How Sweet It Is

long over lean proportions
Inspired by the “long over long” proportions from the F/W14 designer collections.

Have you ever had the experience of putting certain pieces together for the first time, looking in the mirror, and feeling every cell in your body go “ahhhhh”? That’s the Style Sweet Spot, and this outfit hit the bullseye for me. I kept the styling simple here to let the proportions do the heavy lifting, but will probably add a lightweight scarf next time, or a long necklace. A short knit jacket would work well for layering. (You can’t see it, but I’m also wearing a silk tunic tank underneath for warmth.)

I hadn’t replaced my bootcut jeans since losing weight a little over a year ago, and wasn’t in a hurry to do so. I’ve been enjoying my skinnies, but this slightly flared cut is looking fresh to me again, especially when worn with a bit of heel. My past experience with bootcuts was that they are frequently cut just a bit too loose in the upper leg and tend to bag right above the knee. This pair from Citizens of Humanity changed my mind. The fabric is very soft and the slim cut is what I was looking for, but even the Petite version was a bit too long so I had them hemmed.

Bootcut jeans with heels

A recommendation: when you have pants hemmed, be sure the alterations person measures and pins both legs. I have one leg slightly longer than the other, which often results in an uneven hem if only one side is measured. It doesn’t really show with skinny, ankle or slim pants, but with a wider shaped hem like this, the discrepancy is more obvious.

Earrings: Alexis Bittar // Top: Eileen Fisher // Silk Tunic (not visible):  Eileen Fisher // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity // Cuff: Vintage Hermès, from Beladora // Boots: Aquatalia by Marvin K

bold eyewear, dangle earrings

This shot was actually from another day, but you can see the earrings better here, as well as my new lunettes from Face à Face. I love that the side pieces are a different color than the frames. The lipcolor is “Florence” from Trish McEvoy.

Do you have a formula for your own Style Sweet Spot?

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  1. I know the feeling you are referring to 🙂 …. I wish I had a formula for it…. I seem to only ever “stumble” upon the Style Sweet Spot. I’ve thought about this and am wondering if I’ll ever find it intentionally or if part of its “sweetness” is the unexpected result of just trying something….being a bit creative or different, but not knowing the results til you try it. When I follow “the rules/formulas” that I read or hear about, things come together nicely….but it lacks the “je ne sais quoi”. I hope it’s ok to ask…your outfits are always wonderful, how do you do it?

  2. It’s nice to see something besides skinny jeans. Flared pants have a much better fit for my body. I view the fit characteristics you mention as features not flaws!

    1. Great look! I made a comment on an outfit you wore recently suggesting shorter tops were hitting in maybe an unflattering spot. Then I felt horrible for saying something negative. This longer top gives a taller/leaner look. Compare the difference in your legs with the top hitting a few inches down the thigh vs a few inches below the waist. I’m beginning to feel like the fashion police. You look fab.

  3. You do look amazing…because you feel it and it shows! I also love this outfit…I am experiencing more and more times when I hit the sweet spot and that is so much fun! it is happening often when I wear all dark colors like you have here,,,but I am refusing to listen to those voices that say don’t wear so much black…I love black and feel great in it! have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It definitely resonates with me, and you managed to put it together with great style. I prefer simplicity, less is more. The top is gorgeous and the length perfect! Nice outfit, very flattering!

  5. It is so beautiful! That hem on the shirt! And having just discovered Citizens of Humanity myself, I agree that their denim is glorious. The flared jeans look great. Now, I have a question. What inspired the silver-toned earrings with the gold-tone bracelet?

  6. You’re making me nostalgic for my CofH Ingrids. . . I think they’ve discontinued that style, but I went through 2 pairs of the slim-cut subtle flares over a few years, before I stopped wearing them about 4 years ago. You’re right about that flare making a nice change in silhouette from the skinny — and for shorties like us, it gives us a chance to sneak some height in there. As for my sweet spot, I think it involves a simple shift with pockets, quite honestly. Tights and boots, a collection of bracelets, possibly a scarf, and out the door. . . You’ve definitely found your Sweet Spot — you look fabulous!

  7. I love your glasses, and you look just lovely in that close up! That shade of lipstick can do no wrong.

    I tend to like stovepipe jeans, and with short boots and a blazer, that’s one of my style sweet spots. That’s my version of skinnies and stilettos!

  8. So digging this look on you, it is perfect, especially with the CDC. Love! My whole thing is accentuating a long and lean silhouette so I always get bootcut jeans or pants and make sure everything on the upper body is cut on the snugger side. Great post. XO, Jill

  9. It is a great look on you and the Hermes adds a bit of punch.
    Your new glasses look fabulous with your hair colour and how nicely they mesh with those to die for Bittar earrings!

