A Few Things That Caught My Eye This Week

Cuyana linen moto jacket in Sand. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Jackets and Jumpsuits

I’m perpetually on the lookout for lightweight jackets that aren’t blazers. In our climate, I’ll wear them 9 months out of the year. I’m going to go try on this linen moto jacket, and will report back. I like that it doesn’t have a lot of hardware or other extraneous details. It’s offered up to size XL.

Rebel Wilson x Angels cotton moto jacket plus size. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Here’s a cotton moto jacket in Plus. While this one has some zip pockets, the overall look is still clean and unfettered.

anthropologie draped linen jacket. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

But I also really like the softer look of this draped jacket in a linen blend fabric. Offered in Misses, Petites and Plus sizes.

Eileen Fisher stretch crepe jumpsuit in black. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’ll admit, I’ve been jumpsuit-curious lately. For a while I held off, but the concept of simple, “one-and-done” dressing does have a certain appeal. So many of the jumpsuits I’ve looked at were too flouncy, had necklines that wouldn’t accommodate a standard bra, or were either too stiff/structured or oversized.

I did try on the one above (in my favorite travel-friendly stretch crepe fabric) and did seriously consider it. I liked how it fit, and it wasn’t too onerous to get in and out of (a concern for travel and/or public restrooms). Ultimately, the lack of pockets made me give it a pass.

Everlane jumpsuit in Japanese GoWeave fabric. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Everlane has just added a jumpsuit to their lineup, and this one does have pockets. There’s a removable tie belt, and it’s also available in olive and light blue, up to size 16. But I fear it would be too long overall for me (the model is 5’11”, and I’m quite a bit shorter at 5’1″).

I’m not saying “never,” but suspect I may continue to sit out this trend.

Reporting Back…

Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans white. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

After trying several pairs of white jeans, these were the winners. They are comfortable, and have a nice mid-rise. The fabric is opaque but not heavy. There’s some stretch, but they don’t show every lump and bump. Offered up to size 32, in both 28 and 30 inseam lengths. (There’s also a higher-waisted “Mom jean” for those who prefer.)

Nordstrom signature cashmere-linen blend v-neck cardigan. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Finally, I’d included this cashmere-linen blend cardigan in my Summer Travel Wardrobe Capsule, because I liked the look of it. I’ve been trying for a while to replace an older navy cashmere cardigan that was worn out. I was curious enough to order it, and it’s a keeper. It’s soft, lightweight but warm, and has a fun swing shape that doesn’t feel too boxy or oversized. I think it runs large, so you might want to size down. (Offered in sizes XS to XXL.) It’s still plenty cool enough here that I’ll have some time to test drive it before our trip.

How do you feel about jumpsuits? Have you added any to your wardrobe?

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  1. I bought that Nordstrom cardigan and it’s part of my travel wardrobe right now — quite useful given that the weather’s mostly been a bit cooler than I’d hoped. I love the swingy shape and it’s a good weight — disappointed that I had to sew one of the buttons back on. At that price point, I should be able to count on buttons staying put, right? Luckily, I had a mini sewing kit along. . . 😉
    And yes, I bought the Eileen Fisher indigo linen jumpsuit last summer, and I’ve been really happy with it — lots of wear. It does need something worn underneath it, though. . . a tank or T-sirt. . .

  2. I’ve sat out the jumpsuit trend, thinking not enough wears per price and the thought of freezing in the restroom bare on top is unappealing. I remember that feeling from my 1975 jumpsuit days. But I get the appeal and the all black one is tempting. I love the linen jacket but am thinking it’s a little pricey. We share the continual search for good jackets. I might try that cardigan. Very cute. Your post about style really brought out the comments. And they were interesting. Listen to your inner voice seemed to be the message and don’t be a slave to trends. I spent many adult years trying to keep up with someone who I thought looked great, etc, and then at an advanced age started dressing for me and forgetting about what looked good on someone else. It is liberating. I’m sorry I didn’t figure it out sooner!

  3. Ooh yes, I’m definitely with you on jumpsuits! I’d like a new Summer version but not sure what fabric yet. Probably not floral (already have a red floral) maybe cotton striped?
    Nice choice of white jeans btw!

