Navy: It’s The Other Black

For some time now, I’ve been on a quest. At times it seemed an impossible quest: a jacket, wearable for the office or dressed down with jeans, not just another menswear-style blazer, a good fit, preferably knit, and not black. Or at least, not entirely black.

This was one of those “almost missed it” finds. I’d seen a version of this jacket on a prominent rack in an olive drab color that didn’t appeal to me. But as I turned toward the escalator to leave, tugging at my peripheral vision was that zipper shoulder detail and navy color. The body is ponte knit, the sleeves are leather, and the whole thing is lined.

I’ve styled very simply here to highlight the minimalist design. The sleeves are just a wee bit long but as soon as I find an alterations person I trust, that will be remedied.

I think we’re going to be very happy together.

Jacket: Theory, here.
Tee: Eileen Fisher, here.
Jeans: NYDJ Alina leggings, here.
Boots: Stuart Weitzman, several years old. Similar style.
Earrings: LAUREN Ralph Lauren, here.

Are there any items for which you feel you’ve been on a seemingly impossible quest? Any great recent finds?

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  1. Fabulous, Une Femme. A great example of why it’s worth waiting for the right pieces. This will be loved for years, I think, and always look Just Right. Sigh, I am on perpetual quests, but I secretly love the hunt : >

  2. You are looking particularly sleek and chic! I passed up a leather jacket at a shop whose name escapes me a few years ago. I’ve regretted it since. I haven’t seen one like it or any other one which appeals to me as much as this one did. Oh well- the one that got away!

  3. Love it on you, and- have a nearly identical one, but the body is black. (And the sleeves were too long.) Bet this will be a terrific travel piece, too.

  4. I am always on the hunt for great jackets… I especially would like a cream tuxedo style jacket… but haven’t found it yet… 🙂 xv

  5. This jacket is fabulous! It has the cool factor and is so different for the regular fitted jacket! I love it…but there are few Theory garments I have not liked. Great shopping…you look incredible and I know you will be happy together!

  6. I love the zip detail on the shoulder and the gentle curve at the waist – a nice sleek outline.

  7. The jacket is simply gorgeous. Theory is one of my favourite Brands. I think I have seen this style in Harrods. Had better not go back or I might succumb and after finding my navy jacket/coat as recently featured my budget probably won’t stretch to it.

  8. What a gorgeous, stylish jacket – that I imagine you will be able to wear for years without looking dated. I am looking for a pair of brown trousers that fit me properly. Not too much to ask for, is it? But I seem to be between sizes at the moment: one size is a tad too tight and the next size up is too baggy. Can we start a campaign for odd sizes? 😉

    1. Sue Walker, thanks so much! That feeling of being in between sizes is so frustrating, and don’t you wish we could just by trousers like men do…find the right waist size and then get hemmed for free?

  9. How come you suddenly look so tall: )?
    With the minimal decorating, you would not be identified as a tourist here in Finland.

  10. Gorgeous. I don’t normally wear navy, myself, but I surely sure start exploring.

    Love the little flare at the back. You, of course, look marvelous!

    1. Aunt Snow, thanks so much! I never used to wear navy either, associating it with a more conservative fashion sense. But I’ve really warmed up to it in the last year or so.

  11. You look wonderful – this more tailored, minimalist style suits you so well. Great jacket, and I do like both colors, but think the navy is more timeless.

    1. Kathy, thanks! This is the aesthetic that appeals most to me, and I need to just trust that and stay true to it. I thought the other color was interesting but do like the navy better.

  12. Chere Deja Pseu,

    You look STUNNING, and this jacket was definitely made for you. I found, looking at your photos, that the sleeves don`t look too long to me: at that length they just add a bit more edge to your look. I also once suffered the trauma of shortening sleeves on a leather blazer, only to find that I wished I hadn`t–and that`s an alteration that can`t be undone! You might try living with them at this length for a little bit, before making the final decision as to whether or not some leather should be cut off…

  13. Wow – I want one just like yours! I have one in black that has ponte sleeves and a leather body. Navy is a great color for you. I’m actually on the lookout for some good summer jackets I can wear with tank tops and sleeveless dresses.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  14. Fabulous – you look wonderful – love your new navy blazer. A real classic with a twist style. Gorgeous. S x

  15. Love love love what you’re wearing. Can’t tell you how many times I caught hell for mixing navy and black, and I adore it.

    You illustrate the point impeccably.

  16. I like the black and navy…very Yves St. Laurant. I read recently that’s who first made that combo acceptable. Beautiful.

  17. Looks perfect on you! Just what I’ve been looking for, but just saw the asking price on the site. I need a much lower price tag, but it’s nice to see someone like you wearing this in real life. You clearly deserve it, and could not have gone to a better home!