–happy Thanksgiving!

  169. I have loved this jewelry ever since I saw your first post that I received. I especially love #5 because I am petite and the length would be perfect.

  170. Been watching your use of French Kande and trying to copy it on the cheap. Unfortunately, it can’t be done! I’d choose a look,with grays and silvers for my subtle columns of gray and black.

  171. It would be #3 for me! I love the combination of the Silverstein with the bee charm but they are all gorgeous!

  172. What a lovely offer, thank you! I would choose #3, the silverite bracelet with the bee charm. It is unusual and striking–and bee jewelry is my favorite.

  173. Oh my, I have been following without commenting for a number of years. I very much appreciate your style and commentary! I have been tempted by French Kande for awhile, and it would be so difficult to chose, but I’d probably go with one of the longer pieces with a medallion.

  174. I love the layered look necklace #6. French Kande jewelry is gorgeous and I would love to have a piece. Thanks for the opportunity!

  175. Thanks to you, I have become a French Kande lover too!!! I would choose #6 as I love the layered look made easy! Thank you for such a generous giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  176. They are all so beautiful!! I would probably choose the SILVERITE, PYRITE AND CHAIN WITH SUN KING MEDALLION AND SWAROVSKI.

  177. I just love the sweet little bracelet with the bee charm. I have always admired French Kande jewerly. What a very nice giveaway!❤️

  178. It would be hard to choose just one! I have jewelry envy every time I see one of your posts with a piece of French Kande. I would try to narrow down my choice to either 4, 5 or 6; probably 4. Thanks for giving us a chance to dream about beautiful jewelry!

  179. I would love to have any of the French Kande pieces but I especially love the long necklace with the pyrite beads. I can think of several items in my wardrobe that would look great with that necklace.

    I wish French Kande was retailed in Canada. All the pieces are unique but very wearable.

  180. French Kande—love their stuff. It’s hard for me to choose between 2 and 3. I love the long slim necklaces, mais j’adore les abeilles aussi!

  181. I love the double strand pearl necklace #5. I love pearls in and the gold mixed in with pearls is beautiful and different.

  182. Ooo la la! I would love to own number 3! I own and treasure several other bee pieces. I get so many compliments when I wear them.


  184. Such beautiful pieces–not an easy choice by any means! I would choose either #2 GOLDEN SHADOW SWAROVSKI CHAIN AND PENDANT., or #5–the DOUBLE STRAND PEARLS. French Kande has such elegant statement pieces! Happy Thanksgiving!

  185. I have admired your French Kande collection for as long as I’ve been following your blog. It’s a toss up between #2 and #4 for me. I might possibly be leaning more towards #4. So sorry to hear about your pup. It’s so hard to let them go, but it is the ultimate act of love, kindness and gratitude for so many years of faithful companionship.

  186. Thank you for hosting the giveaways of some of your favorite products. It will give someone (me?!?!!!) the opportunity to try them out!

  187. I LOVE French Kande and learned about them first from your blog. I love #5 as it will go perfectly with my dress for Holiday parties. And, I just love bees! Thank you for your blog. It is inspirational!

  188. It’s hard to choose among all those beautiful pieces, but since I love bracelets, I would pick either #1 or #3.

  189. Probably go with #4, FACETED PYRITE WITH SILVER WIRE, GOLD HEART FOB AND SWAROVSKI POINTU PENDANT. It’s simple and elegant … and more importantly, that’s what I was told by she who will remain nameless.

  190. Wow, they have the prettiest stuff! I would choose #3 from your pick but, of course, I checked out the site and have a few faves of my own! I love the Miel Cheval Necklace and the Miel Stud Earrings. I just want to deck myself out in adorable bees, I guess.

  191. I would choose the

  192. I love #4 because of its 2 layers. I’ve see you wear your necklaces layered and really like how you style them.

  193. Thank you for introducing me to French Kande. I purchased a piece, a lovely long necklace in the matte black jasper with a medallion that has a compass face — perfect for me since I love to travel — and it has become rather a signature piece. I have purchased a few other things as well and am loving the newest collection. I’m just back from Italy; I’m so glad I didn’t miss this giveaway!