  4. I’ve not been able to wrap my mind about jumpsuits. Maybe I’ll try on a few since you’re suggesting them. But, I do like the Mott & Bow white jeans. What I like about the brand is that you can order two sizes and keep the one that fits. I don’t do mid-rise as they always gap at the back waist. But I noticed there is the option for a “mom” jean with a higher rise. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  5. Long time reader, first time responder. I have purchased many things you have suggested.
    Thank you!
    I did purchase an Eileen Fisher jumpsuit in the washable crepe a few years ago. It fits nicely and washes and wears well, but with the back zipper, it’s a real pain when making a bathroom visit. I don’t wear it very often, and it didn’t make the cut to go in my recent 2 month trip to Asia.

  6. I feel the same about the jumpsuit trend. At 4′ 11.5″, most of the offerings are overwhelming on my frame, or have the same drawbacks you mention…difficult to wear a bra, too flouncy etc. I am happy to report I have found one that works for me! It is from Ann Taylor, the “Belted Knit Jumpsuit” (NOT the wrap one), offered in petite and regular sizing. It is black and made with a nice travel friendly fabric and features a removable tie belt. The only drawback is that it does not have pockets, but I decided to keep it anyway since it fit my frame so well.

  7. I bought a black v-neck short sleeve wider leg jumpsuit with removable belt about 4 years ago. I don’t feel comfortable sleeveless so I have worn it countless times to events and dinners with a jacket and sometimes long thin sweater. You can change the belt to something more dramatic. Dressed up or down and the material travels well. It has saved me many times when I didn’t know what to wear. It always works. The bathroom does take some effort but the little stretch material makes mine easy on and off. I would buy another. I bought petite for my 5’1″ and it was perfect.

  8. Until a few days ago I was saying no to jumpsuits. My 23 year old daughter loves them and I will admit that is part of the reason I thought they were not for me. Then over the weekend, I was in an Eileen Fisher store and saw a woman I could identify with in terms of age and height (she was probably a bit taller, maybe 5’5”) trying one on. Anyway, she looked absolutely fantastic in that jumpsuit! It was simple, chic, elegant, elongating – wow! So now I’m reconsidering jumpsuits:)

  9. Funny, I’ve been looking at jumpsuits as well lately. The reason I hesitate is the complete undressing when having to go to the bathroom. Drinking lots of water per day, I’m in the bathroom almost hourly, so not worth it.

  10. I think the idea behind a jumpsuit is good, but realistically, I don’t want to deal with the whole public restroom issue. I think about trying to use the restroom while also trying to avoid the jumpsuit puddling around my ankles on the floor. However, it is eventually up to the individual which is the way it should be. I won’t be buying one.
    Thanks for all the travel options.

  11. I love your pioneer spirit, but a big no on the jumpsuit! Did those in the late 60s or early 70s. Just doesn’t look like a blouse and pants. Has a tendency to make most body shapes look squat…but I love the concept! That last jumpsuit trend lasted about a fashion year. Bless the women with long legs!

  12. I’m very short waisted for my 5’3″ and the defined waists of jumpsuits really don’t work for my frame without major alterations, so I shall pass! Back in the late ’80’s I wore a gorgeous patterned one on a date with my husband – it had a bold pattern, pockets AND shoulder pads! Wish I had a photo – it was epic!!

  13. I’m a 27″ inseam while the (great looking) white jeans are 32″. Not available in petite. Since you are 5ft 1in, how do you deal with the too long jeans? Taking garments to a tailor is a problem for me……
    Thanks for the nearly daily look at your fav current styles.

    1. I think you (happily for you) misread that. The lengths were 28″ and 30″. The 32″ you saw was the highest waist size. I noticed because I was disappointed myself, as I need at least a 32″ length for even a cropped jean. Also, I love the idea of a jumpsuit, but they always end up with the waist around my ribcage and giving me a power wedgie 😉 .

      1. I really wish cropped pants would go out of style. I have several pairs, but would love some jeans or pants in full length (for me, at least 32”) for a change. They are sometimes very hard to find! I particularly dislike wide cropped pants. I have a pair of white, wide-legged pants that are probably 33 or 34”, so that I have to wear them with a bit of a heel, and they make my legs look miles long! More of those, please!

