I never get tired of this outfit formula…

Jeans and a blazer: it’s a mix of casual and refined that feels just right for how we live now. It’s an evergreen look, yet there are probably hundreds of ways to put a personal spin on it.

Susan B. wears a cream blazer, orange tee, casual pearl necklace, jeans, and carries a rattan bag.

A spring-to-summer jeans and blazer outfit

blazer (similar) | necklace | tee | jeans | bracelets | bag | sandals

Lightweight jackets are wardrobe gold for me. This season I’ve been crushing on blazers and have stumbled onto some nice lightweight options. My favorite styles are relaxed but not oversized, and hit just at the top of the thigh. Here, I love how the neatness and structure of the blazer contrasts and plays off the ruggedness of the jeans.

Sadly, the blazer from Ann Taylor I’m wearing here is almost sold out. Here’s a double-breasted style in stretch linen from J.Crew (available in sizes 00-24, also Petite and Tall). And here’s a single-breasted style in linen, available in Misses, Petite, Plus, and Plus Petite sizes. (See more options below.)

Details, details

(You can really see how my gray hair is coming in here…just a couple more months of grow-out and I should be able to get rid of the last colored ends.)

Detail: Susan B. wears an eliou necklace with pearls and colorful beads, an orange tee and cream blazer.

I love playful pearl jewelry that isn’t fussy or frumpy. The multi-colored beads along one side of this necklace make it perfect for casual summer wear. And those colorful bracelets below…I’ve been wearing these almost daily! (Also have them in green.)

Detail: Susan B. wears Roxanne Assoulin orange and red bracelets, carries a Cult Gaia rattan bag with round handles.

A straw or rattan bag lightens up an outfit and adds some interesting texture. I use zippered cloth pouches inside to corral smaller items like lipsticks, lotion, and keys. (I always look for these when we travel, and find museum gift shops are the best source.)

Susan B. wears bootcut distressed jeans, a cream blazer, orange tee, and carries a Cult Gaia rattan bag.

A sales associate suggested I try these jeans, and I instantly loved the fit and look. I know distressed jeans aren’t everyone’s cup of Darjeeling, but I’ve always loved the look of (moderate) distressing. À chacun son goût. They are apparently on-trend again for 2022 (along with looser styles) so if you have a pair that’s been languishing in your wardrobe, you might want to take them out for a spin.

Budget-friendly options: blazer | necklace | jeans* | bracelets | bag | sandals

*save 30% through today with code SUMMER

More lightweight blazers (to wear with jeans, or just about anything)

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  1. I love a blazer (or any jacket) with a pair of jeans! It wasn’t that long ago, at the height of Covid, that I was wondering if we’d ever get back to looking stylish again. I remember one weekend I had to make a pickup at Nordstrom and I did not see anything but a sea of sweats, leggings and Uggs. It’s so nice to be getting dressed for events or just every day. Btw, love your hair! It’s coming in so nice and looks great with your Spring colors.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I’m also enjoying getting dressed up a bit more these days (even if it’s still casual).

  2. Susan, I’m loving this look! You look young, fresh and perky! This is giving me inspiration to try to get a similar look for my 85 yr old apple figure. It’s worth a try!

  3. I love your gray hair. It is a beautiful shade of gray and looks gorgeous on you.

  4. I also use zippered cloth pouches inside bags to corral items. Etsy is my favorite source — just be warned, you can spend hours there.

  5. I haven’t worn blazers in about 10 years. I found them too constricting and I preferred the ease and comfort of cardigans. That being said i bought a knit glen plaid blazer at Talbots about three years ago and started wearing it this past winter with black jeans and a colorful scarf. I love this look and even my son complimented me it. I just ordered the white linen blazer from Talbots and I hope to be able to style it so that is looks casual. I’m thinking white on white or with jeans. I live in Southern California too and blazers can be worn year round because it gets cool in the evening in the summer.

    1. Hi Cindylou, it’s true, evenings can get chilly here, especially near the coast! I also find softer and knit blazers easier to wear.

  6. I love this look! When my office went to jeans all the time rather than just on Friday, I struggled for a while with putting together outfits that were comfortable but still looked put together. Adding a blazer and the right jewelry did the trick. Now that I am retired, I still like the jacket/blazer and jeans combo. I love how you have styled this look – blazer, jeans, accessories are perfect together. Also, I agree that your hair is a beautiful shade.

  7. I love this look, and can completely relate to jeans/blazers. I use more casual jacket styles/fabrics for my current lifestyle, but still find it very versatile and feel confident & put together.

    Is that tee shirt in Wildfire? Online this color appears as rust. Great color on you (and potentially on me)!

  8. I love the outfit and enjoyed wearing blazers when I was still teaching. I wear mostly cardigans and denim jackets now. And getting those last bits of artificial color cut off feels great! Your gray is coming in beautifully.

    1. Thanks, Barb! After I retired from my office job, blazers felt too “office-y,” but some of the newer styles that are a little softer are working for me.

  9. I am absolutely loving all your post this year. I appreciate the time and effort the creation of these articles must take. I really really liked your discussion of color choices. Thanks so much – I’m learning a lot and finding inspiration to enhance my personnel style.

  10. I love your gray hair and can’t wait to see it fully in bloom. I’m curious if you will change your glasses’ color? I need new glasses and face (no pun intended, LOL) the same quandary.

    1. Thanks, Liz, and I’m not sure yet. As my hair gets more silver I find I’m preferring to include brighter colors in my outfits.

  11. I have always loved the look of blazers with jeans! Never out of style. Distressed jeans not my cup of tea as you say. But glad there are choices for everyone. Your hair looks great!

  12. I am not usually a fan of distressed jeans but WOW! You make them look so classy!
    I would love to see some of the zipper pouches you use in your purses.

  13. Love the blazer but can’t stand the jeans. I grew up on a farm with more kids then money. We wore ratty looking jeans and pants to do farm chores, it amazes me that people pay so much money for the distressed look. Our clothes were all distressed due to working hard in them and lack of money to replace them, I suppose you could say the clothes really “earned” their look of distress. I guess I have never overcome all the negativity of really rarely having nice clothes to wear as a child.

    1. It’s interesting how our childhood experiences still influence our fashion tastes. My first association with rugged jeans was my friends’ older hippie sisters…we thought they were SO cool. ☮️ ✌️

  14. The distressed jeans are definitely a no go for me, but they look great on you and are probably great for the culture in your part of California. I think your hair is going to be spectacular!

    1. I love the outfit Susan. However I cannot, myself do those jeans. I have similiar with a raw hem but to me the bottoms on these look as if they got caught in a bike chain or something. I’m just not cool enough to feel ok in them.
      I keep thinking about your Gigi. I so wish you’d find her but if not, I hope she’s being well cared for. I cannot understand with a collar and chip, why she would not be returned to you. Hopefully that will still happen.

  15. I’ve been in the UK for a couple of weeks, and as always have been observing what people wear. I’ve seen a lot of blazer outfits, with jeans, pants, or shorts, and it’s reminded me how much a blazer is really my style! I don’t usually bring them on trips because they don’t pack that well, but when I get home, the blazers will be coming out! On the other hand, we saw a very popular outfit in Dublin which I’ll definitely NOT be wearing: skin tight leggings with crop tops! Saw a lot of young women wearing that look….looked bad on most of them!

  16. I’ve been following you for a while! My “Fashion Photo album “ on my iPhone is filled with style ideas from you!
    Question: How do I get to see your latest videos? Thanks!