  194. I hope I understood your kind and generous offer. I’d love to win the $300. Gift Certificate and I’ve been perusing the French Kande web site for a while and I’m not sure which one I’d select. But I am submitting my comment in the hopes that I’ll be the lucky one who wins – and then I’ll have to buckle down and pick one.

  195. I am in love with the MIEL CHEVAL NECKLACE SILVER. It was so hard to pick just one item. So many amazing pieces.


  197. I love the DOUBLE STRAND PEARLS AND GOLD HEISHI . I can’t afford the price but this maybe my chance to own one! thank you for the generosity and happy holidays!

  198. I would choose #3, thanks so much for this opportunity. Enjoyed reading many articles in your blog, thanks again!

  199. I would choose the double strand pearls with medallion. I find as a petite with an ample bust, choker length works best. Thank you!

  200. Bonjour! I love the styles French Kande creates: as if one has found a hidden treasure at a Paris antique store!
    I would choose number 4, the faceted pyrite with the pointu pendant. It is elegant yet simple , stunning and unique. Something to be worn with a white silk bouse or a white cotton t-shirt.

  201. So many French Kande pieces to love but my favorite is number 3 – the double stranded silverite with silver wire and meil pendant bracelet.

  202. Wow Susan, what a generous give away! I’d love #4, as I’m pretty casual these days. All the pieces are beautiful though. Thank you for this chance to own one. Seasons Greetings, too!

  203. Hi Susan. I am glad you enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving. Thanks for this opportunity to enter the giveaway. I so enjoy your blog. I would like a ring if I won, possibly this one: SWAROVSKI SIGNET RING WITH 14K GOLD MINI ABEILLE MEDALLION. It is lovely.

  204. What a fun contest! I would go with #3, the double strand miel bracelet. LOVE that it is long enough for my larger wrists – it is such a challenge when so many bracelets are made shorter than 8”. Thank you for sponsoring such a lovely giveaway!

  205. It’s beautiful jewelry and I always enjoy seeing your pieces. I like 2 and 5 as well as the bee bracelet but would probably select the pearl necklace. Thank you, Pat

  206. Such a hard decision, as their pieces are all lovely. I particularly like the HALF DOUBLE STRAND SILVERITE AND PYRITE WITH LAREN MEDALLION.

  207. I have long admired your French Kande collection! I really like the bees but more than anything LOVE the angels.

  208. Dear Susan, first time on Pinterest for me and first time to follow a blog. I was drawn to yours-I was looking for inspiration for my wardrobe and I was drawn to your posts over and over and then finally found your blog. Thank you for doing this! For sharing all the information along with your thoughts not only on wardrobe, but other things of interest as well. I saw this drawing and thought I would try. Would be thrilled to win, but if not… that’s okay too. #4 has my interest. Thank you again.

  209. Susan, thank you, for your generosity. The only French Kande piece I own, mostly due to cost, is a double strand pearl bracelet. It is an eye catcher, so the pearl necklace may be a good choice. I mix my jewelry using both gold and silver, and the white pearls with the gold medallion would work. My first choice of metals is silver, so I lean heavily toward the layered #6. Have a great holiday season.

    is my choice it looks beautiful.

  211. So hard to choose ! However the faceted silverite and pyrite with fleur cross stack and tassel long necklace does catch my eye!

  212. DOUBLE STRANDED SILVERITE WITH SILVER WIRE AND MIEL PENDANT but they are all really special and cute gifts for people I love and maybe to even spoil myself.

  213. It would have to be one of the beautiful necklaces. I can’t pick just one, but I suppose I will should I get lucky !

  214. I’d love the chance to win the GC – I’m not exactly sure which one I would pick – there are many that I’d love.

  215. Love the double stranded bracelet with the bee. My granddaughter is named after her great grandmother so I call her Little B!

  216. I kind of like the

  217. I love the earrings the most. I’d really love to get the Silver FDL Cross Earrings with the crystal Swarovski dangle. They are lovely and I think would fit me very well. I think they’d also go well with a lot of outfits.