  10. Great new specs! I officially have glasses envy. 😉 The rest of your outfit is perfect, as ever. I prefer the striking simplicity of it without the fuss of scarf or long necklace…but we can agree to disagree. 🙂

  11. Love the outfit just as it is, with no scarf or long necklace, however tempting it is to add another piece, this look is perfect in it’s silhouette simplicity. And layering long over long, especially on petite, is usually a ‘no no’ but this is a ‘yes yes’: who would have thought? I’ve learned something here. And as another commenter said, it makes you look tall in the photos, so I guess that says it all… Love the new frames and the lippy. Dolce Vita!

  12. Beautiful outfit and lovely pictures! You look great in this top and jeans. What good purchases that are wearable and have great design. I love the portrait, I feel like I know you better. Excellent earrings and eye wear.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. What a great look, The jeans are really nice, and I think the top looks marvelous. Have never come across Eileen Fisher before, so have had a good nose around the web site. There are some really nice items on there. Cool.

  14. I love bootcut jeans/flares. I wear jeans of all different types, but I think being taller (5 ft 8) makes it easier for me to wear flares than for more petite women. But I think those look great on you. very simple & elegant look.

  15. This is a fantastic outfit – just enough edge to keep it interesting and simple enough to wear all the time! A classic. Is that the new top from Eileen Fisher? I’ve been eyeing it in their ads and you certainly do it justice… and thanks for the tip about hemming. I’ve actually never hemmed jeans because I wear them with so many different height heels. But I think I need to pick a heel and stick with it for certain pairs (and just explain to my husband why I need so many, haha)
    xo ~kim & chloe @

  16. I’m with you about bootcuts looking fresh. I’m just so tired of cropped, skinny jeans. Sometimes it feels like I’m being assaulted with people’s ankles and pedicures. Hooray for a long line and de-emphasized feet!

  17. So chic! Minimal but every bit is working perfectly.

    I know exactly what you mean about the ‘sweet spot’ – for me it’s almost like an audible ‘click’. I experience is most clearly helping my husband match ties and shirts. Some just ‘click’, some are okay and some are a ‘definitely not!’.

  18. I noticed at J Jill that a similar tunic-style top is available, and the price point is one third that of Eileen Fisher.
    I’d like to know if anybody has questioned the premium prices of Eileen Fisher’s offerings. I see them in local shops and feel the material, see the cut, etc., and I cannot find the reason for the large gap in prices compared to other national brands. I’d appreciate any discussion/information!

    1. Nicole, without seeing the J.Jill piece in person, it’s hard to compare. From the picture on the website, it looks to be less shaped/fitted than the EF tunic (which also has a wide seamed band around the bottom which adds detail and helps the piece hold its shape), and of a different more textured fabric. My own experience of EF pieces is that they hold up very well…right now I’m wearing one of the silk tanks that’s probably at least 3 years old, has been worn and washed countless times. Some of the clothes are made in the US, and the company has been very committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes. I used to shop at J.Jill until the quality seemed to drop off a few years ago; fabrics had less body and cuts suddenly seemed more shapeless. In all fairness I haven’t looked at their products closely since, and probably should do so.

      1. That’s a fair assessment. The tops are not identical; when I see a look that I like, I often shop for sales at Macy’s, and TJ Maxx or Marshalls for a similar, economical look. I applaud Eileen Fisher for its eco-friendly manufacturing. Thank you for the style tips. I enjoy your posts!

  19. I love a great bootcut jean! It’s just enough of a flare to balance out a tunic like the one you’re wearing without overwhelming a petite frame. I just bought a black pair of Style&Co bootcut jeans, on sale, of course 😉
    You look impeccable, as always!


  20. I love your photos! I know what you mean about the style sweet spot, you have clearly nailed it here, it shines from all angles. I wish I knew the magic involved. I can feel sweet in something one day and put on the exact same thing a week later and feel like dreck. Why is that?!! Maybe I’ve gone stale, like a half-price loaf of bread. Your boot cuts are awesome.

  21. The jeans really makes your legs look a mile long! I have been lost in the skinnies world that I forgot I have a few bootcuts and flare bottom jeans that are really flattering to figure. Have to take them out!

  22. Everything about this look is perfection! Love the profile and your close-up. I haven’t worn bootcut jeans in years, and am thinking it might be a good idea to try something new.

  23. Pretty lady! I can’t pull off bootcut anymore; it’s probably a psychological thing, but they seem to swallow me – this, after wearing skinnies for many years…as I said, it’s probably all in my head. You look fabulous. Hair color is perfection!