Mirror, Mirror

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Clockwise from top right: J.Crew sandals, oxfords, cap-toe flats, Rebecca Minkoff flats, kate spade new york pumps.

When I first began seeing shoes in mirror metallic leather last year, I’ll admit they didn’t initially appeal. They struck me as too gimicky, too goofy Mid-Century Sci-Fi. (Danger, Will Robinson!)

But the look has grown on me, especially after seeing them styled with denim or more casual outfits. They can add visual punch to simple neutral outfits, or hold their own with bright colors or pattern mixes. This trend seems to have some legs (ha!), as I’m seeing options available in Fall collections. If an entire shoe in high reflective silver or gold is too much bling for you, there are also styles with mirror cap toes or just a bit of mirror trim.

What do you think?  Would you wear them?

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One additional housekeeping note: thanks to some green-card-seekers would-be Romeos 😉 I’ve had to turn comment moderation back on. Remember, the first time you comment it will go into the moderation queue; once approved any comments using the same email address should go right through.

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  1. I guess I prefer a less mirrored effect with metallics, at least on me. Just as I prefer suede to leather, etc. But it’s kicky and fun, especially with casual attire. For dressier outfits I like the simplest shoes for the most impact.

  2. I find as I approach possible retirement I’m choosing styles with more longevity, classic looks. So I probably won’t buy into the mirror look, I think it’s a flash-in-the-pan trend 😉

  3. You are hysterical about the “would-be Romeos”!! Too funny and sorry for your hassle with them.
    I might do the shiny toe or sandle but I don’t think an entire shoe of shine would work for me. Good luck with those “gentlemen”:-)

  4. I did buy a pair of gold oxfords in Paris. I wear them with dark wash jeans. I have had metallics in bronze and pewter in my closet for a while. They are a little more subtle. Good luck with the Romeos!

  5. I sort of like them on other people, but doubt I’d wear them. They never look like they’d be very soft or comfortable either. But I’m very slow to come around to trends.

  6. I bought a pair of the cap toe flats last year and wore them a lot. I have a pair of pewter metallic shoes (not patent) which I wear all of the time. I do think they are fun – and I like to wear them to work with my – otherwise – black look.

  7. About 20 years I ago I noticed a trend in my midwestern area of women over 50 loading up on gold accessories and clothes. Lots of rings, multiple necklaces, gold piping on clothing, gold shoes, all often worn at the same time. It has caused me to shy away from metallics although I do like the bronze and pewter in moderation.

  8. I first really noticed these just recently, looking for wedding shoes. I kept seeing the term, “specchio” and wondering what it meant:). They were too bright for me – but I’m not deadset against them by any means.

  9. I’ve had a pair of Fluevog loafers (flats) in an antiqued silver for about a year and I find them really easy to wear. Not so sure about the mirrored metallic. . . .

  10. Not a big fan of any of those, but than again I have a vaarrrry low gimmick threshold. But I would not be caught dead in a heeled gold or silver pump unless the rest of me is dressed in evening attire.

  11. I caved into this trend in the early 80’s and fondly remember a good pair of Italian made bronze ballet flats. I wore them with so many things! I consider some metallics to be a more interesting neutral than the usual black. I will definitely get myself at least one pair of these.

  12. I love metallic shoes, they are right up there with patent leather shoes in my book. I have been wearing my silver metallic strappy sandals a lot this summer. Side note: I know you are busy with work but if you get a chance I hope you can join Adrienne and me for the “How I Wear My: Casual Party Outfit” post. Send a picture by July 31 if you can, I would love to see what you would wear! XO, Jill

  13. I do like metallics but I’m not too crazy about the mirrored ones. I have a couple of pairs of sandals in a matte finish bronze and gold, plus nifty antiqued-silver oxfords. Mirror finish is a bit much for me, I think.

    —Jill Ann

  14. Oh, please do post the photos of the would-be Romeos!
    Thanks for the comment clarification. Gaaa. My other ones did show up, yay.
    So metallic shoes. Hate them, despite them, almost.
    Yes, I would wear them. But they would have to have lug soles or insects glued to them. I don’t know, not sold yet.

  15. I like the shiny silver ones, but only if they would not pinch my toes. I´d wear them on special occasions. The model is classic.
    Chanel has forever had the two-colored ballet flat, maybe even ones with mirrored tops.
    Now it seems that every brand has it´s version of what´s ” in “.

  16. Catching up on my favorite bloggers from Minneapolis, and loving the shoes with shine. I would wear them in a split second. Will have to see if I have a pair stashed away when I return home. Or maybe I will have to seek out retail?

  17. Oh, yes! I actually have some that are a buffed pewter, but no mirrored metallics – yet. Thanks for giving me some examples of new statement footwear I must acquire…because clearly I don’t have enough 😉


  18. I have worn pewter studded flats ($25 from Payless several years ago) and find them incredibly versatile and get lots of compliments on them. (Perhaps the best compliment-to-cost ratio of anything I’ve ever bought.) I added some matte gold flats from Banana Republic this year and also find them quite versatile as I try to emphasize the gold tones that look better on me than silver tones. As for the metallic versions, sure I’d wear them, especially the gold cap-toe flats.