        Re jumpsuits: I had a few of them back in the day, and loved the look. Would consider one now, if it was long enough and not too bare on the top.

  14. Please, never mind my question. I reread your Juan description to discover a 28″ length.

  15. Love the comments about jumpsuits and public washrooms! So true! On a trip to France a couple years ago I had two with me that were lightweight, packable, etc. and were great travel companions but I always felt I needed to curtail liquids on the days I wore them! I am medium height but long waisted and find the defined waists too high, constantly tugging the waist down. But if you can find one that fits, it is liberating, put it on and you’re done!!

  16. I made a maroon jumpsuit which I absolutely love (I feel very tall and slim in it), but it has a back zipper and until I have my rotator cuff fixed this July back zippers are out. Hopefully they’ll still be in style next fall/winter.

  17. I was a decided no to jumpsuit. I’ve tried on two that were both fabulous. I was reluctant because I am shortish (5’4”), and short-waisted. Decision: I found one that wasn’t too expensive ($120), and lightweight. Will post pics if we ever get some warm weather here in NYC.

  18. Bought a sleeveless black jumpsuit, collar, deep v-neck, pockets! and a drawstring waist to wear to my 45th HS reunion….I looked fabulous! (very little jewelry, white gardenia corsage) Wore it once more to an elegant dinner /fundraiser. I had to pin at the vee for modesty and putting it all back together after trips to the loo, it was just too much work. Has hung in my closet ever since….over 5 years. Fortunately was bought at Marshalls for about 20.00. CPW not too tragic. I’ll rock it again sometime, thinking more casually, with wooden or Bakelite jewelry, or turquoise and silver. It’s a great look for those with patience and a large bladder.

  19. Sitting here smiling as I read the comments on jumpsuits. I love the look. They are flattering and the wearers look neat and put together. But there seems to be no solution to the bathroom issue. I don’t really enjoy public restrooms anyway and the idea of dragging my clothes on the floor or attempting to hold on to the top does not sound appealing. Especially since I’m not particularly coordinated!

  20. Yeah, no to jumpsuits. Unless one never has to use the washroom, they’re too much of a hassle.
    I love moto jackets. I found the perfect white jeans, but never wore them.

  21. I held off on the jumpsuits, though a maxi dress is my favorite look from April through October. Ordered one. Tried it on – it’s cute. But nope. I drink a LOT of water and consequently use the loo a lot. Logic says I’m going to have to return it…..I could never do it traveling and even at work would be cursing under my breath in the ladies room by 10am….

  22. I’m one of those who likes jumpsuits. I have two — a short-sleeved olive green one in Tercel and a long-sleeved one in beautiful grey linen. I’m now on the lookout for a sleeveless one for this summer.

  23. Jumpsuits can be very cute and an elegant black one can be versatile dressed up or down..but, alas not for me! With a long torso and short legs at 5″1 I cannot find one that fits. The bathroom issues I understand completely!! The floors of public washrooms are gross and forget planes or trains. I did pick up two ‘harem leg’ jumpsuits off of Zulily to be worn with a tank or tee.( spaghetti straps:( They will be cute for hanging around the house on warm days and can be whipped off in a second. Not for travel or for fine dining but ok for a drink on the patio or walking the dog. They were dirt cheap too.

  24. I bought a jumpsuit, had it altered to fit and still haven’t worn it. I fear it will end up in a consignment shop. It looks cute, but one of those “just isn’t me, why did I buy this?” things! Sigh.

  25. Jumpsuits get a no from me too, however I can confirm on a recent cruise they were all the rage.

  26. My biggest nightmare…dealing with a jumpsuit in a washroom on a plane! Never ever on land, sea or in the air.

  27. What size did you purchase in those white jeans? After following your tips and purchasing the same items of clothing you suggest I’m finding I wear one size up than you! LOL. As I type this I am currently wearing those AG khaki pants you suggested a while back. Thanks for keeping me stylish and on trend.
    Heading to Newport, which is 20 min away from my home, in my khaki pants with a white tee and my J Crew Juliette cardigan and feeling I look good. THANKS!!

  28. Too trendy for my person. No thanks to a jumpsuit.i place in same catoragy as shorts/ cutoffs….. am 60+ and those were a thing in my 30’s younger self. I know what works for me.