Paris Prep – Vin

Last year we purchased several bottles of wine in Paris to bring home. Because airline regulations no longer allow this precious liquid cargo to be carried on, we wrapped them in socks and sweaters and plastic grocery bags, and kept our fingers crossed all the way home that we wouldn’t open our luggage to find broken glass and Bordeaux-soaked clothing. Our luck held, but this time we’re taking no chances, and will be taking along some Wine Mummy bags to bring home our fruit of the vine. Top pic from here.
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  1. WOW! that *is* a cool invention. you must be bringing home some very expensive or exceptional wines, because i found, pleasant as they were, the everyday wines we got at cafes or in the local stores were nothing spectacular..

    please have a bon journee!

  2. duchesse – yes, I was thinking I’d use for les parfums as well.

    Bonnie-ann – actually, most of our wine purchases were moderately priced, but the French wines have fewer nitrates that cause the bad wine side effects. And the ones we purchased were quite good, I thought.