La vérité

A few weeks have passed since Miss Janey tagged une femme with the Honest Blogger meme. I’ve been working on this post since then. Honest!

As I’ll never pass up a chance to talk about myself, here goes:
1. I cry at those Pedigree commercials with the dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted.
2. I’m so claustrophobic I can’t go on the Nemo ride at Disneyland.
3. Most of my current friends are people I met online.
4. Despite supposedly being on a self-imposed “austerity program,” I have purchased four pairs of shoes in the last three weeks. (Here’s the rationalization part: one was a pair of classic nude pumps, a staple I’ve been hunting for since it seems like forever, and the other three are all variations on summer shoes/sandals as the few pair I have are about ready for the donation pile. Two of the four were on sale.)
5. In the last two weeks, I have lapsed on watching what I eat or counting points. I haven’t gone overboard, just haven’t been making a conscious effort. Today is back-on-track day.
6. I will sit and watch any “Law and Order” episode that comes on, even if it’s one I’ve seen 23 times.
7. I do not own an MP3 or an ipod. I still listen to music on the radio or those old-fashioned CD disk things.
8. I own six pair of jeans, all Not Your Daughters Jeans brand.
9. I have never shoplifted anything.
10. I attended my one and only Grateful Dead concert when I was 35 (’92 at Shoreline). It was awesome.
I am hereby tagging Tessa Scoffs, La Belette Rouge, and Sorting It Out (welcome back!). If you were not tagged but are feeling strangely confessional and would like to do this meme, have at it!
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  1. Oh, I know… those damned Pedigree commercials! Also, the Humane Society ads with Sarah McLaughlin warbling away in the background — instant waterworks.

  2. Thanks for the truthiness, Miss Pseu. Miss J BAWLS at teh commericals w/ Sarah McGlaghlin- she can’t even watch them.

    She shares Miss Pseu’s L&O addiction.

  3. I love knowing these little things about you Pseu.

    1. I cry at all sorts of ads – such a weeper. When I was pregnant I cried at a laundry detergent ad because it was ‘kind to skin’.

    2. I couldn’t go on the Nemo ride at Disneyland because I’m not prepared to queue for 2 hours (or even 1 hour).

    6. I can’t do this for any tv program or movie – I’m a one time watcher.

    7. I own an ipod, but don’t listen to music on it, just podcasts of radio programs or other educational podcasts, sometimes even a talking book.

    9. Neither have I!

    10. People talk about Grateful Dead concerts all the time, yet I have no idea what they sing (and can’t be bothered to find out).

  4. I’m with you on shopping, food maintenance and L&O. Guilty on all counts.

    Shopping: new shoes and clothes. Damn these irresistable sales.

    Food Maintenance: it’s my birthday week. That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking with it till the end of the week. Then back on the wagon, so to speak.

    My L&O jones has improved since I got a DVR. Now that I’m recording shoes, strangely I’m not watching them as much. But if one happens to be on when I turn on the tube, I’m there.

  5. About the shoes. We can cut back and be really careful with lots of things but everyone needs a point where they say “hold on” and I am coming to accept that for me it’s shoes. I bought four pairs of shoes one day a few months ago and walked around feeling guilty for weeks. The only cure I could find was to go out and buy a couple more pairs! By the way, I’ll also watch any Law and Order that happens to come on.

  6. You see, I LOVE to read about other people buying shoes – it makes me instantly feel better for doing so myself. And a new pair of shoes is so very cheering, I find. Now I just need absolution for buying a Moschino top on shopbop …

  7. But at the Dead concert, did Jerry look right at you?

    So glad you saw them on a good night!

  8. You bought shoes without showing us! I’ve been wanting nude coloured shoes for many years but I’ve never seen the right pair.

    Oh and I love L & O too though we are a few years behind here in the UK except for L & O: Criminal Intent.

    Love the blog, by the way, and, of course, you have my condolences for the deaths of both your parents in such a short time.

    Very kind wishes
    Thames Valley, UK

  9. Just my kind of meme. Thanks, Deja.
    I have never seen Law and Order of any variety. Shocking, I know.

    And, I grab the remote as soon as I hear Sarah McLaughlin. I can’t watch it. I am a wuss.

  10. Have only just discovered ‘blogging land’ – yours is full of fun and good stuff…have sent my daughter a copy of your post ‘What I’ve figured out so far’ – Thanks!

  11. I had no idea you were a Law & Order addict…so am I…all three versions of it. When they were talking about taking of the original I have to admit that I emailed the network. YIKES…I think I need to get a life.

    The Sarah MacLaughlin commercial gets me everytime….but the commercial with the little dog singing “there ain’t no bugs on me” makes me smile and sing along…bet you are all singing “there ain’t no bugs on me” right now. =-)

  12. I’m so happy to meet other weepers. I cry at commercials and movies, yet don’t (well, haven’t yet) fall apart during high-tension moments (when my parents’ house burned down or when DH lacerated his fingers to the bone.
    What’s with that?